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What’s the name of this product? 3M Protecta Comfort Construction Style Harness

Who makes this product? 3M Fall Protection

What’s the manufacturer’s part number? 1161204,1161205, 1161207,1161208

What types of customers will buy these products? General Contractors Mechanical / Plumbers Concrete Contractors

At what stage of the job will this product be sold? Beginning

What category does this product belong in? Safety

What subcategory does this product belong in? Fall Protection

What questions should you ask the customer in order to sell this product? What brand of fall protection do you use? How often and for how long do you work in a harness? How important is comfort and adjustability? Are you using personal or back mounted SRLs? If there was an easy way to attach a personal or back mounted SRL would you be interested?

Are there other complementary Ram Tool products that are sold with these products? Self Retracting Lifelines, Lanyards, Anchors

What are the key features and benefits of the product? Softer Hip Pad - 3.5x thicker Fixed Back D-Ring Easy-Link Web Adapter Sturdier Belt Comfort Back Pad with U-shaped neck Impact Indicators Protected Labels

What are some competing products / manufacturers? Guardian, Werner, SafeWaze, Miller, Falltech

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3M Protecta Harness  
3M Protecta Harness