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This brochure has been produced to commemorate our anniversary and to provide our staff and customers an


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overview of our first 50 years.


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1952 – 2002


After fifty years at the leading edge of innovation and technical development of quality product solutions for the building and construction industry, both in Australia and around the world, there is a story to tell. To celebrate the achievements of the past half century and to mark the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Ramset Fasteners (Aust) Pty. Ltd. a brief summary of that story is set out in this commemorative brochure. Just after the turn of the twentieth century, an Englishman experimented with the idea of harnessing the energy from the explosive powder that was being used in munitions and using it for a different purpose. He developed a crude product with a very limited capability that realised his ambition. The principle of this device was to become the Powder Actuated fixing tool. In the years prior to World War 1 an underwater Powder Actuated device received extensive testing by the British Admiralty in the salvaging and repairing of ships. In the late 1930’s a modified version of this underwater Powder Actuated ed


device the





the world and became standard equipment for salvage operations. These basic tools were the prototypes, inspiring Ramset to research, develop and provide Powder Actuated Fixing Systems, incorporated with a diverse range of anchoring systems, to a world wide market. From our humble beginnings in 1952, we invite you to share half a century of Ramset in Australia, and our continued commitment to providing a comprehensive and innovative range of quality fastening solutions






construction to




industry countries







It was at this time that the first practical Powder Actuated Tools were developed. These tools were the forerunners of the Ramset Powder Actuated Tools as we know them today, if only in concept. Patent No. 2470117 was applied for in 1943 and went on to become the basic Ramset product patent which did not expire

In late 1948 Ramset Fasteners

until May 1966. This patent origi-

Inc. was founded to assume the

nally covered two basic designs:

distribution and sales responsibil-

a flange on the steel fastener and a

ity, hence the Ramset Fastening

removable breech plug

System was born. The tool was

that replaced the more expen-

devised to establish a permanent

sive and unreliable mechanisms

fixing to brick, concrete and steel.

for holding the powder charge.

The Ramset Powder Actuated

Portable Industries Inc. (a sub-

Fastening System was soon to

sidiary of Olin Industries Inc.) in

revolutionise construction meth-

the USA, produced the world’s

ods throughout the world. Ram-

first commercial Powder Actu-

set enabled construction work-

ated fastening system in 1947.

ers to drive nail-like

They were introduced to the

(drive pins) into brick, concrete


and steel with a minimum of fuss.



year and were acclaimed by contractors







In 1949 a sample tool, fasteners and charges arrived in Australia for evaluation. Overseas currency restrictions effectively curbed further imports of Ramset Fastening System products during the following two years, but negotiations had begun.

stud into the work surface. Ramset neither marketed product through retail stores nor employed salesmen as such, but maintained a fleet of radio-controlled service vans, operating from sales branches established in each state, delivering tools,

In 1952 Siddons Drop Forgings Limited finalised negotiations with Olin Industries Inc. to secure the manufacturing and distribution rights in the southern hemisphere of the revolutionary Ramset Fastening System. Ramset Fasteners (Aust) Pty Ltd was officially registered in Australia in March 1952, with Siddons Drop Forgings Limited having a 51% share, therefore Australian ownership. By the end of that year the entire range of Ramset Powder Actuated fixing products were being marketed and sold throughout Australia. These included the dual action Tap or Turn tool, the heavy duty Model 238 tool and a range of drive pins, threaded studs, power loads and accessories. The Duo Jobmaster Powder Actuated Tool was developed and manufactured by Ramset Fasteners (Aust) Pty. Ltd. at the company’s plant in Spencely Street, Clifton Hill and released to the construction market in 1956. This tool was available with interchangeable barrels of 1/4” and 3/8”. Following on the heels of the Duo Jobmaster was the release of the Shure-Set fixing system, using a specially designed hammer and an incapsulated piston in a hand held tool to drive the pin or

pins and power loads directly to the job site and also providing a complete after-sales service for all Ramset tool owners. The ‘Ramset man’ calling on potential clients was a highly trained technical representative who worked daily on site with engineers, architects and contractors. To ensure the safety of all users, Ramset trained and issued an Accredited Operators Card for Powder-Actuated Tools to all Ramset customers. Ramset subsidiaries were established in New Zealand in 1955, South Africa in 1958 and London in 1959. In 1957-58 New South Wales and Victorian Governments brought in regulations covering the use of Powder Actuated Tools and Ramset tools were approved under all regulations in Australia.



1969 saw the introduction of the Dynabolt, a general purpose all steel, through fixing, mechanical anchor for concrete and masonry.

The 60’s was a period of growth and innovation. Several million pins and thousands of Ramset Tools were manufactured at Clifton Hill as Ramset expanded nationally (66 branch network nation-wide) and internationally. During this period all Ramset products were made and purchased locally, ensuring Ramset was able to consolidate their manufacturing dominance. In 1961 Ramset entered a new field in the construction industry,

Ramset focussed its research and development on creating even safer Powder Actuated Tools through utilisation of low velocity technology. Ramset received a number of achievement awards during this decade. Export performance was recognised and Ramset picked up its first prestigious export award in 1965, bestowed an-

concrete anchoring, with the introduction of the Terrier Self Drilling Anchor, developed to drill a hole and provide a mechanical anchoring point in concrete substrate in one action.

nually by the Department of Overseas Trade and the Associated Chambers of Manufactures of Australia. This was followed by the Hoover Award for Marketing in 1967.





1970’s ing. Developed by the parent company, Siddons Industries Limited, the Sidchrome Rotary Hammer was the predecessor to the DynaDrill 640, which became a reality during 1976, broadening the diversity of Ramset products for the construction industry. The DynaDrill is considered one of the most important additions to the Ramset product range. As a result today Ramset is the major supplier of concrete drilling equipment to the construction industry. Ramset now supplied the construction industry with complete fastening solutions,

This decade was a period of growth and diversification, with Ramset extensively expanding their focus. In 1970, having outgrown its Spencely Street, Clifton Hill premises, Ramset moved to Maroondah Highway, Mooroolbark. This site housed Head Office, Manufacturing and Warehousing and was extended in both 1973 and 1976, catering to the growing demand for manufacturing capacity and product storage space, as Sales Branches both locally and overseas continued to be established. Ramset Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, all being registered during this period, earning Ramset a further two export awards in 1971 and 1977. The JP50 Piston Tool was released in 1971 to critical acclaim and during the same year Ramset launched the adhesive division from a manufacturing plant in Bulleen with a range of adhesives, sealants, coatings and additives for use in the construction industry. Having firmly established itself as a supplier of Concrete Fixing Systems, Concrete Anchoring Systems and Construction Chemicals to the industrial and commercial building industry, 1974 saw Ramset expand its activities into the growing Australian retail or DIY market with the release of a pre-packed range of fasteners and adhesives. The Sidchrome Rotary Hammer heralded the entry of Ramset into the field of Concrete Drill-

through Concrete Fixing Systems, Mechanical Anchoring Systems, Concrete Drilling Systems and a range of Construction Chemicals.



1980’s Industries Limited changed its name to Siddons Ramset Limited in 1988. Manufacturing was flourishing in Australia, so Ramset focussed on the growing Do-It-Yourself market by developing a range of colour coded pre-packaged expansion anchors and fasteners. The 80’s also saw Ramset Representatives travelling around Australia participating in exhibitions and trade shows, increasing people’s knowledge and awareness of Ramset products and usage.

Early in this decade, the 10 shot, auto load JP88 was launched onto the market. The first Powder Actuated Tool licensed by the Standards Association of Australia and also receiving an Australian Design Award. The range of DynaDrill Concrete Drilling Systems increased during the 80’s with the introduction of 4kg, 3kg and 2kg machines. Ramset also introduced Chemical Anchors into the Concrete Anchoring product range, initially capsules, followed closely with what would become one of our most successful products, Ramset Chemset Injection Anchoring System.

Ramset already established in Concrete Fixing, Concrete Anchoring and Concrete Drilling, entered a new field in the construction industry, Concrete Lifting, with the launch of Ramset Building Products division to cater to the new innovation in building construction, tilt slab and precast.

In 1985 Victoria became the first state to achieve one million dollars in one month. The Victorian branches were amalgamated into the new Richmond premises. Early 1985 saw the purchase of South Australian based competitor, Omark Building Products. Rationalisation of manufacturing facilities found Powder Actuated Tools and Fasteners being produced from the previous Omark plant in Lonsdale (South Australia). Masonry Anchor production consolidated at Mooroolbark and with the closure of Bulleen, the adhesives division was also re-located to Mooroolbark. 1985 also saw the warehouse facilities extended once again, mainly to cater for a growing export market. Overseas expansions continued, particularly in New Zealand, South Africa, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and Canada. Ramset employed 850 staff in the early 80’s, 200 based overseas. Ramset Fasteners, already a wellestablished and highly successful division of the Siddons Group, became a wholly owned subsidiary of Siddons Industries Ltd. in 1986 with the purchase of US based Olin Industries Inc. 49% share holding, making Ramset 100% Australian owned . To reflect the importance of Ramset to the group, Siddons



1990’s standard of Quality Management Service. Recognising our complete abilities from Research and Development, through Manufacturing, Marketing and Sales to delivery of Products and Services to our Customers. This award made Ramset the only company to hold both ISO 9001 and AS 1873 ratings.

Further development of the Strip Feed Powder Actuated Tools (first released late 1989) allowed Ramset to successfully market the TS750P and TS60P around the world. A further innovation, successfully launched in 1999, was the Striker, based on the TS750P with a 10 pin magazine, an automatic Powder Actuated Fixing Tool. The 1990’s also saw the launch of the new generation DynaDrill range, to include not only 2kg, 3kg, 4kg and 5kg drilling machines but also a battery powered DynaDrill and two 6kg demolition hammers. The Dynabolt Plus was introduced in 1996, and was described by the editor of House and Home magazine as a “clear winner, Australian designed and made as well. With Dynabolt Plus, Ramset have made a giant improvement on what was already an outstanding product.” Ramset was recognised as a “Quality Endorsed Company”, and accredited by Standards Australia to AS3902-1987/ISO 9002-19487. Head Office facilities of the Company were extended into its new two storey familiar landmark “Boeing“ shape in 1990 along with new R&D facilities. In 1996 Ramset achieved AS/NZS ISO 9001 status, the highest



2000 and beyond Ramset leads the Australian building industry in Fastening Solutions and by being Customer focused, has developed trade specific tools, such as FormMaster and the DynaDrill 530 to continue its development role. Ramset Fasteners (Aust) Pty. Limited became fully owned subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works Inc (ITW), an American based company in 2000. Ramset Australia has sister companies in the US, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand and throughout Europe. Ramset began with an idea and has grown into an internationally successful company through the calibre of its staff and their professional approach to their jobs. Ramset remains the market leader in creating quality, leading edge products, focussing on Concrete Fixing, Concrete Anchoring, Concrete Drillingand Concrete Lifting.


Ramset continues to manufacture in Australia at both the Head Office, Mooroolbark site, which also contains the distribution centre and at the Lonsdale facility.

Ramset has sales outlets throughout Australia, coupled with a vast distributor network for on-site technical advice and assistance to the Construction Industry everywhere. Ramset recognises that its success depends not only on keeping abreast of the ever changing building technology, as well as maintaining the highest standards, but also to ultimately ensure customers needs are met. Ramset will continue to introduce leading edge products to meet the fixing, anchoring, drilling and lifting needs of the construction industry. We eagerly look forward to the next 50 years and our 100 year Anniversary.



Ramset Tools Masters of Concrete Fixing



DynaDrill is Concrete Drilling


Anchoring Engineered for Every Job



Can You Afford Anything Less


HEAD OFFICE 1 Ramset Drive Chirnside Park, Victoria 3116 Sales, Orders and Enquiries Tel: 1300 780 063 Fax: 1300 780 064 Email: Web:


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cr ete



ITW Australia Pty. Ltd. ABN 63 004 235 063 trading as Ramset™. ™Trademarks of Cetram Pty. Ltd. used under licence by Ramset™ © Copyright 2011


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Ramset 50th Anniversary  

Ramset 50th Anniversary

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