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Volume-16 Issue- 4

Rio Rancho, NM

May 21, 2013

The End Of Course Assessment How does it really effect you graduating? good grades, and earning all

added, the state has begun

been going around that the

our credits.”

to change the graduation

EOC’s are replacing the

��������������� Over the previ�

requirements altogether.

senior thesis, but in reality

ous summer 2012 vacation,

The new standards require

the only reason students do

End Of Course Assessment

the state of New Mexico

students to pass the End of

not have to create a senior

counting as a graduation

decided there are not enough

Course exam in English 11,

thesis is because the state can

requirement has been the

measures of student achieve�

Algebra II, U.S History, and

not find the time for it, not

“talk” of the month. Junior,

ment. Teachers from differ�

in Chemistry or Biology. If

because they believe their

Kaylyana Duran said, “it’s

ent schools came together to

a student has failed any sec�

requirements are too much.

ridiculous [that] they are

create the assessments, and

tions of the SBA, the scores

adding the EOC’s to our

added written portions due

will be replaced by the EOC

ing fact is the EOC’s and

graduation requirements

to the lack of writing in the

scores. If a student fails both

other state test is more of an

when we are already stress�


tests, they can retake both.

assessment to grade teachers

ing over SBA, maintaining

on how well they teach. It is

by Bonnie Holloway Editor-in-Chief The pressure of

With the EOC’s

Rumors have also

Another surpris�

not to grade students par� ticularly and, if anything, is for statistics. Further� more, the EOC’s were poorly funded and not

ing their feelings about the

junior, said

“the EOCs are a little to much and unneces� sary.”

An anonymous

source from the Rio Rancho High School staff said they believe the state should

the EOC’s there were

Many students agree and

EOC’s.” Others believe the

many errors. One major

they have not been scared to

state should keep the SBA’s

error recognized was on a

speak up about it as Rio Ran�

and get rid of the EOC’s and

multiple choice question,

cho High School students

agree with the students that

the choices A and B were

have created a petition to

there is too much testing.

the exact same answer and

stop the EOC’s from becom�

may have both been the

ing a graduation requirement

last minute decision about

correct answer, but only

and has been sent around Ro

the EOC’s was not properly

one could be the correct

Rancho High School asking

thought out and examined

choice on the answer key,

for student’s signature to

and can put at risk students

therefore jepordizing stu�


earning their high school di�

dents scores. Justin Parra,

See Page 3

scared to state their opinions.

“replace the SBA with the

properly created. Within

Learn how budget cuts have effected the way students will read the paper next school year.

EOC’s, many teachers are

How has Rio Rancho high School changed over the last 16 years? See Pages 4 & 6

Although the students are freely express�

Essentially, the

ploma according to students and staff.

No plans this summer? Discover new and fun activities to do during the hot days of sum� mer vacation. See Page 7

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May 21, 2013

The Fairy Conspiracy want revenge,” says senior,

they can end humankind,

will destroy all of mankind

public’s attention away from

never see attacks coming,

Isaiah Martinez from Rio

and make a new world order

to please the fairies, and like�

the superheroes, by giving

that is when the fairies and

Tensions between

Rancho High School. They

with the Illuminati, who are a

wise so that the Illuminati

the majority simple mindless

Illuminati will strike. The

world super powers rise as

have also been feeding the

secret organization that hides

will be pleased that they rule


fairies will destroy all of

China, the U.S, Korea and

superpowers lies about each

behind conspiracy, want a

the world.

The SRO also created both

mankind by sprinkling fairy

various countries prep their

unskilled boy bands and

dust on everyone. Individuals

nuclear arms for launch. The

and fairies are planning to

girly singers such as Justin

will believe they can fly, so

public is unaware to the rea�

destroy all world order and

Bieber and One Direction to

they will begin jumping of

sons, and background of the

conquer all countries to

make the untalented rappers

buildings and bridges singing

“Second Cold War.” Have no

create a monarchy. They are

look better then they actually

“I Believe I Can Fly” by R

fear, for recently, informa�

trying to create new plagues

are. Rapper and pop singer


tion explains these strange

and other diseases to kill

Drake, created “YOLO” to

events. As many may know,

everyone off, but instead ac�

brain wash people into do�

ity of mankind is destroyed

the “Owl Man” has been

cidently resulted in super he�

ing “stupid” things in order

the Fairies will turn around

witnessed multiple times.

roes. To get everyone’s mind

to make everyone look so

and destroy the Illuminati,

off of the super heroes the

“dumb” that he looks cool.

betraying them.

a bad omen, and scientists

Illuminati created the SRO or

The fairies want to make the

predict with that all the sight�

Secret Rapper Organization,

Illuminati and their followers

be wiped out of humans;

ings of Owl Man, the end is

a group of talentless rappers

brainwash people so that the

the fairies will have their

by Andrew Salazar Satire Writer

The Owl Man is

The Illuminati

Once the major�

The world will

near. It has been confirmed

country so every one will be

new world order, and want

who constantly make songs

will be simple and dimwitted

revenge and rule the world

that fairies are behind it

distracted with political and

governments out of the way

with out substance and repeat

enough to overthrow.

and rename the Earth “Fairy

all. Fairies hate mankind

military conflicts. This was

so they can rule the world.

the same ideas over and

Once the popula�

Land” where everyone lives

because “humans denied

so that world powers would

The fairies and the Illuminati

over again. This organiza�

tion is made predictable to

in a whimsical world full of

their existence and now they

not see the fairies’ plan so

are on each other’s side and

tion was created to draw the

the point where they will

nonsense and Jibberish.

Through the Looking Glass An account of seniors’ view of freshman and freshmans’ perspective of seniors school is the melting pot for

to the class rooms, teachers,



easily spotted as the students

because deep down they have

judgment and no two grades

and social norms seem to

Seniors simply can not stand

that walk with determination,

come to the full realization

Misconceptions are

judge each other more than

find the freshman as loud

to be in the presence of a


that their reign is over.

an everyday occurrence in

seniors and freshman because

and oblivious to the students

cackle of freshman.

expression Moses had when

society, but the majority of

as far as the high school social

around them.

these take place in the high

spectrum goes, they could not

school environment. In high

be more opposite.

by Carlette Tena Business Manager








A hop, skip, and

parting the Red Sea, because

full of false judgments but

Freshman in the eyes

cruise liner trip across the

that is exactly the situation

no matter how much one

of seniors are inferior and a

high school spectrum are the

that seniors appear to have in

despises the characteristics of

Freshman enter high

nuisance because they lack

seniors with all their glory,

their heads.

another grade they still have

school with “A Whole New

several common courtesies

privileges, and noble attitude.

Gold Zone parking

to go experience it all. No

Knowing the grade

World” as their theme song



If the seniors had a theme

is upheld as if it is literally

one stays a loud freshman or

level of a student means

because every experience and

utilizing passing period to

song it would be “Hakuna

set on the gold standard

a controlling senior forever

several characteristics such as

action is new and invigorating.

actually get to class instead of



and every party, assembly,

so just enjoy the time because

maturity, work ethic, and even

Perhaps freshman enjoy the

creating obstacles for rushing

carry themselves as if there

and reserved section is one-

four years passes by quicker

personality are predetermined

new high school setting a

upper classmen, and being

is not a worry in the world, at

hundred percent exclusive.

than one realizes that an

prior to have even spoken to

little too much because the

apologetic when someone

least until finals week. During

Seniors leave the campus with

annoying freshman was once

that particular student. High

seniors who have adapted

gets negatively affected by

passing period seniors can be

sadness and hugs perhaps


school, grade level is like a student’s identity.





Ram Prints


Summer Fun



by Carlette Tena Business Manager

Summer is quickly approaching and many things are running through the minds of anxious students ready to leave the books and hit the pools, first of which is: “what am I go� ing to do?” There are many directions one can go to spend those long summer days. There

Well Known Activites in New Mexico

May 21, 2013

are vacations for the financially lucky adventurous people, summer-camps for the outdoor seekers, and even city-wide hot spots for those that like to spend their summers close to home. Regardless of where the summer is spent there is always something enjoyable to do.

Our Mission: The purpose of the Ram Prints is to provide the students of Rio Rancho High School a forum for student ex� pression, to inform the student body about events affecting them, to in� fluence readers through responsible editorials, to entertain through fea� tures and to provide a medium for advertisers and consumers. These goals will be achieved through fair and accurate reporting, accom� plished while following the code of ethics developed by the Society for Professional Journalists. Editorial/Opinions Policy: The Editorial Board of the Ram Prints determines the content of the paper. All unsigned editorials represent the majority opinion of the Editorial Board. Bylined editori� als, opinions, cartoons, and personal columns reflect the opinion of the writer or artist, and not necessarily the opinion of the Editorial Board or the school and its administration.

1 Lone Tree Ranch: This camp is located in Capitan, New Mexico and can best be described as a recreation camp. Campers enjoy volleyball, horseback riding, golf, bicycle racing (BMX), and much more for approximately $309 a week.


Stone Age Climbing Gym: This rock climbing gym is

located in Albuquerque and features forty-six anchor stations. The cost to climb is $15 for a day pass and a waiver is needed before the climbing begins, it must be signed by a parent if the climber is under 18.

The Ram Prints encourages guest columns and letters to the editor, as they constitute a constructive forum for opinion. Letters and columns should not exceed 250 words and must be signed by the writer to be considered for publication. All letters must be received two weeks prior to publication. The authentic� ity of the writer will be verified before publication, and letters may be returned for poor taste, grammar, plagiarism, libel and space. Advertising Policy: All advertising must meet the same requirements as editorials and student submissions. Acceptance of advertising does not constitute an endorsement from the Ram Prints staff, editors, or Rio Rancho High School. Students who appear in advertisements must sign a district media release form, as well as a model release form acknowledg� ing that their appearance in the advertisement is to support the school and its newspaper, and that they will receive no compensation from the business or advertiser. The school newspaper reserves the right to refuse any advertisement of ser� vices or products that are illegal or considered unhealthy or undesirable for students in the school district.

3 Blue Hole: Take a nice day trip to Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. The water stays a chilling temperature of approximately 60 degrees yearround so Blue Hole is definitely the place to go on a scorching hot day. Typi� cally visitors jump off cliffs into the 80 feet deep water that got its name for being so transparent the water appears as a bright shade of blue hence why it is named “Blue Hole.”

4 Route 66 diner: This landmark diner is located in the Albuquerque neighborhood known as “Nob Hill.” The setting of Route 66 is classic 60’s and their menu reflects the time period well. With options such as house brewed root beer floats and fresh burgers. Who can resist?

Editorial board Editor-in-chief Bonnie Holloway Ellen Pierce Business Manager Carlette Tena Photography Editor Ellen Pierce Sports Writer Cameron Powell Columnist Andrew Salazar Adviser Emily Brandon Newspaper Staff Writers Madonna Ahern-Trujillo Kendal Beasley Morgan Acosta Mercedez Swansinger

5 Nob Hill: take a stroll in the Albuquerque neighborhood known as Nob Hill. There are comic book stores, thrift shops, and plenty of cafes. Every hipsters dream right? But besides that it’s a wonderful place to explore and find one’s novel place.

SEND OPINIONS, SUBMISSIONS OR ADVERTISEMENTS TO: Rio Rancho High School Ram Prints 301 Loma Colorado Rio Rancho, NM 87124 (505) 896-5665


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May 21, 2013

How has Rio changed from Can you spot th by Madonna Ahern-Trujillo Staff Writter_ RRHS 1997 to now

building used to be labeled

High opened and RRHS

Cleveland, as were current

Humanities opening day.

then became a 10-12 grade

students of Rio Rancho. The

school, since the Mid High

students transferring from

Mr. Shepard, who

In the fall of 1997, Rio

has been teaching at RRHS

only had grades 8-9.

Rio Rancho to Cleveland

Rancho High School opened.

since 1997, also points out a

were similar in a way to

“Rio” opened with grades

few changes the school has

RRHS was going on a 4X4

students transferring from

9 through 11, and the first

had. He states, “the soccer

block schedule, but in 2008

Cibola to RRHS back in

graduating class was the

complex got bigger [and]

it was switched to a 7 period


class of 1999. The Intel Cor�

the soccer complex is great.

schedule with an advisory.

poration funded the building

All athletics are great, and

Some say that they like the

terday that shaped today,

of RRHS. The majority of

the buildings are better.”

current schedule, but some

and the today that will soon

the students that came to

Shepard points out that for

would also like to have the

shape tomorrow. Past years

RRHS were transferred from

the first 5 to 7 years, there

4X4 block schedule. The

have set the foundation for

Cibola High School.

were no lockers because the

current schedule is easier

us today, they set things for

school had a policy against

on teachers because some

us to surpass, and started

have been many changes

them. Imagine coming to

classes cannot be skipped a

trends that still go today. To�

to the campus. The school

school and not having a

day and start right off from

day though, we are the future

physically changed within

locker to put your books and

where it was.

and the past, we shape and

the buildings’ and facilities’

papers in.

set the bar for the ones that

growth. More classrooms

High School was opened,

will come in after us. We are

were added into the Hu�

twentieth century, in 2001,

and the lightning bolt of our

today and we were molded

manities building after a few

Rio Rancho High School had

competitor hit the RRHS

by yesterday.

years, after it was changed

enrollment in grades 9-12.

school population. Even

from being the freshman

The population of the school

though this was around the

academy back when the

then exceeded 3,000 stu�

same time 9th graders were

school first opened. The cur�

dents. This number remained

coming back to high school,

rent Business & Engineering

until 2002 when the Mid

many of them were going to

Since 1997 there

After the end of the

Up until 2008,

In 2009, Cleveland

Things from yes�

Colorful and kneehigh socks were in style!

None of the buildings had titles on them.!

Ram Prints




May 21, 2013

m the 1st year it opened? he differences? Mr. Shepard is one of few teachers who has been here all 16 years. Here is his first year picture!

Here a student is punching in the code to the student parking lot gate in order to leave campus early. Ditching was almost impossible!



The trees have gone from newly planted to big enough to create shade!

Ram Prints




May 21, 2013

Five Top Vacation Spots

by Morgan Acosta Staff Writer

Looking for somewhere to go on vacation? Read this to find out the top five hottest places tourists are bound to go this summer.

Yellowstone is the number one spot in the U.S. With steaming geysers, multicolored pools, bubbling hot springs, and hiking trails that stretch for miles, can not do better than Yellow Stone National Park.

New York City is the next top ranked vacation spot in

the U.S. Tourists are never bored when it comes to a stroll on the beautiful streets of “NYC.” Cultures from all over the world mix here, catalyzing the next fashion trends. It is the city that never sleeps and that puts on the famed Broadway shows. The museums will blow tourists away with their art and the inspiring monuments will “catch” your eye.

Our next “stop” is Washington D.C., the nation’s historic capital. With

iconic landmarks like the Lincoln Memorial, and the world’s largest obelisk, the Washington Monument, tourists can sightsee for days. A pleasant way to spend the day is at the Smithsonian museum, but save energy for an evening out. Unwind at one of the city’s trendy bars before dancing in the sports bar Adams Morgan, or a catch a live performance at the Kennedy Center for a bit of nightlife.

San Diego, the third most visited location, is a great place for

families, couples, and singles to enjoy themselves. The beach is the main attraction for tourists, but the city also boasts an energetic sporting culture and a great downtown dining scene. The San Diego Zoo and Sea World offer a spontaneous time for all ages in result of the rides provided. Head to Mission Beach to “soak up” some rays, to La Jolla to “catch” a wave, or to Maritime Museum to learn about nautical history. No matter what you choose to do, San Diego allows visitors to let loose and enjoy themselves.

Lastly, there is San Francisco, the bohemian capital of the

U.S. “San Fran” draws free spirited types, who have an “eye” for edgy art, a taste for imaginative cuisine, and are ready for an adventure. San Francisco’s “homey” ambience and allows tourists to feel comfortable. Along with its charm, the Golden Gate Bridge offers spectactular views that attracts most tourists attention. Do not miss exploring the city’s history and culture at San Francisco’s most popular hiking trails, The Mission Dictrict, The Haight, and The Castro.


Ram Prints


Current Events

MAy 21, 2013

Newspaper class changes I have been at Rio Rancho

With funding for

to look at in the future. Tena

High School I have only read

the newspaper taken away,

states, “Print is better for


the paper a handful of times

printed issues are becoming a

the school because it’s more

forcing the newspaper team

let alone seen it provided to

thing of the past. This annoys

money because people can

to no longer print the papers

students. I think print and

some of the newspaper staff

buy advertisements to put in

and move online to Issuu.

online both have advantages

who love working with print

the paper, which you can’t

com. By uploading the paper

and disadvantages, but to call

issues and wish to continue.

do for an online paper.” Tena

online, it will save the school

it newspaper and not provide

Senior Carlette Tena,

believes newspaper class will

money, and allow there to be

a physical paper is clearly de�

Ram Prints business manager,

become “boring” due to the

more issues although reader�

feating the whole central idea

says that newspaper moving

lack of initiative and hard

ship might decline as students

of what we all know to be a

online “is frustrating because

work towards deadlines.

do not take the time to type in


we put a lot of work into the

Fellow staff member,

online to read his articles.

a legacy that we adore as a

the website and look through

Evidently, Roman’s

physical newspapers because

junior Cameron Powell, states

Powell prefers print because

class that is journalism.”

the paper.

opinions resonate within the

we have to meet a deadline,”

that the newspaper moving

he likes to physically hold the

Alexis Roman, ju�

student body. The majority

and by moving it online, Tena

online will be “sad because

thing he is reading. Powell

made a lasting impression

nior, says, “I think the news�

of students do not read the

fears the paper staff will not

I can’t take my articles home

continues, “I think [an online

on the students of Rio Ran�

paper moving online would

paper whether that be a result

put much of an effort to due

to show my parents.” He does

newspaper] is a good change

cho High School. Many of

be a step forward in this tech�

of paper availability or lack


concede that an online paper

because like with any change,

the newspaper staff hopes to

nology driven society, but I

of interest, causing the ex�

Tena prefers print

allows him to tell students

it will be good. Digital is a

bring back print, and in the

do think it will affect reader�

cess of papers and loss of the

because she would like to

from different schools that do

good change but it won’t be

words of Cameron Powell,

ship. Out of the three years

school’s valuable money.

keep her important articles

not attend Rio Rancho to look

as good as print because it is

continue the “legacy.”

by Ellen Pierce Editor-in-Chief



Staff writers Cameron Powell and Carlette Tena read the online and print versions of the senior 2012 issue.

Clearly, print has

Global perspectives two missiles on its east coast.

Soviet Union occupied North

happened to them,” says

Chechens, who immigrated

factories are left over from

Korea reportedly North

sophomore, Nicole Young.

to the United States ap�

when ammonia was used in

what Korea’s plan is; if they

Korea wanted to reunite wit

proximately a decade ago,

bombs,” says sophomore,

are going to set off the mis�

South Korea and became

who planned the marathon

although only Dzhokhar was

Sean Stratmeyer.

where everyone thinks

siles and, if so, where the

a unified communist coun�

bombs, no one understood

a U.S. citizen.

everything is “peachy keen”

target is or just wants public�

try, but South Korea thinks

how something this big could

killed 16 and injured about

and nothing could ever pos�

ity. “Honestly you shouldn’t


happen so randomly.

200 people. Numbers are still

sibly go wrong. However, no

under estimate those that are

“This is morally

being determined and could

one wakes up in the morn�

weaker then you, America

Monday, April 15, runners in

wrong and there

rise. Near by homes and

ing thinking that the United

needs to reevaluate are poli�

the Boston Marathon are just

should be more pre�

bussinesses are damaged or

States could start receiving

cies abroad because we are

about to cross the finish line,

cautions to prevent


bomb threats from North

views as imperialist and that

but waiting for them are two

something like his

Korea, or contemplates

does not have positive con�

bombs, 20 to 25 feet away

from happening in

er be a perfect place, there

wether a bomb will kill tons

notation” said teacher, Marti

from each other. The bombs

the future,” says

will always be something

of innocent people in Boston,


go off and give about 200

sophomore, Victoria

going on, ranging from the

or if a massive explosion is

people serious injuries and

Gonzales. Days later the po�

West, Texas around 8 p.m.

good to bad, and vise versa.

going to occur in a fertil�

North Korea have occurred

kills three.

lice find the suspects of the

on Wednesday the 17th, a

You will never know whaty

izer plant located in West,

since World War II, when

bombing: Tamerlan Tsarnaev,

central Texas fertilizer plant

is going to happen when you

Texas. Does not sounds like

South Korea was democrati�

got hurt, or died. It wasn’t

26, and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev,

explodes. No explanation

wake up on the morning.

anyones typical morning, but

cally occupied by the United

fair because they had done

19. Reportedly brothers

has been provided. “It is

Prepare for the worst, and

recently North Korea set up

States, and the communist

nothing wrong for what had

Tamerlan and Dzhokhar are

not suprising. The fertilizer

hope for the best.

by Mercedez Swasinger Staff Writer

The world- a place

No one truly knows

Problems with

Furthermore, on

“Innocent people

Initially it is unclear

In addition, in

This explosion

The world will nev�


Ram Prints



May 21, 2013

how to easily find a job this summer! by Cameron Powell Staff Writer


steady job right now. Furthermore,

Even though

The city of Rio Rancho

a summer job can be

students are struggling

provides summer jobs for

temporary it is still a good

to find jobs and need the

teens fifteen to seventeen

opportunity to make money.

money in order to enjoy their

years old at minimum wage.

Fellow junior Steven Mullen

summer vacation.

Students can sign up online

says, “I have been trying to

at Rio Rancho’s official city

get a job for a while, so a

are not focused on school,

site. Jobs include helping

summer job as a life guard is

summer is a good time to

librarians, city offices, and

a good opportunity to keep

find a job because students

cleaning up Rio Rancho.

focused in school and make

Many high school

Since students

are able to apply for any

Junior Isaak

some money.”

daytime or nighttime shifts

Rodriguez says, “I want to

increasing their chance of

get a summer job so I can

very beneficial to high school

being hired and may also

have a sense of responsibility

students who need to focus

time job is possible while

a job is to dress poperly

become a job students can

and have some income I can

on school and do not need a

in school, it just has to be

and buisness-like to make a

keep throughout the school

use myself.”

job during the school year,

thought out the right way. If

good first-sight impression

especially entering senior

needed, make sure to sign

because how you look can


up for early release instead

make either a positive or

of late arrival, if that option

negative impression on the

Rodriguez also

year. Summer jobs may

mentioned that he will

A summer job is Even though a full-

do when interviewing for

include life guard duty,

“probably” just work during

working at an amusement

the summer and not during

jobs are not always long

is available, so there is time


park, ticket selling at athletic

the school year. It is just

term, a longer commitment

to do homework and relax

events, baby sitting, and

some work on the side and

can always be addressed later

before a long shift.

thing to keep in mind is to

working part-time as a sales

he is not worried about a

when more time is available.

maintain good eye contact.

Although summer

A few things to

Another good

looking down or elsewhere shows a sign of unintrest and disrespect.

Finally, always

thank the employer and give a nice and firm hand shake, leaving with a good impression, and showing good buisness skills.

All together,

What jobs are availiable? •82 Lifeguard positions •Day camp Counselor •UNM Youth Summer high School worker •Student Intern Safety Basis • Student Intern Geothermal Energy Support Undergrad

summer jobs are the best way for a teenager to gain responsibility, meet new people, and learn how to work in a professional atmosphere.

• Student Intern Research & Analysis Support Undergrad

Mini issue  

End of year issue.

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