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next threat, coming up to 25 yards away from us, running down the slope, then returning, and then back down the ridge without going over the top, possibly scaring our rams. At the end of the ridge, Monty crawled down the aforementioned grassy chute and glassed the rock slide to our left. His motioning finger told me that he had found the rams. Out of sight rams, moving rams, mingling rams, and sleeping rams--it was at least an hour before Monty would confirm a legal ram. When he motioned me to the scope, there were two rams visible. Monty said “Shoot the one on the right!” I was looking at my Grand Slam® ram! Within seconds, the ram laid down and I could confidently take my eyes from the spotting scope, pick up my rifle, and find that ram in my rifle scope. One last communication with Monty, The one lying down? He replied, Yes.

his 9 rings, my Grand Slam® quest was at an end! Three hours of picture taking, skinning, and boning and we were ready to return to camp. Just a note here - upon caping the head, we found well over fifty porcupine quills in the ram’s head. We think it was recently done and cannot imagine what that ram might have gone through in the coming days. Monty, with his full pack of meat, cape, and horns and me, with a pack full of mine and Monty’s gear, now faced what seemed a never-ending journey to the valley floor. How Monty remained standing going down that steep, rock filled chute will remain a mystery. For myself, I did not stand, and literally took out the seat of my pants by sliding down on my hind end, feet for brakes. He did not stand for one phase, a shear drop with no way around it. Both of us took a breathe after that!

Two hours later, we were able to retrieve the horses, an The 210 yard ranged shot was much too downhill for hour ride back to camp, and my sheep hunt, my Grand prone, over the backpack, so from the sitting position I put the crosshairs on his shoulder and then lowered the Slam® sheep hunt, was over! point of aim to just below the ram. At the shot, my next Thorton Wilder said, “When you are having an adventure, scope view was running rams!!! you wish you were home safe, when you are home safe, I asked Monty, Which one is he? Monty replied, He is you wish you were having an adventure.” Coming down dead. Again I asked, Which one is he??!! Monty again that slide I thought to myself, this is my last sheep hunt! replied, He is dead. You smoked him! It was the third Today, writing these words, sitting in my chair, feet up, exchange before my brain registered that my Grand Slam® and my Siamese cat, Chui, asleep in my lap, I am thinking, sheep was dead! Maybe one more, maybe one more sheep hunt?? Five quick thank yous 1. 2001 - Bighorn - Colorado - Powderhorn Outfitters, Vince Tanko and Sons 2. 2004 - Desert Bighorn - Colorado - Majestic Mountain Outfitters - Jeff and Cindi Chadd; Horn Fork Guides - Joe Boucher 3. 2006 - Dall - Alaska - Majestic Mountain Outfitters - (again) Jeff and Cindi Chadd 4. 2011 - Stone - British Columbia - Tuchodi River Outfitters, Larry and Lori Warren 5. And finally - my wife, Ruth - for her never ending The 165 Grain Barnes X Bullet from my Kimber 300 patience, understanding, and encouragement. WSM had killed him instantly! GRAND SLAM® is a registered trademarks of Grand Watching the running rams made me miss his 100 yard Slam Club/Ovis. Used with permission. roll down the chute! We circled back to the top of the chute. Quite frankly, I don’t remember much of the sliding, rocky, 400 yard descent to the sheep. Confirming Page 5

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