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To The Meaning Of True Love... Welcome to Interview Zone... Every Sunday Eih Oh Ramy Go Team will surprise you. An interview with one of The Greatest Fans Ramy Ayach Fans. This Week Interview Zone... Is with 3 special Ramy Ayach Fans. They are lovely, friendly, supportive and they Ramy Ayach Fans. Eih Oh Ramy Go Team… was putting names with who want to do an interview…., we mention Hasna.. We all look at each other, which Hasna.. And we said yes the 3 HASNAAA ------ 3 MOSKETER… They are friends to us, they always had this special smile. Even when they write or call you, you feel their smile in their faces. They are honest and truth friends to RAF. During this interview, we met them more and we saw their love and happiness, even their special support.

All together Eih Oh Ramy Gooooo To HASNASSS


1. What is your favorite Romantic song of our PopStar? There is more than one song…but when I listen to Chta2tellak, I feel that Im fliying I like also keef tarekni, hadha lotf mennak and others, I can’t choose one song, because all Ramy’s romantic songs are really woow…

2. If you saw Ramy now what you will tell him? When I see our Lion, I can’t speek, I prefer looking to his baby face, listening to his angel voice and enjoying the time to be with him and with all my brothers and sisters from the fan club But sure I’ll tell him: love u Ramy, you are my source of hapiness, allah ykhalilna yak wye7fazak, And Ill thank him to be the reason of our strong relationship in the fanclub…

3. Who is the person you love the most? My parents are the most important persons in my life, I love all my family and my 2nd family (RAF), but Ramyyyy occupy a big part of my heart, I love him so much and he’s more than brother for me, Allah yssahel tari2o nchallah, all together ameeeen

4. 1000 Mabrook Hasounaa, we knew you get engaged, when is the wedding nshallah? Hhhhhhhhhhh , thank Youuuuu so much Mmmmmmm. We have not decided yet, but when we’ll decide, I’ll invite you all;) and also our King Ramyyy :D, why not ;)

5. If we give you 3 senetence. What the first thing will come in your mind and what you will say? “Ya Allah shou behbak ya 3youni”: Akiiid,ya allah chou b7ebak chou b7ebak ya Ramyyyyyyyyyyyy (L) ya allah chou men7ebbak in Morocco

“Ben shogor wel somor wahdak shaghily omor”: Ben kell el fannanine shogor wel somor wa7dak ya Lion chaghelna omor, wa7dak wma 7ada ghayrak because you are always N°1

“La heky lahza wa ya reyta”: Ya hayk la7za wya rayta makhelsset: Akiid I talk about our last meeting in Casablanca with the Boss nchallah ten3ad ha la7za yaaaaaaa rab :D

6. How do you feel to have other Hasna in the fanclub? So happy to have other Hasna in the fanclub, I think there is more than 2 hasnas ;), they are all my sisters, especially Hasna mon trésor from Kénitra, I love her so much and we see each other when we can, she’s my friend and my sister in the same time, we communicate together every day…we share also sweet memories Thank you Pop star, you are the reason of our love. Allah ykhallilna yak

Nice questions ;) Gooo Eih oh Ramyyy Gooooo Thank you for your efforts

INTERVIEW ZONE WITH EIH OH RAMY GO --- HASNA OUBRAHIM 1. What is your favorite Ramy Album Cover? I like all the covers and can't really choose between them, each one reminds me of some particular sweet memories. Since I have to make a choice... I’ll pick up " 7abaytak ana " album's cover .

2. What is your favorite Ramy sun glass? I like to see our PopStar wearing his “Ray ban “sunglasses, they look great on him. But he looks much better without... Thanks to his wonderful eyes

3. If you have 5 fishes what do you will name them? My parents 7abibi Ramy Mehdy my brother and Asmaa my sister RAF They are the most important persons for me, alla ma ye7remni minkon ya rab

4. If I give you a pencil and a paper what you will write? Thank you ramy for everything,you where everything beautifull in my life (kil chi 7elou bi 7ayatyyy kint sabab fih), I really love you, God bless you Our PopStar ( w alla maye7remna minnak ya aghla PopStar).

5. To whom you will say and why? “Ishteatellak Adi Deni”: to my true love because I really miss him “Lama Bshoufak ma barif shou bi sir” : to my PopStar, that I love and ” betlabbak kil ma bchofo” , I don’t know why “Badi koun hadak ghafi 3a eidak tofl zghir” : To my very dear mum who gives me the energy to carry on in life, and without whom I can't live

6. How do you feel to have other Hasna in the fanclub? It's really an honour for me to have a friend like Hasna, she's really kind and lovely and I really like her a lot. So if am going to have a 1 million “hasna “like her in the fan club ... the name wouldn't bother me at all.

Thank you HASNAAAS for your time and collaboration Truly, yours Eih Oh Ramy Go Teams!!! -

Monya - RAF Mariam - RAF Zineb - RAF Reema - RAF

Supervised By: Manal - RAF My pleasure...Love u all <3 <3 - Nisrine

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Interview Zone Eih Oh Ramy Go - HASNA3  

Eih Oh Ramy Gooo This week Interview zone.. It is with the special Mosketersss HASNAAAZZ Special Thanks To Our Hasna

Interview Zone Eih Oh Ramy Go - HASNA3  

Eih Oh Ramy Gooo This week Interview zone.. It is with the special Mosketersss HASNAAAZZ Special Thanks To Our Hasna