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Brothers Jerry and Tom Mariska hunted with Scott Limmer of Comanche Wilderness Outfitters in September for six days.  Their guide was Mike Williams.  Mike, by the way, is a board member for the Rocky Mountain Big Horn Society.  They hunted with muzzle loaders in  Area 186 near Estis Park, which was very heavily wooded.  It was a lot different than the open slopes that you normally think of an elk hunting area.  They got this 300 class bull on the last day of the hunt.  Jerry passed on a bull about the same size on Day 2, which now he feels was a mistake.  They hunted mostly by calling.  Everything on the hunt was as advertised.  They stayed in a log home in the area.   Having a soft bed and a warm and dry place to go each night was a big plus. Jerry and Tom send a big thanks out to Mike and Scott for the great hunt!

Jeff Lindgren took this huge cougar with Fraser River Outfitters in central British Columbia

In Memory Wild Sheep Foundation-Midwest Chapter Life Member

Eldon Helm Oct 29, 1939 -Nov 8, 2011

Joe Perrella purchased this elk hunt from Carl Hansen at the 2009 Wild Sheep Foundation - Midwest Chapter’s fundraiser. This bull was taken on Carl’s ranch on October 16, 2011. Page 15

Fall/Winter2011 Newsletter  
Fall/Winter2011 Newsletter  

Our Fall/Winter of 2011 issue.