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The American University in Cairo Department of Architectural engineering AENG-352 Project “1”

Beyond style In this project, it was required to take on an architectural “role” of a chosen designer (which was Sir Norman Foster) and present an architecturally based critical review and “reading” of his work. After this preliminary review it was required to design a simple contemporary project in the spirit of the chosen designer, taking on his architectural persona in the multi-dimensional context of the given site. The Project required different presentation techniques including production of drawings using manual and digital techniques. Physical model of site and building that was the primary mode of exploration and design.

The Architect‟s style: „Environmental, responsible, contextual and sustainable architect‟

Some of the Architects work:

Banyan Tree Cornice Bay

SECC Conference Centre

Budenberg Haus

Millennium Bridge

UAE Pavilion Shanghai Expo 2010

The Sage Gateshead

Zayed National Museum

Concept models:

Final Design: The roof of the building is tilted to act as a wind catcher from the northern facade. The roof openings are wider towards the northern facade and narrows down towards the southern direction, as it acts as a sun breaker.

Integrating nature within the building, for environmental purposes to filter the air from sand and dust of the desert area

The form of building is curvilinear, both for environmental purposes and contextual purposes. Environmental purposes: as the curvilinear form moves and continues with the direction of wind, which allows the wind to circulate all around the building without any obstacles. Contextual purposes: the building is located on the sea shore, thus it is inspired by the nature of the place which is „‟sea waves‟‟.

Ecotect Analysis:

Air circulation within the building :( illustrated on plan)

Air circulation within the building: (illustrated in the cross section)

Final Design model

Main features of the design:  Environmental  Sustainable  Contextual

352 Final project (1) Portfolio  

352-project (1) design process

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