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Bridal style by L’Oréal Professionnel and Carolina make up studio


Photoshoot of bridal style by Gediminas Žilinskas TOP pages to FOLLOW secrets only bride knows

Designers on the catwalk:

Barbie & Kęstas Rimdžius stylish collaboration







P R O G R A M M E — INTIMISSIMI – Italy RAIMONDA SILĖ – Lithuania MUGAKO – Belarus DIVA studija – Lithuania — Break — ZOLOTAS BALTIC – Lithuania/Greece Airida Skrick – Lithuania ANASTASIA FALKOVICH – Belarus AGNĖ DEVEIKYTĖ – Lithuania DACE BAHMANN – Latvia — Break — WEDDING ATELIER by OLGA – St Petersburg AIDA KAPOCIUTĖ – Lithuania RC MADOS STUDIJA – Lithuania ROBERT KALINKIN – Lithuania







February 18, 2018 VILNIUS BECOMES THE BRIDAL FASHION CAPITAL OF THE BALTICS Every year, for one day, Vilnius becomes the Baltic capital of bridal fashion, hosting fashion designers from the Baltic States and all over the world. On February 18, 2017, Vilnius is hosting the L’OREAL PROFESSIONEL Baltic Bridal Fashion Show for the second time. This International Fashion Designer Show will present more than fifteen new collections for future brides, grooms, ring bearers and flower girls, featuring a range of evening gowns and suits. This year’s event will host not only well-known designers, but it will also showcase completely new creative designers who might otherwise find it difficult to organize such a grand show to strut their designs on the podium.


The show, on par with any international fashion show’s standards, is being organized

in an effort to promote the work of Lithuanian and other Baltic designers internationally, encouraging stylists to create and proudly introduce their work in Lithuania and beyond. In cooperation with international partners, the Vilnius fashion show aims to attract fashion buyers who are looking to invest in wedding fashion. “We hope that the designers from our region will spark interest among fashion buyers from all over the world, and we are sending buyers information about and invitation to attend our event and the live shows. This year’s show magazine will focus on the history of each designer: how they began their journey of designing, what they’ve achieved so far, and what they are dreaming about doing in the future”, said Simona Krasauskienė and Armina Staniulienė, the event’s organizers.

Editors in chief Simona Krasauskienė Armina Staniulienė

Language corrections: MB “Tempus vernum” / “Paroles” translations

Coworkers Ramunė Dadūraitė Guostė Ambrazaitytė Gabija Kapustinskaitė

Illustrated with Gediminas Žilinskas, Linas Dambrauskas, REDA RUZEL Photography,

Jurgita Lukos, Nakutis photography, Darius Kučys and partners photos Print-run: 1000 copies. Publisher: LOVE MEDIA

The Editorial Staff is not liable for the content and language of the advertising. Any use of the content of the magazine without prior written consent of the Editorial Staff is strictly forbidden.



M A P 1 aukštas

d roomy hallways d part of the building.

2 floor

Bendras plotas 1260 m². Modernios darbo Total area: 1,260 sq. m Area for lease: 1,440 sq. m vietos restauruotos salėsenclosed su modernia Abundance of space forirshops with a cosy courtyard Modern workplaces and reconstructed h įranga. just fit for a café,konferencijų a restaurantbei or atelekomunikacijų wine-house. There are five conferencing and telecommunications f noiseless elevators going to the rest of the floors.


2 N D



Milda Bordeaux


pektas / avenue

Gedimino pros


happy box

pektas / avenue

Gedimino pros


Nuomojamas plotas 1440 m². Erdvios patalpos parduotuvėms. Jaukus, uždaras vidinis kiemas – vieta kavinei, restoranui ar vyninei. Į kitus aukštus kylama penkiais begarsiais liftais su stiklinėmis kabinomis.



O F Ground T H E floor V E NUE aukštas


Beauty spot

Egidijus Rainys



J. Tumo-Vaižganto gatvė / st.

J. Tumo-Vaižganto gatvė / st.




As a world-renowned cosmetics manufacturer, L’OrÊal Professionnel has become the main patron of the second wedding fashion show of the the Baltic States. Our mission is to promote and encourage the development of hair care products not only for the professional industry, but the comprehensive expression of trends and fashion as well, which is the embodiment of one of our values.

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he slogan of L’Oréal Professionnel, “Discover the Star in You”, is perfectly suited for both hair stylists and each one of their clients. We strive to share our knowledge and skills, dictated by the latest trends in hairstyles, and thereby discover the creative individual star in every stylist, as well as to give them the opportunity to illuminate the individual star in every client.

L’Oréal Professionnel Baltic team is very happy, excited and proud to be part of such event and spread the beauty and inspiration for all brides to be! 10


ach hair stylist admits that perfect hairstyles for special occasions help create that fabulous moment when, along with their wedding shoes, elegant beauty, and a perfect wedding dress, every bride feels like a queen, and the most beautiful woman in the world. For the hair stylist, this a very important part of her work. Therefore, as the main patron of this event, we want to provide an opportunity for our starsstylists to present their work and share their vision of wedding hairstyles for the 2018 season and to inspire stylists and brides-to-be. > PAGE 13




he fact that this is the second show of such kind and scale did not stop us, and did not force us to doubt the success of this event. We believe that the Baltic countries need such a show and that it will grow into an annual opportunity for designers and hair stylists to show their works and to inspire others.



Iconic Bridal Styles from the


The organizers of the L’Oréal Professionnel Baltic Bridal Fashion Show, together with a team of beauty experts including L’Oréal Professional hair stylists, Carolina Make-up Studio make-up artists, the ŠaŠa stylist duo, designers Aida Kapočiūte and Airida Skrick, and fashion houses DIVA and ZOLOTAS BALTIC, have created nine different bridal styles that are going to shape bridal fashion in the coming wedding season. Gediminas Žilinskas - a renowned fashion photographer - has immortalized them all with his camera.

Photographer Gediminas Žilinskas THESE ICONIC BRIDAL STYLES WERE CREATED BY L’ORÉAL PROFESSIONNEL HAIRDRESSERS: Oksana Buinickaja-Kubilienė, Gertrūda Polatovienė, Renata Škoda, Vita Jonkuvienė, Brigita Sobeckė.

With the help of: Freelance make-up artists Žaneta Kanapkienė and Eglė Marcinkevičiūtė; Carolina Make-up Studio’s make-up artists: Karolina Taraškevič Bethel, Elena Kostecka, Darija Eden, Kristina Busilaitė, Ernesta Stackevičienė, Jolanta Mušauskienė, Justina Žiliukaitė, Karolina Daukšytė;

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and Stylists Joringis Šatas and Viktorija Šaulytė. Project management LOVE MEDIA Photographer Gediminas Žilinskas Hair style by L’Oreal Professionnel Team Make-up by Carolina Make-up Studio Team Stylist ŠAŠA Products



T E A M — Hair stylists — Vita Jonkuvienė Gertruda Polatovienė Oksana Kubilienė -Buinickaja Brigita Sobecke-Nečiūnaite Rasa Jeglinskiene Sabina Fedorovic — Klaudija Kuprijanovaite Elinga Jakubauskaite Samanta Kulikauskaite Edita Polonienė Greta Voleikaitė


L’Oréal Professionnel Baltic team is very happy, excited and proud to be part of such event and spread the beauty and inspiration for all brides to be!

YOUR BRIDAL FASHION WALKWAY Brands on the Catwalk On February 18th, Pirklių Klubas hosts the second

in Vilnius with the collaboration of:

Enjoy our team work The bridal fashion event in Vilnius featured this year’s latest wedding dresses by Lithuanian, Latvian, and Belarusian designers and fashion houses as well as wedding hairstyles by L’Oréal Professionnel hair stylists and make-up by Carolina Make-up Studio artists. Showcasing 2018’s bridal styles, the event also featured a presentation by ‘Florists on the Edge’ showcasing the latest bridal flower trends and luxurious Italian lingerie by INTIMISIMI. The event also had its fair share of surprises: a special gown designed exclusively for this fashion event by Lithuanian designer Egidijus Rainys; creative, yet subtle, knitted dresses by Milda Bordeax; and, of course, Lithuania’s first collection of Barbie wedding gowns by Kęstas Rimdžius.

Lithuanian designers and brands: Agnė Deveikytė, Robert Kalinkin, Raimonda Silė, DIVA Studio, RC Fashion Studio Airida Skrick, Zolotas Baltic, Aida Kapočiūtė. Latvian designer Dace Bahmann. Belarusian designers: Mugako, Anastasia Falkovich. St. Petersburg Wedding atelier by Olga introduces her new collections to Lithuania.


Make up trends by







Carolina Make Up Studio – is the one of the best-known beauty studios with the best professional make up artists’ teams in Lithuania. We work with the top modeling agencies, fashion designers and photographers and our works of our artist are often seen during fashion or lifestyle TV shows, we also work with celebrities. Our studio was the first and the most popular professional make-up studio in Lithuania, owned by celebrity make-up and image designer Karolina Taraskevic-Bethel. 

We love making our brides look elegant and beautiful on their special day. JUSTINA ŽILIUKAITĖ




we believe in beauty

first make-up studio in Lithuania A. Rotundo g. 2, Vilnius | M. DaukĹĄos g. 43-9, Kaunas |

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Coffee of the event

D E S IGNE R S A. Deveikytė: “A wedding dress is a challenge that not all designers dare to undertake” Agnė Deveikytė has been designing wedding dresses for five years. Even though she just made her debut in 2017, she won first place in the Re-Imagined Wedding Dress competition. After her successful debut, the designer perfected her craft and continued to create. Deveikytė’s gowns are created individually, tailored for brides who long for interesting and modern designs. Deveikytė dedicates her newest collection to women who are confident and unafraid to be themselves. “With this collection, I want to bring transparency, originality, elegance and the joy of being oneself to the modern woman. Transparent, subtle and romantic designs will emanate lightness and femininity. I want my brides to feel like goddesses when wearing my dresses”, – Agne Deveikyte reveals her design philosophy.


D E S IGNE R S R. Kalinkin: “It’s the process and the creative freedom that matters to a creative designer – not what to create” Robert Kalinkin is a costume designer and set artist. For the past eight years, he has been working as a set artist in advertising and as a stylist for TV shows. However, creating and tailoring wedding collections is what occupies most of Kalinkin’s time. According to the designer, what he values the most is the process and creative freedom, as well as the connection between the designer and the client. Creating the gown for the persona wearing it “I am not interested in the wedding dresses per se. I create them not for their own sake, but for the personalities that will wear them. Remember how many beautiful clothes there are out there and how very few of them actually fit our personalities. The creative process always starts from the inspiration that comes after meeting my client, not the other way around”, Kalinkin describes his work principles.


D E S IGNE R S R. Silė: Wearing someone else’s style is the biggest mistake Raimonda Silė started her designing career by sewing evening gowns, and after getting more experience, started creating wedding dresses. She believes that wedding dresses can differ in color and ornamentation, and white is certainly not your only option. A bride needs to stay genuine Raimonda tailors every dress individually according to the client’s style. She does not have a catalogue with ready designs. According to her, replicating the style of another bride kills a person’s individuality. “I think wearing someone else’s style is the biggest mistake. The dress can be what you want it to be. Both a puffed dress and a feather-light chiffon dress can look outstanding. Everybody judges beauty differently, but the most important thing is for the bride to feel like herself in it. “Who am I?” is the question that needs to be asked. There is no need to look like someone else on your special day”, the designer believes.


D E S IGNE R S Founders of DIVA Studio: “Our studio will have something that no one in the Baltics has” DIVA Studio is the only official representative of such brands as Lorenzo Rossi, Milla Nova Design, and Oksana Mukha in the Baltics and is proud to offer unique wedding dresses not found anywhere else. Modern brides “The demands of brides have grown proportionally with the increased availability of options, which is something to be celebrate. They are not afraid to look different, not afraid to search for extravagant dresses, and they do not want to look like their girlfriends or cousins anymore. It is especially rewarding to work with a bride who has bigger dreams than usual,” is how Martinkėnė describes modern brides. New collection from DIVA Studio The creator mentions a few features of the wedding dress collection: femininity, courage and even sexuality, because most dresses that follow the most fashionable wedding trends have an open neckline.


D E S IGNE R S Rasos & Christian The play of veiled and unveiled Refined lace and a focus on listening, when almost all the dreams of brides are heard. The cheerful storing of details, shapes, forms and accents allows bringing impressive and unique dresses to reality. Street style influence Even though the street-style influence is inevitable, I put all my efforts into creating a unique and splendid wedding gown despite such tendencies. Local trends There are two basic groups of brides that could be mentioned – those who bring images of wedding dresses and require the same or almost the same dress, and those who completely trust the designer and look for a unique and individual dress. The most important thing is to create trustbased relationship in order to clearly find out the needs and aspirations of the bride.


D E S IGNE R S Airida Skrick: “I don’t accept orders for boring dresses” Airida Skrick has journeyed through her passion for fashion design for a long time she tailored her first piece 25 years ago. The designer is up for innovation and believes that there is a lot of space for self-realization and experimentation in the process of creating bridal dresses, so she does not want to sew boring dresses and does not want to work without inspiration. Transformation, experimentation, dynamism are a few words that illustrate her work. Wedding dress: The creative process Skrickienė claims that the process of creating a wedding dress is long – sometimes it takes 6 to 12 months from the first conversation with the future bride until the day she gets the dress. In case the ceremony is organized in a hurry, the designer has several ready dresses and costumes in her studio. Society expects that at the altar, the bride should show off in a beautiful dress, and the groom should be dressed in a suit. Airida loves to challenge these stereotypes.


D E S IGNE R S VG Zolotas: “Looking back at my roots, I discovered authenticity, uniqueness, and originality”. The bridal house of the designer VG Zolotas and its distinctive handmade couture, found in “Zolotas Baltic”, traces its roots three generations back. After his family business was established in 1972, he has expanded in Australia, and now in Lithuania, while the collection “Hellenic Vintage” can be found in boutiques all around the world. Relying on his rich culture and timeless heritage, the designer creates extraordinary wedding dresses that have a story to tell! Connecting the past with the future “Looking back at my roots, I discovered authenticity, uniqueness, and originality. My grandmother crocheted every single dress she made by hand, on the small island of Chios. This is why I always talk about legacy, tradition and haute couture-all the things I have inherited from my family. I was fortunate enough to have a rich heritage as a Greek, which I always convey to the wedding dresses, using contemporary lines. “


D E S IGNE R S Aida Kapočiūtė: “The biggest mistake on your wedding day is to pretend you’re someone else” In the fashion world, designer Aida Kapočiūtė likes to turn away from generic trends and create exceptional style. She encourages women to be themselves. Modern, romantic, real - are some words that characterize the style of the wedding dresses this famous designer creates. Choosing an exceptional style Kapočiūtė admits disliking established standards. She loves to create new fashion. “I hate the notion that the bride has to look like one of the top ten Pinterest pictures. Freedom, confidence and the wish to stay real is crucial. The dress has to reflect our differences. We shouldn’t be afraid to discover our true selves through introspection. The clothes we wear send a clear message about who we are and how we live. A wedding dress is no exception. The biggest mistake on your wedding day is to pretend you’re someone else”.


D E S IGNE R S Dace Bahmann Constant quest for new solutions Dace Bahmann dedicates a particular attention to sensuality in dresses – a dress being the most desirable and feminine garment in a lady’s arsenal. Brand’s designer Dace Krievina-Bahmane is a Fashion Design graduate of Riga School of Design and Art Academy of Latvia, currently working as a fashion editor in the international magazine L’Officiel. Dace Krievina-Bahmane prefers natural fabrics, individual style and a constant quest for new solutions. Garments are made from natural materials such as silk, wool, leather and cotton. The romantic touch is added with prints, embroidery, pearls, floral patterns and geometric colour squares. Focused on sleek feminine structures and innovative texture combinations, the collection unites aesthetically compelling, standout style and supreme quality.


D E S IGNE R S Onél Couture Exclusive hand-made dresses from Saint Petersburg designed by Nefiodova Olga Feminine silhouettes, elegant forms and flimsy drapes, which accentuate your personality. Exciting, translucent fabric, charming trims, and embroidery create a rich texture. Splendid, chic, glamourous and captivating crape is used in every apparel. It started out about 10 years ago I was fascinated by fashion design as a student at the university. I had always been creative and innovative in everything that I did. While I crafted unorthodox designs and futurisitc styles, while at the univeristy, I never imagined designing wedding dresses. After graduating from the university, I started my career by working with one of the wedding dress designers in Saint Petersburg. A year later, I realized that I wanted to design my own creations, in my vision of what a wedding gown should be. That is when and why I set up my own fashion house.


D E S IGNE R S Darya Мygako “A luxurious evening” Darya Мygako is a Belarusian designer, founder of the MUGAKO brand, which has been making its presence felt in the fashion industry for more than 5 years. MUGAKO features authoritative collections of evening clothing for special events and amazing dresses for little fashion princes and princesses. Mugako strives to create the best dresses for the little ones, which can help young children to develop and nurture a sense of style and excellent taste from an early age. Beautiful clothing put on for solemn occasions can help your child feel comfortable and to carry themselves with confidence. Most little girls like to dress up. On holidays, they want to be princess in luxurious dresses and to proudly display their personalities in special clothes. A unique collection of beautiful children’s dresses was created for this season. In this collection, every little child and young person, of all tastes and styles, will be able to find beautiful dresses of amazing designs, featuring dazzling materials and refined finishing.


D E S IGNE R S Anastasiya Falkovich Anastasiya Falkovich is a well-known Belarusian designer, lecturer at National School of Beauty, regular participant of fashion shows in Belarus, Russia and Western Europe (including Belarus Fashion Week, Grodno Fashion Show, Estet Fashion Week and Etno Style), co-owner of fashion clothing brands like “Anastasiya Falkovich” and “Batistini”, owner of tailor shop “La Fason” and popularizer of traditional Belarusian garments. Evening dresses and national costumes made by Anastasiya Falkovich became popular in Belarusian fashion industry and continue to influence designs. Anastasiya Falkovich’ clothing is preferred by people fascinated with Belarusian culture, including politicians and showmen.


D E S IGNE R S Intimissimi Intimissimi brand is a part of the successful Italian company, Calzedonia S.p.A Group. The brand boasts an extensive global franchise network whose shops set the benchmark in a dynamic world of emotions, comfort and great stylish taste. Intimissimi has a rich and fruitful history. The brand has become the market leader in underwear in Europe since its creation in 1996. Intimissimi lingerie realizes the every woman’s daily dream. A simple but refined style, aloof from excess and aggressiveness. The winning combination of high-quality products, romance and imagination has won loyal custom all over the world. The brand’s collections offer an innovative natural look; an approach that is more subtle and receptive to modern needs. The absolutely competitive quality/price ratio joined to an accurate design and style research, to the use of well-advanced material and fabrics for collections which anticipate tastes and trends.


Magic in wedding and



THE DRESS. Perhaps there is no other outfit so closely related with prejudices as a wedding dress. The most famous is that, by all means, the groom is forbidden to see the wedding dress before the ceremony.

4 RAIN. There is no reason to be afraid of it. A rainy day is a promise of prosperity for the new family.



SHOES. Even though it’s a question of preference whether it’s better to choose open or closed shoes for your wedding day, from the conservative or traditional perspective, it is recommended that closed ones be worn in order to keep all wealth and prosperity in the family.

DATE. Here in the Baltics, we prefer summer and it’s definitely the wedding season. The best date according to astrologists for a wedding is a full moon.



NEW, OLD, BORROWED AND BLUE. There is a popular belief that during a wedding day, the bride should have something new, something old, something borrowed and something of blue colour.

LOVE. Believe in love, and it’s the background and essence of everything, no matter whether it is young moon, evening or Monday.

Known for her exceptional looks, stylist V. Šaulytė became

a breathtaking bride A member of the creative ŠaŠa duo, famous for her outstanding looks, V. Saulyte transformed into a dream bride. Truth be told, the mesmerizing stylist is in no hurry to get to the altar. Viktorija embodied a breathtaking bride in a photoshoot presenting the L’ORÉAL PROFESSIONNEL Baltic Bridal Fashion Show.


The bride has to feel like herself It’s not the first time the stylist is putting on a wedding dress. But she reveals that this was the first time she actually felt like a real bride. “The feeling was special”, V. Šaulytė told us openly. “From the moment I sat in the make-up chair I started imagining what a bride must think and feel. I felt relaxed in the dress I chose.” The stylist says that thoughts about what it will feel like to be a bride followed her until the photo shoot. “I realized that I would like to feel comfortable on that special day, and my chosen style should reflect who I am inside. I wouldn’t like to be haunted by the thoughts like ‘when will I finally get out of this dress?’ or ‘my hairdo is about to get ruined!’ It seems to me that the bride must feel completely comfortable, confident and bright. Clothes, hair or makeup should not bother her.” The stylist has not yet thought about what her ideal wedding should be, but she knows one thing – on her special day she should listen only to her heart. “I do not like to plan ahead and then rethink everything in a year’s time. When I feel that it’s time to think, then I’ll start thinking about my perfect wedding. However, I know that I want every part of it to be comfortable and real, without having to invite someone out of duty and without having to impress anyone. I do not want an overthe-top wedding that would communicate fake emotions”, Šaulytė reveals.

Project management JSC LOVE MEDIA Model Viktorija Šaulytė Make-up Carolina Make-up Studio Artist Jekaterina Požilova

Photographer REDA RUZEL Photography Hair stylist Edita Vilpišauskienė Dress RARA AVIS from Ivory Make-up and hair products




only bride knows

On your special day, when all eyes are on you, small hidden precious things – the meaning of which are only known to you – give you strength, confidence and make your look spectacularly mysterious and full of romance.


Melody. All of us have our own song. It helps us climb the highest mountains in our life, or a song that brings complete joy and harmony. Let that melody accompany you.

2. 3.

Perfume. Discover a new fragrance that marks you turning into a queen.

Flowers. While choosing your bridal bouquet, you should have your florist help you pick out your favorite flower or the one you received from your beloved.


Bracelet. Even though we tend to choose completely different jewellery for the wedding outfit from the ones we use in our daily life, let yourself to be a little rebellious. Allow your favorite stone bracelet to be with you.



Photographer DARIUS KUÄŒYS


and Kęstas Rimdžius

stylish collaboration In 2019 Barbie will celebrate 60 years anniversary world wide


TEAM Project management JSC LOVE MEDIA Project is for BARBIE anniversary Stylist and designer Kęstas Rimdžius Style team KUKLA Photographer REDA RUZEL Photography



BALTIC BRIDAL fashion show 2018 Loreal Baltic Bridal fashion show magazine about baltic designers.

BALTIC BRIDAL fashion show 2018 Loreal Baltic Bridal fashion show magazine about baltic designers.