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One Sheep Tag, One Wedding, One Week by Gavin Strait, Greencastle, PA

In 2011, I was fortunate enough to get a sheep tag for sheep hunt, if he wanted to see what sheep hunting is all Wyoming. It would be my FNAWS ram if I was successful about. He agreed without a second thought. in harvesting one. The only bad luck encountered during the trip was at the I was also lucky enough to find a great girl who said she very beginning. Our flight out of Baltimore was canceled would marry me. The only unfortunate part the situation due to Hurricane Irene. It only set us back a half day was that we had already picked a wedding date before I and I wasn’t worried because we still wouldn’t lose any got the sheep tag. Naturally, the wedding was during the hunting time. We arrived in Cody around midnight and first part of the Wyoming sheep season. But with all the first thing the next morning, John was right on time. He positives, I certainly wasn’t going to get depressed. showed up with everything ready to go to the trailhead. It was a two hour truck ride followed by five hour horse I started the researching right away. I contacted several ride into camp. At the trailhead everyone moved like outfitters and in a short time had it narrowed down to clockwork and was very organized. three. After checking out several references I decided to go with John Porter and Morning Creek Outfitters. John The ride into camp was amazing. We saw many mule deer, had showed me pictures of many nice rams, the references antelope, and elk. When we were 30 minutes from camp had all great things to say, and John was confident even we spotted two rams from the horses. One of the rams with only a few days to hunt because I had to get home to was very young, but the other had us all talking about Pennsylvania to get married. getting a closer look the next day. Camp was already set up when we arrived. After we unpacked we had a great I talked John into setting up camp two days before the dinner (no freeze dried in this camp) and talked about our season came in to allow for scouting time. I wanted to plan tomorrow. There may have been three or four dozen make sure with the short time frame we would be able to hunting stories also told around the fire. find rams. If nothing else, this would give me some more days in beautiful country. My dad, who had been in sheep camp with me for the other three sheep hunts would not be making this trip due to his aging knees. Instead, I asked my best friend Danny, who had never been on a

The next day and half were spent taking easy climbs and doing a lot of glassing. During the three days we were in sheep country we saw between 60 to 70 rams, over 200 elk, and many ewes and lambs. We occasionally saw bear sign but luckily we never had any bear encounters. Page 8

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