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Heimdall [heym-dahl]

noun, Scandinavian Mythology. 1. The god of dawn and light. 2. Watchman of Gods. Guardian.

Your Personal Guardian




Emergency “Hard Activate”

“Hard Deactivate”

Stainless Steel slot fit rear casing

Silicon Rubber Strap keeper

Stainless Steel adjustment clasp


Ultra Bright LED ring Array

USB Charge port for internal battery

Slot for Heimdall Module placement


Internal View of Lithium Polymer Battery


Internal View of Heimdall Module Placement

Internal View of USB Charge Point Control Chip

A view of the Heimdall watch exploded in both the X and Z axis. Using DFMA principles the use of screws and additional fixings has been eradicated. From this we are left with a simple, top down, modular assembly on the Z axis. The Heimdall module, seen on the X-axis is the brains of the Heimdall System and is transferable between the Heimdall dock, and accessories such as the watch.



The Heimdall Dock 11


Docked Heimdall Module

Hard Activate - Hold to Activate, double click to cancel Heimdall name engraved on module body. Strong brand identity

Perimeter holes for stitching to Jacket

Filleted casing minimises deformation and displaces forces in event of impact.


Emergeny activate control chip

Power control chip for charging and connecting Heimdall Module to dock power source

Custom sized high capacity LiPo battery pack


A view of the Heimdall Dock exploded in both the Y and Z axis. Similar to the watch the use of DFMA principles has eliminated unneeded fixtures. Once all components are placed in the casing and wired, it will placed in a closed die and expanding silicon foam will be injected into the cavity. This will keep all components in place whilst increasing the shock load capability of the product.



The Heimdall Module 17


Grip Casing and housing for Radio and Bluetooth module

RF and Bluetooth module

Contact pins for transferring power to module from Dock or Watch

Heimdall “Motherboard�. A PCB and processor for processing date collected from smart device sensors

Protective and Aesthetic Stainless steel casing, housing the Heimdall processor


“Finger pinch grip� Indent to help in transferring module.

Rough injection moulded PP for easy grip. Rounded edge to evenly disperse impact forces


A view of the Heimdall Module exploded in the Y axis. T The assembly of the main body and handle will host the PCB and Radio beacon transmitter and will be sealer using a PSA (Pressure sensitive adhesive). This sealant will render the module tamper proof as it will be apparent if it has been opened. The PSA will be applied in a manner that means the it will not be possible to re-align the module casing if it has been opened, hence it wont fit in to any of the Heimdall power sources.


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