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Lewis to Appear in Court on Friday

Since 1949

February 3, 2010

Black History Month Celebrations Begin

by Andrew Veihmeyer Rampage Reporter

A former Fresno City College quarterback now faces multiple drug charges after his arrest in December. Clovis police arrested Emmanuel Lewis, 21, a student at Fresno City College and former football star, on Dec. 10 after a four-month investigation involving the possession and solicitation of illegal drugs. Lewis is scheduled to appear Friday at Fresno County Superior Court for his preliminary hearing. According to Clovis police, Lewis sold close to an ounce of cocaine and 25 ecstasy pills to undercover narcotics officers during the investigation. The suspect also faces child endangerment charges. Lewis' 2-year-old son was in the car during the transaction just before the arrest. The boy was placed with Fresno County Child Protective Services. Janet Stoll-Lee, public information officer for the Clovis Police Department, said that the officers searched the suspect's apartment shortly after the arrest. “[During the search] they found scales and packaging material,” Stoll-Lee said. Richard Scheidt, the assistant coach of the Fresno City College football team, declined an interview with The Rampage and did not wish to comment. Lewis' arraignment occurred Dec. 15, according to Clovis police. The upcoming preliminary hearing will be held Friday, Feb. 5. Lewis, 21, was the Ram’s quarterback for the 2008 and 2009 football seasons. According to information on, he threw for 2,227 yards and 21 touchdowns. He holds the Central Section career passing record with 8,667 yards.


Emmanuel Lewis.

Courtesy of Clovis PD

Martin Luther King Jr. African Dance Troupe performs during opening ceremonies of Black History month.

Photo by Valerie Hill

See “Black History Month” on page 5

ASG Appeals to Students for Donations by Kimberly Ann Hodges Rampage Reporter Red donation buckets were on the tables of every club booth. Teaming up with the Fresno/ Madera Chapter of the American Red Cross, Fresno City College’s Associated Student Government coordinated a fundraiser during last Wednesday’s Club Rush in an effort to raise money for survivors ofthe Haitian earthquake. ASG members sat beside the Red Cross booth near the fountain from 10am to 2pm promoting the cause and asking for donations. Red Cross volunteer answered phones in the call center and took donations to help with upcoming events. The goal for the day was $25,000 in donations, which is only about a dollar per student. Some students didn’t hesitate to rid themselves of the weight of change from their pockets and

Two-year Transfer Plans Unrealistic

See page 3

looked proud when they tossed it in to the donation bucket. A few even whipped out a five or ten dollar bill. Others felt uncomfortable giving away their hard earned money, saying they feared it wouldn’t be spent wisely by the corporations who would be handling it. But most students either didn’t have the extra cash or simply chose not to donate and it showed in the final money count. ASG had thrown in $250 to the pot before Club Rush. The final count for all buckets was about $350, a very small amount compared to their goals. Fortunately, a few FCC faculty members and students donated an extra $150 after Rush, for a total amount of about $750. Kaitlyn Nichols, ASG Senator who helped create the idea of a donation booth with Red Cross, said before the Club Rush that if

Photo by Abel Cortez

ASG Senator Sidney Harris collects Hope for Haiti donations

turnout wasgood, they would try to get Red Cross back on campus again. No future events are planned at this time. For more information about donations or the “Rams for Relief”

program, please contact, Kaitlyn Nichols, ASG Senator: (559) 442-8275 or the Fresno Madera Chapter of the American Red Cross: (559) 455-1000.

Band Review: Veil of Nithael

Spring Sports Overview

See page 7

See page 12

February 3, 2010

2 Rampage

EOPS Appeals Huge Cuts in Their Budget

by Laura Solis Rampage Reporter “We are in a very unique economic time,” said Lee Farley, Director of the Extended Opportunity Program and Services at Fresno City College. EOPS is facing additional cuts, beyond what other campus programs are dealing with. This year alone, EOPS has already suffered a cut of about $700,000 in its funding, and it's

facing another loss of $180,000 at the FCC campus. Farley also appealed to the Associated Student Government to get involved and raise awareness so students can have a say on this. ASG is planning a visit to Sacramento to participate in the state wide rally on March 22. “Students will have the opportunity to meet with local legislators and talk about their problems and concerns regarding the cuts,” said Sergey Saluschev, ASG President. Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneg-

ger proposed a plan that would provide less money for prisons, health services, transportation and environmental programs, but more for education. The governor said he wanted to prevent further cuts to the education budget. In this plan, however, EOPS is the only service that would receive a cut. “ I d o n ’t k n o w w h y EOPS,” said Farley. “We have some speculation as for the reason of the cut, but we don’t know exactly why.”

The plan has not yet been passed and awaits approval by the legislature. In the past, EOPS has served around 2,000 students a semester, but in response to budget cuts, the program has only been able to serve 1,500. “We have been trying to keep most of the cuts away from students,” stated Farley. With such a reduction, EOPS students have been receiving a $150 grant for books each year, instead of the $250 offered to previous qualifying students.

“Now I have to use my own money to pay for textbooks, it makes it harder. Whatever we get from EOPS is still helpful,” said Criminology major, Isamar Cruz. The EOPS program has also reduced the number of students on their VIP program, a program that gives students 18 to 25 a chance to get internships and jobs. “We know that we have to get cut because of the economic situation, but why not a fair cut?”, Farley asked.

ASG Plans Ahead by Laura Solis

Rampage Reporter

Photo by Abel Cortez

Lines, Lines Everywhere

Students line up to enter the FCC bookstore on Jan. 13. During the first weeks of classes, FCC booktore staff limited occupancy to 30 students at a time. Bookstore greeter, Karen Fleeting, said, “We’re busiest the first week of school. The lines are the longest around 9 a.m.”

Ram page About Us

The Rampage is an award-winning newspaper published biweekly by the Fresno City College Journalism 4 & 5 programs and is a member of the Journalism Association of Community Colleges. Views expressed in The Rampage are those of the individual writers and do not necessarily reflect those of Fresno City College, its students, administration or the State Center Community College District.


Campus Safety How safe is FCC? by Ronisha Thomas Rampage Reporter


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Along the many goals Associated Student Government has prepared this semester, one of them is to give student organizations more access to the campus. “We plan to represent students on the campus committees and make sure students voices are being heard and their rights are being appealed,” said ASG president Sergey Saluschev. By doing this, student committees would be able to organize events that would take place on the Fresno City College campus. Aside from this goal, here are other goals ASG has prepared for this semester: • ASG plans on continuing research with regards to making FCC a more Green campus. • ASG plans on giving stu-

Editor In Chief Rampage business Office Advisors

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dents a better chance for education and resources. • ASG also wants to develop a consistent and constructive communication with all constituencies on campus. Some events planned for this semester are: • March in March. This march is to raise awareness of the different problems faced by community colleges all around California. • Spring Formal. This event will raise money for the up coming Centennial Celebration events. • Staff and Faculty appreciation banquet. This event gives students the opportunity to nominate their favorite teaches to be awarded. Ramdoggy. This event will give students with ASG

Fresno City College is relatively safe, according to State Center Community College District Chief of Police Joseph Callahan. Information posted on the website of the SCCCD Police shows that a majority of calls were for medical treatment or lost property. Callahan credits the safety procedures at the FCC campus to the low crime rate in recent years. The 2009 record for felony reports on the FCC campus indicated one rape, one robbery, five aggravated assaults, 15 burglaries, 14 vehicle thefts, four reported arsons, and no murders. Additionally, in the evenings, a few SCCCD officers have started patrolling the parking lots in the evenings to ensure the safety of students attending classes. Callahan said students


Michael Eagles the rich, successful Christian Republican leader with several billions of dollars to work with. Attorney General Jerry Brown for Governor California God Bless America In God We trust. We love America.

can also call the SCCCD Police Department to escort them to their vehicles. Callahan also explained the process for dealing with a student who commits a crime on campus. For selling drugs, for example, the student will be arrested and processed at the Fresno City Police Department and will be treated like any other person who is accused of committing a crime. An ex-convict who wants to come back and attend the FCC campus will have to meet with the Dean of Students first and then site council to determine if he or she should be allowed to re-enroll. The Dean of Students may or may not let that student back on campus. Callahan also said that the college has an emergency evacuation plan in case of an incident like the Virginia Tech massacre. He added that the Fresno Police Department will be involved in this kind of situation and would help if needed. Before coming to SCCCD, Joseph Callahan worked as a detective with the Fresno Police Department for 29 years. “It was just time to go,” he explained. He understands crime on campus since he's dealt with crime elsewhere for half of his life. “It’s a little different, but a good change.”


February 3, 2010

Rampage 3

Black History Month Two-Year Transfer Plan Unrealistic for Most Students Celebrations Begin by Ray Juarez Rampage Reporter

Photo by Abel Cortez

Lisa Arenas learns that her first choice school is unattainable.

by Andrew Veihmeyer Rampage Reporter What’s my new school going to be like? How will I pay for it? What’s the deadline to apply? How do I register? Panic can set in when a transfer student gets ready to leave Fresno City College. They sometimes make mistakes that cause frustration and worry. But in anticipation of transfer anxiety, Fresno City will provide a series of workshops in February to help. “We are going to provide all of the required materials,” said Sylvia Sanchez, office assistant at the Transfer Center. PowerPoint presentations will also be shown to guide the students through the loads of information. But these workshops have limited space and those interested are encouraged to visit the Transfer Center, located on the top floor of the Student Services building to reserve a spot. Students can get informed

and take advantage of the tailored services provided on campus while they still can. Over at Fresno State, Kenneth Ternate, an academic coun-

“There are no programs that are geared solely toward transfer students.” Kenneth Ternate Academic Couselor

selor and coordinator of Dog Days: New Student Orientation, said transfer students must be able to seek out the required information on their own after they leave their community college. “There are no programs that are geared solely toward transfer students,” Ternate explained. Even if a student is on top of the transfer procedures

Spring 2010 Semester Performances

and gets advice from counselors and workshops, they still need to consider costs. For example, a state resident who has grown accustomed to paying $26 a unit at community college, will pay $372 a unit at Fresno State. All other expenses, like campus fees, will also be substantially more. Of course, four-year universities such as Fresno State also offer financial aid, which requires a completed FAFSA form with all additional paperwork to be eligible. Student may also choose to seek loans instead. Another often overlooked form of financial help: scholarships, many of which often go unclaimed. “Some of them tend to be narrow and focused like you have to be a kinesiology major of Armenian descent,” Ternate joked. But no matter which campus you’re currently on or which university you plan to attend, scholarships are a promising start for persistent students who seek them out and complete the paperwork.

African Americans. Kennedy also said, "We have already lost our young people to gangs and lower income health issues." She urges Fresno City College kicked everyone to take the test. off its celebration of Black History Next on agenda, Kennedy on Monday in the college theater. said is her favorite event, the "AfBlack economic empowerment: rikan Tent" celebration on Feb. 17 "Passing the torch" is the theme in the free speech area. of this year's celebration. "The Afrikan Tent is what "I hope every student has a we call "a safe place in the market great learning experience through- place," Kennedy said, adding that out the next 28 days," said Dr. Jean the tent brings people of all differKennedy, instructor of Women's ent backgrounds together. Studies and coordinator for this "Not only are we building month's events. Kennedy said that the tent, but once the tent is up, a variety of activities are planned the next day we will have vendors throughout this month and that and activities. We're even looking FCC students and staff are encour- into having our daycare center aged to attend and participate. come out, so the kids are used to "We can't have a strong seeing color, energy, and be a part enterprise, if we're not connected," of the African American month as Kennedy said. well," she said. The "Rites Kennedy of passage" is will "I hope every student said all students, take place this has a great learning faculty, and the morning in the experience throughout community are instudent lounge at vited. "Come hang the next 28 days." 10 a.m. Kennedy out," said Kensaid "the rites of nedy, "have lunch Dr. Jean Kennedy under the tent; do passage is what ties us back to the "DiBHM Coordinator your homework or aspora". How did meet a new friend." we get here? What To help provide entertainwas the sacrifice that was made? ment during the festivities, Dr. What is the coming-out piece that Kennedy said she is hoping for a we need to have? Just because the performance from Reggae band color our skin is different doesn't "Green machine" on a day that will mean we are not connected to the be called the Bob Marley CelebraAfrican Diaspora. tion. "We know he had a message So, the rites of passage al- in his music, and the message is low conversations that black men still alive today in spite of where and women need to hear. Along we are in society," Kennedy said. with today's event, a poetry jam "It's a day we're asking all students will be held at Fresno State at 7 to wear Bob Marley t-shirts." p.m. Following the tent, most A goal of the Black History of the rest of the events will take Month celebration is to create place at Fresno state. awareness about health. On Feb. "On Feb. 28, we'll go out 9, members of the FCC commu- with a bang," said Kennedy. "We nity will be offered a free HIV have our gospel celebration, and testing in front of the bookstore. it's awesome. Kennedy said, "One "Sex is a beautiful thing; doesn't have to be religious or however, I think we're not being spiritual to enjoy this event. Differresponsible enough, and I don't ent things mark different culture, think we're asking all the right and everyone knows that in the Afquestions, nor getting into healthy rican Diaspora, we're people who relationships," Kennedy said. Sex are joyous; we love music, and is not the only way to contract we love to demonstrate through HIV; it seems to be the predomi- activities." nant way it happens. The bottom She added, "We intend to line is HIV is the highest at risk for bring the house down."

Brass Bash

Actor’s and Dancer’s Showcase

Annual Student Exhibition

April 13, 2010 at 7:30pm

May 6 and 7, 2010 at 7:30pm

April 22 – May 14, 2009

Fine, Performing and Communication Arts Division Box Office: 559-442-8221

Two Piano Recital


Opening Reception

April 16, 2010 at 7:30pm

An evening of 10 minute plays

April 22, 2009 5-8pm

Music & Theatre Performances

City Dances Spring 2010

Voice Recital

May 10, 11, and 12, 2010 at 7:30pm (Awards Ceremony: 7pm)

April 23, 2010 at 7:30pm

Guitar Showcase

The Exonerated

May 1 and 2 at 2:00pm

Woodwind Choir

May 12, 2010 at 7:30pm

April 30, 2010 at 7:30pm

Honors Recital

Orchestra Concert

Student Recitals

May 14, 2010 at 7:30pm

April 29, 30, 1 at 7:30pm

March 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13 at 7:30pm FCC Choral and March 6, 7, 13 at 2:00pm

FCC Community Orchestra March 23 /May 5 at 7:30pm FCC Jazz Festival March 25 and 26 at 7:30pm FCC Concert Band April 6/ May 5 at 7:30pm

St. Therese Church Tower District

April 23/30 May 7

Art Exhibits

All performances at 12:00pm

High School Invitational

May 13 at 7:30pm

Brass and Percussion Ensembles January 21 – February 19, 2009 May 4, 2010 at 7:30pm

Opening Reception

“Cycles and Sets” Voice Recital

Fresno Chorale Concert

January 21, 2009 5-7pm

May 5, 2010 at 7:30pm

ArtHop February 4, 2009 5-8pm

Free Donation Events February 26, 2010 at 7:30pm

ArtHop May 6, 2009 5-8pm

Art Space Gallery Hours Mon. Sat. Sun. closed Tuesday 10am – 5pm Wednesday and Thursday 10am – 8pm Friday 10am – 2pm


4 Rampage

February 3, 2010

FCC Students Seek Creative Alternatives to Textbooks They are renting, photocopying, sharing or borrowing by Annette DeDios & Nick Brockett

Rampage Reporter Students are waiting patiently in line near the library’s copy machine. A growing number of Fresno City College students have cut costs significantly this semester by finding alternatives to buying their textbooks. One of the newest trends: photocopying textbooks available on library reserve. When asked about how many students come in daily to use textbooks from the reserve, library technical services assistant Theresa Delaney said, “It is unknown on the exact number of Photo by Valerie Hill students. However, this year has been the busiest year in 13 years.” A student copies books at the resource station in the library. Students are able to copy Students can only copy up to two chapters at a time and for 10 cents two pages from the textbook at a a page. time, front to back, for 10 cents a page. If a book’s average chapter “copying several chapters per am able to save a lot of money length were 20 pages and con- book,” and “copying several ar- by renting my books. Plus, I’m tained 30 chapters, it would cost ticles per magazine.” saving the planet because a tree is the student merely $30 to photo When asked why she planted for every book I rent from copy the entire textbook. chose photocopying as an alterna-” When asked if restric- tive to purchasing textbooks, FCC When asked about the tions were set by the college to English major Rebekah Morrisson disadvantages of returning rented prevent copyright infringement, said, “It costs less to make copies books, Marroquin said, “It sucks than to buy the book and you’re that I have to go out of my way to giving change to the library.” the UPS. But I don’t have to pay Overall, the photocopy- to ship the books out, so it works ing method has proven to be the out.” one of the cheapest. Students with For those who find online a limited budget also seek local transactions untrustworthy, local bookstores and online services to bookstores are yet another availfind the cheapest books. able resource. Located across the Among the alternatives, street from Fresno City College, the newest of online textbook University Bookstore and TK is, an online College Bookstore are among the FCC Student services textbook rental service. At Chegg. few bookstores that carry textcom, students may rent their text- books needed by FCC students. Delaney said, “The school fol- books for a fraction of the listed Although there are many local lows copyright laws and has them retail price. However, late fees bookstore locations, few carry the posted by the copy machines. It is may apply for rentals not turned textbooks FCC students seek. Ofup to the student to follow those in by the designated due date. ten, students who choose to shop laws.” FCC psychology major around the city for textbooks end The relevant restrictions Nicole Marroquin, who is an avid up spending more time and money posted included the messages, customer of, said, “I than necessary.

“It doesn’t have to be brand new. As long as I can read it and it’s cheap.”

More often than not, students seek textbook retailers aside from the FCC bookstore that offer lower prices on the textbooks they need. However, many students still choose the FCC bookstore for a one-stop shop. Undeclared major Herber Ortiz said, “I just want to buy my books here. It’s more convenient for me. I don’t have to wait for my books to ship and the prices are reasonable.” FCC assistant bookstore manager Gina Tarvin said, “Students don’t realize that the revenue earned from used book sales is put toward college activi-

ties and renovations.” In addition to price, another element of buying books from the campus bookstore to consider is the new refund policy, which requires all refunds to be made within five days and a 10 percent handling charge is applied to most refunds. While shopping for a textbook at the campus FCC bookstore, liberal studies major Laura Martinez said, “It doesn’t have to be brand new. As long as I can read it and it’s cheap.” Martinez added, “I’ll probably look online after this.”

Students search for cheaper textbook deals. N A T I o N A l

Photo by Valerie Hill

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Laura Martinez

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February 3, 2010

Students Can Take a Class More than 3 Times three attempts to pass a course. If they do not pass the course in those three attempts, the policy Rampage Reporter then requires them to meet with a counselor. He bluntly calls himself “The counselor will offer “lazy.” their assistance and go over opKevin Rodriguez, a Fresno tions with you,” said Lipmann. City College nutrition major, She often sees students who come doesn’t want to re-take the same into the counselor’s office, stressed courses, but sometimes he has to. out, because they automatically “If I failed the first time, assume the course they failed was chances are I just didn’t like the a required course. class,” Rodriguez said. In some cases, students find He did contact a counselor out that they wouldn’t benefit from in regard to failing a course. How- retaking a course, simply because ever, he said, the answers he got it isn’t a required course in their were insufficient. curriculum. Rodriguez is one of many After meeting with a counstudents on campus retaking a selor, students will then summon course. The process can be con- a letter of recommendation, which fusing for a variety of reasons. grants the permission to retake a Apparently, students must wait two course for the fourth time. years, then meet with a counselor, If the fourth attempt results and then finally submit paperwork. with another failing grade, stuFrances Lipmann, FCC’s dents will then have to petition a admissions and records manager, written statement to the Academic said the policy on re-taking courses Standards Committee. The written has changed many times. statement must include a strenuous “You are allowed to attempt reason regarding the failing grade a class three times,” Lipmann said. such as a life threatening issue or The school has a Title 5 policy a “harsh discrepancy” that interunder academic regulations, which vened with the class, according to contains the written standards Lipmann. This could include car about retaking courses. According accidents, illness, etc. to the Title 5 policy, students may When the course has been repeat college courses in which successfully completed, the stuthey have received grades of D, dent’s GPA will change. However, F or NC/NP by re-enrolling in the a student’s cumulative GPA will course. remain the same, but the transcript Publication Size Run Date(s) According to Lipmann, the will show the passing grade in RAMPAGE 4.9167 x 5 with an WEDNESDAY policy has not changed since last brackets, official code2.3 on year; it is a step-by-step process the side. that enables each student to have Lipmann urges students to access. meet with their counselors, “Take Each student is offered the time there is.”


by Sydney Excinia


For your chance to download two complimentary tickets, each admits one, to attend the advance screening in Fresno, log onto GOFOBO.COM/RSVP and enter RSVP code RMPGJ3Q1 Passes are limited and will be given away on a first come, first served basis. While supplies last. THIS FILM IS RATED PG-13 FOR SOME SEXUAL MATERIAL AND BRIEF PARTIAL NUDITY. PARENTAL GUIDANCE IS STRONGLY SUGGESTED FOR CHILDREN 13 & UNDER. PASSES RECEIVED THROUGH THIS PROMOTION DO NOT GUARANTEE ADMISSION. SEATING IS ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS, EXCEPT MEMBERS OF THE REVIEWING PRESS, THEATRE IS OVERBOOKED TO ENSURE A FULL HOUSE. No one will be admitted without a ticket. All federal, state and local regulations apply. A recipient of tickets assumes any and all risks related to use of ticket and accepts any restrictions required by ticket provider Warner Bros. Pictures, Rampage,, Terry Hines & Associates and their affiliates accept no responsibility or liability in connection with any loss or accident incurred in connection with use of a prize. Tickets cannot be exchanged, transferred or redeemed for cash, in whole or in part. We are not responsible if, for any reason, winner is unable to use his/her ticket in whole or in part. Not responsible for lost; delayed or misdirected entries. All federal and local taxes are the responsibility of the winner. Void where prohibited by law.



Rampage 5

Campus Resources

FCC offers students tools for academic success by Annette DeDios

Rampage Reporter

Specialized programs such as the Extend the Class Room (ETC), a tutorial program led by experienced students who have done well in the classes they tutor, is also available for student success. Students can meet with an academic counselor while attending FCC to help develop and achieve academic goals. The Transfer Center located within the Counseling Center also offers counseling services specifically to students who wish to transfer to 4-year Universities. No matter what your major may be, counselors at the Counseling Center will help you find the path that is right for you. To make an appointment with an FCC academic counselor, visit the Counseling Center: FCC Student Services

Fresno City College students can make their lives a little easier if they know about services available on campus. Need money for college? Consider visiting the Financial Aid Office. Financial resources such as the Board of Governor’s Fee Waiver and Federal grants are awarded to students who have filed the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and are eligible based on financial need. FCC Financial Aid representatives are available and ready to help students utilize these resources. If ever you find yourself struggling in a class, just know you are not alone. The FCC Student Success Tutorial Center offers tutorial services for students who seek additional help with class assignments and understanding material. In addition to traditional one-onone and group tutoring, the Tutorial Center offers onInitial tutoring Time line and host designated Writing and Reading centers as well. Regina Linder helps Jamila Brown Jones with math.

Building, 2nd Floor Mon-Fri: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Or call: (559) 442-8226. (Note: There will be no appointments made between December 21 - January 31, 2010) Additional student services including Scholarship opportunities, Career Services, Associated Student Government, and the Student Activities Center are available on campus. The resources you need are right at your fingertips, all you have to do is reach out. You may visit and click the New & Returning Students tab to find more information regarding student services.

Photo by Abel Cortez

Fresno City College Bookstore Monday through Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Fridays 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

6 Rampage

Kyle Calvert Rampage Reporter I remember going to see ‘9’ less than six months ago hoping to see a movie about the postapocalypse that would make me appreciate humanity in a world devoid of it. ‘The Book of Eli’ accomplished that where others did not. The year is unknown, but thirty years prior to the film’s present, war devastated mankind and ruined most of the planet. A dazed mankind has entered the world to find what they loved has become extinct. A full generation grows to adulthood not knowing how to read, never having known the life we all take for granted, struggling to survive in a land where any food or water is a precious resource. Denzel Washington plays Eli, a nomad who believes he is guided by the will of God to his destination in the west. And, as you might have guessed, Eli carries a book with him – the last known Bible in existence. Aided by Solara (Mila Kunis) and following the voice of God, Eli has journeyed on foot for the past thirty years to an unknown place where the book can be kept safe from evil men such as Carnegie (Gary Oldman) who would use it to control entire societies. The two things that really leap out at viewers with this movie are exactly what it meant to show us: the struggle of human survival in a dismal world, and the awe and power of real


One Man’s World

February 3, 2010

Book of Eli: Oscar Worthy?

faith, combined in a way that is hard to describe. Any scene in the film will show you the hardship of living on a planet that has seemingly fallen apart, and the thought of scavenging for anything you can find that is worth its weight shows us how fortunate we are to have what we do and what we will leave behind long after we are gone. At the same time a viewer can see the beauty of the human spirit in its attempt to survive, and the amazing difference that true belief can make while attempting even the most trying of tasks. Seeing a character so resolute and committed to faith as Eli traversing the world is truly awe-inspiring. The soundtrack is a great help. This is the first movie in theatres this year that I cannot find fault with. At times it is funny, while at others it is brilliantly violent, but throughout the film is a deeply somber feeling of spirituality. For someone like me who had almost forgotten what people can accomplish when they truly believe in what they are doing, ‘The Book of Eli’ is the most important film of the year. Grade: A

Warner Bros. Pictures



l Songwriter’s Showcase. Audie’s Olympic, 1426 N. Van Ness Ave. 8 p.m. FREE.


Events Calendar FEB.


l Art Hop. Various Locations. 5-8 p.m. FREE.

l Normandie, Pretty Mess, Giant State, Fay Wrays. Audie’s Olympic, 1426 N. Van Ness Ave. 8 p.m. $7. 21+.





l Blackbird, Backup Johnny, Style Like Revelators. Audie’s Olympic, 1426 N. Van Ness Ave. 10 p.m. $5. 21+. l Numbskull presents: Outbreak, Forfeit. Chinatown Youth Center (CYC), 901 F Street. 6 p.m. Tickets: TicketWeb. com. l Rise Before the Fall, The Grand Armada, more. Kuppajoe, 3673 N. First Street. 7:30 p.m. $6. l Veil of Nithael, Infinite Aggression, more. Starline, 831 E. Fern. 9 p.m. $7.


l Defeater, Touche Amore, All Teeth, Elmo Marconi. Chinatown Youth Center (CYC), 901 F Street. 6 p.m. $7.



l Rock for Haiti benefit show. Starline, 831 E. Fern. 7:30 p.m. $5.



l Beat Down Poetry Slam. Revue Café Theater, 620 E. Olive Ave. 8:30 p.m. $3 donation, $5 performers.



l Fresno Filmworks presents: “The Messenger.” Tower Theatre, 815 E. Olive Ave. 5:30 and 8:15 p.m. $8 students, $10 general. l Antidote for Anxiety, From Indian Lakes, more. Kuppajoe, 3673 N. First Street. 7:30 p.m. $7.



l Valentine’s Day Super Love Jam. Selland Arena, 700 M Street. 7:30 p.m. Prices vary.



l Fresno Philharmonic: Romeo and Juliet on Valentine’s Day. Saroyan Theatre, 700 M Street. Time and Pricing TBA.



l Mardi Gras party. Starline, 831 E. Fern. 9 p.m. $5.


l Numbskull presents: Tera Melos, All Leather. Starline, 831 E. Fern. 9 p.m. $8.



l Avenue Q (Broadway Musical). Saroyan Theatre, 700 M Street. 7:30 p.m. Prices vary.



l Brad Paisley, Miranda Lambert. Save Mart Center, 2650 E. Shaw Ave. 7:30 p.m. $26.75-$57.75. lAfrikan Tent Celebration: Music and Vendors. FCC Free Speech. 9 a.m. FREE.




l Jazz Concert/Clinic. FCC Recital Hall: MS-132. 7:30 p.m. FREE.




l ICATCHFIRE CD release show, with A Current Affair, more. Kuppajoe, 3673 N. First Street. 7:30 p.m. $8.


l Open Mic Poetry. FCC Free Speech. Noon. FREE



l Ron White Live. Saroyan Theatre, 700 M Street. 7:30 p.m. $40. If you’d like to submit an event for the Arts & Entertainment Calendar, please e-mail

February 3, 2010

by Haley Dedmon Rampage Reporter

The Rampage jumped at the chance to interview local black metal band Veil of Nithael, the opening act for ‘Metal Christi Presents’ at Starline on Feb. 5. Rampage: How did you guys start? Nick Taylor (vocalist): “I really got inspired by black metal and wanted to start a band, so I looked up Fresno black metal musicians on MySpace and I found Justin.” Justin Blair (rhythm guitarist): “For about a year we played on our own, and then it progressed into a band, and we had Veil of Nithael.” RP: Why Veil of Nithael? Nick: “We needed a new name since we felt like this was a new start for our band. So the band got together and started on this name and we felt like the name fit the sound, and it just stuck.”


Rampage 7

RP: What made you guys decide on playing metal? Nick: “The reason why we decided to play metal is because we all grew up with it and it was just something we all agreed on.” Johnny Valles (drummer): “It’s the music that gets my blood pumping. It’s my life.” Adam Camera (lead guitarist): Photo by Kyle Calvert “Metal is such a timeless genre.” Black metal band Veil of Nithael prepare for upcoming Fresno performance on February 5. RP: Do you guys plan on becom- Nolan: “Darkest Hour.” RP: How do you feel about your ing famous one day? upcoming show at Starline? Johnny: “If it happens, it happens. RP: After this concert, do you guys Justin: “We’re going out of our We just enjoy playing music.” think you’ll succeed and play at minds!” Nick: “If there are people out there more places? Nolan Davis (bassist): “Ridicuwho enjoy our music, that’s great. Justin: “Yes, we already have lously excited.” If they don’t, it doesn’t matter. But other dates for concerts.” Johnny: “It has also given us a if they like it, it’s a bonus, like ic- bit of a reality check.” ing on the cake.” RP: Anything in closing? Nolan: “Buy our records!” RP: If you guys had to, what RP: What was the best concert The whole band: “Come check us other music besides metal would you’ve ever been to? out Feb. 5 at the Starline; tickets you play? Nick: “Motorhead, DIO, Maiden.” are $7.” Justin: “I’d either play jazz or Adam: “Behemoth.” classical.” Johnny: “Behemoth.” For more information on Veil of Johnny: “I’d do ska.” Sarah Zacky (keyboardist): Nethail visit them on the web: -John Valles, Drummer Adam: “I’d have to go with folk “Skeletonwitch.”” Justin: “Azathoth.” myspacecomnorthernthrone

“It’s the music that gets my blood pumping. It’s my life.”

This degree pays dividends Your degree from Fresno Pacif ic University: a smart investment that never loses value. • 13-18 month programs • Financial aid available • Evening classes, one night per week

Business Management | Christian Ministry and Leadership Criminology & Restorative Justice Studies Early Childhood Development | Liberal Arts Organizational Leadership | RN to BSN

Call 559-453-3440 or visit

5 River Park Place West | Suite 201 | Fresno | CA | 93720


February 3, 2010



Students Vanish From Known Universe Mysterious creatures take place of FCC students up space in a chair you like, breathing your air, maybe even hogging the plugs with their laptops and surfing the Internet. The reason why they never seem to go to class or be worried about going to class is because they don’t intend to go to class. From the perspective of those in the classroom, these are ghosts: people who are enrolled in the class, and never actually go. Like

seen in the same places almost every day doing the same things. I personally know of a man who has come to Yoshinos for years, and I have never seen him go to a class. Doesn’t this seem somewhat irresponsible? Don’t these people have better things to do, like look for jobs? This last one is my personal favorite: Bigfoot. This is the student that you know is en-

My first impulse is still to kick things that don’t work. It fixes my TV, but I’m sure it will take more than a boot to deal with these people.

Ghost student at FCC? Kyle Calvert Rampage Reporter

I am not an easy man to please. When my TV gets fuzzy, my first impulse isn’t to get it repaired, but to kick it in the side for its insubordination. It started working again, which was the desired effect even if the colors became a tad absurd. The point is I’m easily angered when something I have

Photo by Abel Cortez

to use or work with doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. The problem is that most of what I have to work with isn’t technology, but people. Unfortunately most people that don’t do what is required of them cannot be ‘fixed’ by a swift boot to the side. We all see them, but do all of us believe they exist? If you don’t believe it, allow me to open your eyes to some strange creatures. Take a minute and look around you. Almost anywhere

Reefer Madness! Collective opened three weeks ago in a county island business zone. Rampage Reporter John Morse, head of the Collective board, stated, “I am ivn check with all the city codes and Who wants greens?   Z o n i n g o r d i n a n c e located in a county island. I got 12-306-N-56-c, which was en- my business license through the acted in late 2006 through Fresno’s city. But if they want to stop us, I municipal codes, stated that medi- will comply. But for me to stop on cal marijuana collectives are to my own, well, they would have to operate under state and federal law.  pass an ordinance strictly against Under federal law, mari- Fresno County. We have seen how juana is illegal and is a Schedule long it took for them to enact a bill I drug, meaning it has no po- put in place in 2006.  But regardtential medicinal use (although less, I am obeying the law and will 13 states have declared mari- comply if asked to close.”  Jan. 18 lead to California’s juana medicinally beneficial).  Public Safety Administration apJan. 19 finally brought the court proving Assembly Bill 390 by a case to an end. The City of Fresno four-to-three majority.  The bill thinks the state superseded local allows for the regulation of marilaws.  Fresno has already taken juana use, cultivation and sale for action and succeeded in the repersons over 21.  A $5,000 annual moval of nine medical marijuana sales license fee, similar to an alcollectives.  cohol or tobacco license, will be For the past several years enacted under the bill allowing the debate has raged and collectives have been moving in to Fres- $50 tax on every ounce sold to no county islands to avoid the city be paid to the state. The bill will zoning ordinances. A non-profit be heading to the Department of collective called Herbal Medical Continued on page 10 Jaren Hockert

on campus, you can spot these people. You might not know who to look for, but they’re there. They’re almost everywhere, and I’ve come up with some endearing nicknames for them. For example, single out one of the students you see in your local hangout that always seems to be there and never seems to have class. They aren’t doing schoolwork, and in fact they might not be doing anything at all. They’re just there, taking

any ghost, you get a feeling they are there somehow when the roll is called, but when you look? Nothing. Is attending class such a problem to one’s personal life that it must be avoided at all costs? I know school is a great place to have a social life, especially at FCC, but the point of going to a school is to take classes. Some people did not get that memo, and it goes beyond ghosts. Many people come to school just to socialize because their large groups of friends have classes and all hang out together. Mind you, these people are not taking any classes themselves – they’re just there because it’s fun, or because they have nothing else to do. For this behavior I have labeled such people dust bunnies: people who are not enrolled in classes, but can still be

h t i W e v o Feel The L ts! e k c i T t n $15 Stude ick our ad at dent ID or cl u st / w e ic ff ag At box o collegeramp

ity with other offers fresnocNo t valid

February 23 & 24 Saroyan Theatre


Avenue Q has not been authorized or approved in any manner by The Jim Henson Company or Sesame Workshop, which have no responsibility for its content.

Regular tickets: Ticketmaster outlets • 800-745-3000 • Box Office Groups (20+): 445-8183 • Info:

rolled in the class, rarely attends but for some reason stays in the roster, and can be seen in your peripheral vision ditching class, similar to the Bigfoot sightings of urban legend. I’ll be the first to admit I have been each of these things before, and I know I wasn’t proud of it. Anyone can understand that enjoying your personal life or slacking have their ups and downs, but students who go to class and have to depend on people to help earn their grade know how much of an annoyance these kinds of behavior are. My first impulse is still to kick things that don’t work. It fixes my TV, but I’m sure it will take more than a boot to deal with these people. Don’t be a ghost, or a dust bunny, or a Bigfoot. Settle for responsible student.


9 Rampage

February 3, 2010

Age of Distraction Max Rosendahl Rampage Reporter Let’s be honest, some classes at Fresno City College are extremely boring. Students have been turning to a wide variety of sanity-saving distractions to ignore their professors’ dull lectures and to procrastinate on homework. The phone in your pocket just vibrated, indicating a new text message. Do you continue taking notes or do you see what the message is? Most students choose to answer the text regardless of the professor’s rules and regulations. One day, I was listening to a lecture and the professor noticed I was text messaging. Furious, the professor asked me to leave the room until I was done talking to whoever was more important than Today’s students are distracted by multiple things, particularly technology. this class. The truth is, a student can never give their full attention to a be hard to stay focused on what Another common distrac- the class,” said Debbie Ockey, an cell phone and an instructor at the you’re doing. For example, social tion is the instant messenger. AIM, ESL/Linguistics instructor. same time. They will miss valu- networking has become extremely Yahoo, Windows Live, Xfire, etc., “Challenge yourself to able information that will likely popular over the past few years. are some of the worst distractions study for more time. Take good be on an upcoming exam or quiz. According to TechCrunch, And the cell phone becomes a a website on reporting on new distraction for everyone who sees Internet products and companies, or hears it. Facebook has recently become In this age, more and more the world’s top social-networking assignments and tests are using site with 200 million registered Blackboard or some other kind users, doubling MySpace’s figure. of web-based system of teach- It’s hard to choose the boring ing. If your homework is online, homework over talking to friends. because they have the tendency notes in class and review them. It’s this presents many distractions in But consider using these sites or to interrupt you in the middle of not magic, but it takes hard work itself. With all the fun and exciting games as a reward for finishing work. “Staying focused requires and effort.” things to do on a computer, it can what really needs to be done. involvement and participation in Remember that we’re all at

“Take good notes in class and review them. It’s not magic, but it takes hard work and effort.” -Debbie Ockey - Linguistics Instructor

Photos by Valerie Hill

school for a reason. Check your texts when you get out. They will still be there when class is over. Most cell phones have voice mail, and if someone is trying to reach you, they can leave a message. When doing homework, it works best to have a quiet environment. If you are working on the computer, try to sign out of your instant messenger or make yourself invisible until you’re done. Being Generation Y college students, we have many electronic distractions that are quite easy to access, making it difficult to stay focused.

Filling aTable For One

A tale of hunger on a budget at FCC Will Christensen Rampage Reporter

Students eat whatever they can afford.

Photo by Valerie Hill

It’s a Thursday night, and like many of my fellow students, I was starved. Finding food at City can be difficult for the average student, and it doesn’t help that I’m directionally challenged. The wonderful state of California handed me money and told me to use it toward education. I bought five Wendy’s Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers. Half-way decent burgers for a buck? What a wonderful world! The path to the land of cheap food becomes familiar and inviting. It’s Tuesday evening again and I ate Carl’s Jr. for the first time in a year. I’ve learned that it has the best burgers nearby. If you have the cash, go there. Even if you don’t, see if they have any specials. If no two-for-five buck deals are available, Famous Stars are the cheapest and most filling. But that day I tried the promotional burger: the cheap Six-Dollar Burger. With a student discount, the price became little less than advertised. Huzzah!

Tuesday evening, the last meal of the day for me, and Pacific Café chili cheese fries sounded good. Two bowls sounded even better! I pried myself out of my steel chair, set down my book and entered the café. As fate would have it, Murphy’s Law dropkicked me in the face when I discovered prices had gone up. My life-long dream of two bowls of chili cheese fries cruelly denied.

with me. Even after it had cooled, it was the best vegetarian burger I’ve had yet. It’s a Wednesday afternoon and a friend of mine treated me to lunch at the cafeteria here at City. It’s a wonder that so many people cram themselves in there and a greater wonder that thevy can hear themselves think over all the noise. But as I walked into the food court, the noise died away

...As I walked into the food court, the noise died away and only the sights and smells of food remained. -Will Christensen It’s late Tuesday once more and I decided to try a place that a few friends recommended: Au Lac, a vegetarian joint only a block away from City. They said the food is well worth the money you pay. The atmosphere within proved comfy and the chess board tables off to the side made me smile. I was served a Happy Burger and it owned anything McDonald’s ever has to offer. But my schedule yanked me away from a peaceful meal and I took it

and only the sights and smells of food remained. The selection was overwhelming and I changed my mind a hundred different times before settling on a quesadilla. Though I don’t go there often, it was a nice place to get food. Having any money to buy food in the first place is nice, but that goes without saying. While the mule tried to decide which pile of hay to eat from, it starved to death. That probably won’t happen with you, but even so, I hope the suggestions help.


February 3, 2010

Reefer Madness, continued from page 8 Public Health and then to the

state senate on a decision which will rock the foundations of American history. With AB 390 heading into possible public voting it is unclear how Fresno will react to the recreationalization of marijuana statewide. It is also uncertain how the Federal government will react.  As already mentioned, marijuana is a Schedule I drug meaning it has no medicinal benefits whatsoever.  However, Marinol, a THC synthetic pill,

OxyContin, a Schedule II drug that can also be prescribed by a doctor, is significantly similar to heroin. In fact, people cook it down and inject it specifically for it being “cleaner” than heroin as it’s produced in the lab at a higher purity and quality.  The 13 states allowing

state laws on this issue,” Obama told Mail Tribune Newspaper last March. It’s clear that even with the legalization of marijuana there will still be a difficult road to overcome for local and national unity. FCC student and stateapproved medical card holder


Campus Voices

Do you think President Obama is living up to our expectations? "From what I've heard, he hasn't been doing too good."

How can THC be scheduled twice under two very different categories? Highly illegal yet a doctor can prescribe it? What if your doctor could prescribe heroin?

is listed as a Schedule III drug meaning it can be prescribed by a doctor for medicinal uses. This is a clear contradiction.   How can THC be scheduled twice under two very different categories? Highly illegal yet a doctor can prescribe it?  What if your doctor could prescribe heroin, a Schedule I drug? 

medicinal use of marijuana will surely change governmental opinion. President Obama has been very open about his disappointment in the D.E.A. who has on numerous occasions raided caregivers and collectives state and nationwide. “I’m not going to be using Justice Department resources to try to circumvent

Samantha Janet High said, “It’s all happening too fast! Even if it did pass in my life, it would have to re-written to fit all the medical programs and laws currently in place. AB 390 doesn’t currently have any plans for medicinal use. It just doesn’t seem right, going so far for medical marijuana then dropping all of it for recreational


Andrew Sulin, Bioengineering

"I feel like he did great." Beverly Hubbard

"He's nice, I guess. In Japan, people really like Obama, I don't know why." Hiroshi Tomioka Accounting

"He did the best he could do with what he had, which wasn't very good." Jessika Failho Environmental Science

"There's a lot to be desired, especially considering the water crisis in the valley." Beau Radoicich Viticulture

"On a scale of one to ten, a six." Clare Hanson Nursing

Fresno City College Bookstore Monday through Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Fridays 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

"He did alright. He's got a lot of stuff to clean up." Manuel Silva

"I thought he did reasonably well." Patrick Snowden Art Appreciation Professor Campus Voices by Nick Birkel Photos by Max Rosendahl


February 3, 2010

11 Rampage

Can They Be Stopped?

Men’s basketball continues last semester’s wins by Kenny Rodgers

Rampage Reporter

Men’s Basketball team improve their defensive skills by scrimmaging against one another.

Photo by Gabby Ramirex


The Fresno City College men’s basketball team took on the Reedley Tigers on Saturday. Leading the Rams was Brandon Johnson with 16 points and Jibreel Nasir with 11 points during the second game to break triple digits: 102-63. Men’s basketball has won its conference season eight times in a row since 2002 and is looking for number nine this spring. In order for them to achieve this, focus is the key. “The main goals for the Rams are to stay focused and take one game at a time.” said coach, Ed Madec. With 12 out of 17 Rams being freshmen this year, focus is one of the biggest challenges. FCC freshman guard, Alex Fletcher said, “The changing work load between high school and college is something to get used to.” If players aren’t studying the books, they’re working on their jump shots because every team in the league is trying to knock them down. With a 257-35 record, the team has the most wins in California, by any community college to date. Last year, they made it to the elite eight in the state tournament with a record of 34-0. Madec added, “We’re not looking at the wins and losses; we’re looking at how we can be better and how we want to finish our season.” In the first half of the conference season, the Rams have beaten every team at least once. The Jan.13 game against Columbia College proved to be the highestscoring win this season at 103-54.

The College of the Sequoias face off on Jan. 16 became the first game to go into overtime, finally ending with a Rams win, 81-76. Fresno City Rams Men’s Basketball started the winter tournaments off at the 72nd Modesto Tournament. Up against Siskiyous in the first round, the Rams won, 95-54. In the tournaments champion’s finals, FCC went up against San Joaquin Delta and won 98-78. Rams go up against Yuba and win 67-74 in the championship game, taking home the victory. Fresno City started the COS tournament by beating Sacramento City College, 78-73. The Rams beat Sac City on the boards, totaling 30 defensive and 13 offensive rebounds. Fresno City lost on the second day to Bakersfield, 69-76 and found themselves in a fight to place at the tournament. On the tourney’s final day, Fresno City dominated Allan Hancock College for the second time this season, winning 98-65 and claiming third place in the tournament. Fresno City’s first game in the Allan Hancock Tournament was a 2 point loss to Cuesta College, 74-72. The match up, statistically, between the two teams was equal. Brandon Hawkins & Brandon Johnson, each knocked down 20+ points, and Fresno City shot 75 percent at the free-throw line. The Rams ended out the AH tourney up against Vandenberg Air Force Base with a total of 39 offensive & defensive rebounds, and a 15- point win, later losing the tournament. “It’s not about the losses, it’s about the growth”, Madac said, noticing growth in every one of his players this season.

into a career

Transferring qualifying credits earned from your community college toward a bachelor’s degree from DeVry University is a great investment in your future. In fact, for the last 5 years, DeVry graduates have worked at 96 of the Fortune 100 companies*. Fresno Campus 7575 North Fresno St. | Fresno | 877-518-6486 DeVry University graduates from June 2003 - June 2008 in the active job market. Active job market includes those employed prior to graduation. Fortune 500 ranking, 2008. Program availability varies by location. ©2010 DeVry Educational Development Corp. All rights reserved.

Fresno / Fresno Community College / 5.93x7 / 2.3.10 &2.23.10

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12 Rampage

Spring Sports Overview by Ray Juarez Rampage Reporter

FCC Badminton begins its 11th season. Coach Carlo Kindego said she is looking forward to the the season. “This is my largest roster I’ve ever had.” She said, “I only have three returning players this season and some of my new players are still getting use to playing the game.” Women’s tennis head coach Angelina Minova hopes to make an impact this season with her outstanding freshmen roster and two star players out of Bullard High School. Men’s Tennis Head coach Steve Loop said, “We’re at the

level we need to be at, and we’re hitting the ball like we should be, but we need to be a little more physical.” Softball head coach Rhonda Williams plans on defending the team’s title and reaching the state tournament while improving “team unity and better team chemistry.” Williams added, “We’ve been working out a lot and can’t wait to play.” FCC Track and Field will spend the entire season on the road for the third year in a row. However, the team has continued to produce athletes who rank

amongst the top 10 in state including Caire Tademy, Gozian Okali, Courtney Gooch, and Nate Mose. FCC Baseball is third in the state and head coach Ron Scott expects to remain a top contender utilizing “new and old” players such as FSU transfer Dave Rome and returning sophomore Paul Anaya. The first game will be held Thursday against fifth in state, Sacramento City. Golf began its season this Monday with the two-day Larry Carr Invitational Photos in Bakersfield. by Valerie Hill Sophomore Tom Richardson finished second.

February 3, 2010

The Rams at Home February

3-Men’s Basketball vs West Hills 7PM 4-Baseball vs Sacramento City 7PM 5-Baseball vs Sacramento City 7PM 6-Baseball vs Sacramento City 1PM 6-Women’s Basketball vs Taft 5PM 13-Men’s Tennis vs UC Santa Cruz 10AM 13-Softball vs Gavilan 10AM 13-Softball vs Cuesta 2PM 13-Women’s Basketball vs Reedley 5PM 13-Men’s Basketball vs West Hills 7PM 14-Softball vs Butte 12PM 14-Baseball vs Modesto Junior College 1PM 17-Men’s Basketball vs Porterville 7PM 19-Baseball vs Chabot College 6PM 20-Baseball vs Chabot College 1PM 23-Baseball vs Taft College 3PM 26-Men’s Tennis vs Consumnes River College 1PM 26-Women’s Tennis vs Consumnes River College 1PM 27-Baseball vs Taft College 1PM


2-Men’s Tennis vs Sacramento 1PM 2-Women’s Tennis vs Sacramento City 1PM 4-Softball vs West Hills 2PM 4-Baseball vs Cosumnes River 3PM 9-Women’s Tennis vs Modestto 1PM 9-Men’s Tennis vs Modesto 10AM 9-Softball vs Porterville-DH 2PM 10-Women’s Tennis vs COS 1PM 10-Men’s Golf vs CVC Tournament #3 12PM 11-Baseball vs Reedeleey College 2:30PM 12-Men’s Tennis vs COS 1PM 16-Baseball vs Cosumnes River 7PM 19-Men’s Tennis vs Ventura College 2PM

Badminton star, Minyu Mandy Zhou, is a film major.

Woman’s Tennis sophomore, Ashley Cross.

North Vs South Classic @Buchanan High School 20-Men’s Tennis vs Mt Jacino College 9PM North Vs South Classic @Buchanan High School 20-Baseball vs Merced College 1PM 20-Men’s Tennis vs Grossmont College 2PM North Vs South Classic @Buchanan High School 23-Softball vs Taft 2PM 23-Baseball vs Porterville College 6PM 24-Men’s Golf vs Glendale, MPC & Ventura 12PM 25-Men’s Tennis vs Reedley College 1PM 26-Women’s Tennis vs Reedley College 1PM 26-Badminton vs San Fransisco Community College 3PM 27-Baseball vs Porterville College 6PM


Woman’s Basketball team is heating up the court in preparation for their next big game.

Men’s Tennis player, Kirill Sinitsyn t it out on the court during a one-on-one match.

6-Badminton vs Mission 3PM 7-Men’s Golf vs CVC Tournament #7 12PM 8-Baseball vs COS 3PM 8-10-Women’s Tennis - Big 8 South Tournament All Day 8-10-Men’s Tennis - Big 8 South Tournament All Day 13-Softball vs Merced 2PM 15-Softball vs Reedley-DH 2PM 15-Baseball vs West Hills 3PM 17-Badminton -Conference Mid Season Tournament 10AM 20-Baseball vs West Hills 3PM 22-Badminton vs Skyline 3PM 27-Baseball vs Reedley College 6PM 29-Badminton vs DeAnza 3PM 29-Baseball vs COSS 3PM 28-Men’s Golf vs CVC Tournament #11 12PM


21-23 Baseball State Championships TBA

Rampage Spring 2010 Issue 1  

Rampage Spring 2010 Issue 1

Rampage Spring 2010 Issue 1  

Rampage Spring 2010 Issue 1