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To The Meaning Of True Love... Welcome to Interview Zone... Every Sunday Eih Oh Ramy Go Team will surprise you. An interview with one of The Greatest Fans Ramy Ayach Fans. This Week Interview Zone... Is with someone very special to our heart. Someone play a big impact to all Ramy Ayach Fans. Someone who shows us her warm love, tenderness and she were beside us, all the time. She was a friend to us, a sister to us, even a mother to us. Because she had this special heart inside her, an elegant, a lady heart and one word a lovable pure heart.

All together Eih Oh Ramy Gooooo To Nisrine Boudegga (Nisoo, trésore, fleur de Maroc…)

1. What is your favorite Ramy pictures and why? It’s really hard to choose just one, most of his pictures are great...Ramy is extremely handsome and so photogenic, what amaze me most are his very expressive eyes & his angelic smile ….

2. Are you in love? Yessssssssss “love is all we need “ ;) 3. Do you like to drive fast and why? Actually I hate driving so fast cause it’s unsafe. 4. Describe yourself by one or two songs of our Pop Star and why? They are all close to my heart but if I have to choose I’ll choose “Ennass ray2a “ cause the words are simple and I’m happy when I hear the song “we have to enjoy our lives by being more positive in even the smallest things... 5. What things do you love in friends? Well, friends give you company, you can share stories and problems with them, have a laugh with them..Share with them sweet memories especially when u has the same passion like RAF ;) Also having friends is having someone who will listen to u when you have problems and try and make you feel better and/or give advice. You have to remember to return any favors of course  Friends should know you well enough to know when something is wrong and stuff like that. hamdellah ,the friends I've had have been great .

6. If you have 3 flowers and you have to give a flower to 3 people? What color of flower do you will give and why?  Ramy : A red rose .it’s more passionate and it simply symbolizes love + A white rose because it signifies purity & healthiness. 

The Heart : white .it symbolizes purity and simple beauty 

Kid : white Cause kids are innocent and they all have a very pure heart It symbolizes innocence

7. How many cup of water do you drink a day? 1.5 L 8. How many chocolate do you eat in one day? I’m not fan of chocolate... I prefer salty hot & spicy meals…yummy  9. If you had a chance to draw an eyes and which eyes you will choose and why? Of course ramy’s eyes they are very expressive

10. For who you will say?  Khaleeny Maak: My friends  Ishteatellak: Ramy  Zaghayar Omri: ----------------- Albi Mal: ------------------------ Habaytak Ana: Ramy Ayach Fans  Hanan wel Hob: Mum!

11. If you had a choice to choose a carrier other than pharmacist. What do you will choose? I do like my current job cause it was my dream job but I’m very interested in both Marketing and Management I’m thinking seriously about studying an MBA in management & marketing :p 12. Which movie that you liked so much and you wished if the PopStar was the hero? Wow very difficult question .Ramy has the ability to play a lot of roles from romance to horror and extreme action so it’s really hard to choose. Don’t forget that he’s the Hero of a very interesting and worth seeing movie called “ RAF “ ;)

13. What is your favorite color? Lively & joyful colors my favorite this year is “Fushia “ 14. Which is your favorite color in wearing clothes? Lively & joyful colors in general ….but Black is an elegant color for formal occasions Royal blue dress & emeraude green too 15. If you had a chance to say something loud. What do you will say and why? Love uuuuuuuuuuuuu RAF

16. We knew that you presented a heading about health on a Moroccan Station. Mabrook Nisso. What was your feeling and describe us this experience of this interview Ya mi7talin from where did u get the info? It’s a challenging experience cause u always have to choose something new and interesting to talk about 3 topics a week also you take full responsibility for all that you say . It’s a very enriching experience especially there are some regular listeners who like the program so much ;)


Thank you Niso for your time and collaboration Truly,yours Eih Oh Ramy Go Teams!!! -

Monya - RAF Mariam - RAF Zineb - RAF Reema - RAF

Supervised By: Manal - RAF My pleasure...Love u all <3 <3 - Nisrine

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