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Commonly Used Acronyms in the CASF AEOT

Aeromedical Evacuation Operations Control Center = Deployed members of the 791st Expeditionary Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron who launch and recover AE missions. They know when missions are arriving & parking spot.


Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron = The nurses and techs that fly patients around and spend a lot of time in front of mirrors. At Ramstein there is the permanent party 86th AES and the deployed 791st AES.


Aeromedical Evacuation Control Team = Essentially, the people who push and pull the planes around. They match patient movement requests from TPMRC with planes and AES crews around the world.


Aeromedical Staging Facility = Any place that provides shelter and a moderate level of medical oversight for patients between AE flights.


Contingency Aeromedical Staging Facility = A “plussed up” ASF in time of War.


Critical Care Air Transport Team = An in-flight care team made up of a Dr, RN & an RT. They monitor patients AE crews do not have the skills to attend to during flight; usually the most severely wounded.


The Continental United States


Deployed Warriors Medical Management Center = The tri-service team at LRMC that specifically deals with war-wounded personnel.


Flight Clinical Coordinator = Normally a nurse that helps coordinate the transfer of patients to/from CASF and AES.


Letter of Evaluation – Form used: AF IMT 77, 20040901, V2


Landstuhl Regional Medical Center = The largest joint military hospital in the world and the largest American hospital outside CONUS.


Overweight Litter (for pt’s greater than 250 lbs)


Patient Movement Request = A living electronic document that details mechanism of injury, diagnosis, treatment so far, treatment upcoming and the evacuation plan for individual patients. PMR’s are initiated in the field and continue to be updated throughout a patients AE process.


Theater Patient Movement Requirements Center = A place where PMR’s are evaluated, prioritized and batched together to form an AE request which is then acted on by the Europe based AECT folks to generate a mission.


TRANSCOM Regulating And Command & Control Evacuation System = An internet based program for tracking & retrieving individual PMR’s or AE missions.

commonly used acronymns in the casf  
commonly used acronymns in the casf  

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