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October 21, 2009


by Kimberly Hodges

Rampage Reporter Disgusting. Yeah, that’s usually the word that comes to mind when students get the feeling they need to pee. They strut around doing the “ants in your pants” dance, dreading the campus bathrooms. Lo and behold, there’s absolutely no toilet seat covers when they get there. Still dancing, they frantically look around for extra toilet paper—putting down toilet paper piece by piece on the seat won’t take long at all! As the student reaches for the paper, they face another let down. The one roll of toilet paper in the entire bathroom is completely unraveled and strewn across all three other stalls, the whole of it now sitting in an unruly puddle of liquid. They look down at the toilet. It’s grimy and looks like someone smeared mud all over it. Some look as if it’s been urinated on, a time or two … and never wiped clean. This frightful scenario is quite common when it comes to the Fresno City College campus bathrooms. “They’re always out of toilet seat covers,” said FCC Bathroom conditions like these captured above are common on campus. student Madeline Wainscott. she said. shift of 6:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. that Why are FCC bathrooms Juan Bravo, Building Ser- are assigned to check restrooms. so filthy? A few reasons: The first vices Manager, explained that We have another six custodians being the budget cuts FCC has had there still are many people work- that work on the early morning to deal with. Cynthia Azari, FCC, ing to upkeep the conditions of shift that service the restrooms confirmed that the budget has cost the bathrooms at all times, “The in their assigned areas from 4:00 the college some custodial posi- restrooms are cleaned on three a.m. to 12:30 p.m. We then have tions. “We have had positions go different shifts. We have three two custodians that come in at unfunded in the past few years,” custodians during the daytime 1:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. servic-

by Jacob Espinosa

Rampage Reporter

Disease Control website, smoking

Anita Handy is out to save the world, one food container at a time. The food service director of Taher is determined to make the world a little cleaner. Many students may not know who Handy is, but they certainly know where she works and what she does. Handy is the Manager of Fresno City College’s campus cafeteria, where many students go to eat and socialize. She is very passionate about using eco-friendly products, and is doing her best to bring this passion on campus by turning FCC’s cafeteria into a model business for the green movement. “We started last year, when we took out all the Styrofoam products,” says Handy. Styrofoam is a non-biodegradable product. Handy said Taher, the catering company that works in the cafeteria, is also committed to same standard of eco-friendliness as she and is behind the cafeteria’s move toward a greener future. Since April 2008, all plates and containers are now made from paper, so that they can be recycled. The cafeteria has also switched to using more biodegradable products, such as the Grab-N-Go lunches which are made from corn products. Right now, the FCC cafeteria is continuously purchasing and using new eco-friendly products from Solo, a food-service company that, in recent years, has begun to offer environmentallysafe containers and cutlery. In addition to offering biodegradable products, Solo produces a large line of “post-consumer fiber” or PFC products, which are made of recycled materials. All of their eco-forward products contain at least 20%, and often times much more, PFC materials. Plates from the cafeteria, as well as some cups, are made of these types of products. Most recently, the cafeteria has begun to replace its remaining non-biodegradable

See ‘Smoke free ’ page three

See ‘Going Green’ page six

Photos by Jeremiah Henry and Kimberly Hodges

ing restrooms. We have another eleven custodians that come in at 3:30 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. that service restrooms in their areas and the building next to theirs.” If there are so many custodians working diligently throughout the day, then why are the restSee ‘Students’ page three

Students’ smoking habits mirror national trends by Antwan Davis

Rampage Reporter


Carmen Griffin, a Fresno City College student was only 19 when she started smoking. She wanted to be like everyone else and didn’t know it was bad for her health. “I started smoking because when I started working, the only way to get a quick break was to say you had to smoke,” Griffin said. Years later, Griffin is still hooked on cigarettes and trying to break the habit. For Leah Edwards,

smoking has been a life-long habit. She started smoking at 14 and has been smoking for 24 years. “I wish I never started,” Edwards said. Nathan Miller, another FCC student, said he started smoking at only 17 years of age to “pass time.” Griffin, Edwards and Miller tell stories that are commonplace around the FCC campus. Smokers are everywhere, and cigarettes butts litter building entrances and walkways. They are part of the estimated 45.3 million people or 20.8 percent of all adults who smoke cigarettes in the

Photo by Rampage staff

United States. According to information available on the Center for

Photo Essay:




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News Get to Know FCC’s rules and Policies

2 Rampage

by Laura Solis and Ramiro Gudino

Rampage Reporters Erick Beltran, Fine Arts major at Fresno City College, says he considers himself a typical student. He gets to campus about an hour before his classes but finds that all the parking spaces are taken. Like many other students, he must hustle for a space in the surrounding neighborhoods. Sometimes, he is lucky and finds one somewhere nearby. Other times, he must trek as much as a half a mile to campus. To cut his travelling time, Beltran rides a skateboard, a forbidden act, according to FCC policies. “I ride my skateboard on campus sometimes, but it makes me feel like a criminal,” said Beltran. The skateboarding policy isn’t the only rule being broken on a regular basis. Many on the FCC campus argue that laws like these invite challenge. A few other unenforceable laws include: - According to the Citation

Protest Procedures, parking in a spot with a broken meter “will not be considered a valid excuse because people break them on purpose.” - Passing out or posting flyers and handbills without getting them approved first. The policy is an easy one to comply with; College Activities must stamp your documents for public aproval, but it’s a common sight to see kiosks covered with ads lacking the stamp. - The area designated to free speech on the Fresno City College campus is a “limited public forum.” - “Anyone found with a stolen [parking] permit is subject to arrest and their vehicle impounded.” - And …A selectively enforce rule: regulation five of the SCCD Policy Governing Operation of Motor Vehicles on College

Campuses states that “Nor shall any person skateboard, roller skate, rollerblade, ride bicycles, or scooters upon driveways, sidewalks, or landscaped areas.” It is a common belief that students are allowed to ride their bikes on campus at a “slow speed.” As the policy clearly states it, this belief is wrong. The signs around campus, the officers enforcing the law, and even the school administrators have all been unevenly enforcing the school policy. “I think it is unfair that students can ride their bike at a ‘slow speed,’ why not ‘slow speed’ skateboarding?” said Erick Beltran. That point came to the foreground of discussion in the aftermath of an altercation between SCCCD PD and a skateboarder on the afternoon of Sept. 25. Officers saw Moultre crossing the fountain area with a skateboard. Accounts vary as to whether or not he was on

How well do you know the rules at FCC? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Parked vehicles must display a valid parking permit. Y___ N____. Drivers can park indefinitely in any zone marked with a green curb. Y___ N____. Anyone under the influence is required to do community service on campus. Y______ N_____ Maximum speeding limit is ____ MPH in campus parking lots and ____ MPH on campus streets. Engaging in discriminatory behavior based on race is subjected to public ridicule. Y____ N_____. Anyone who makes unauthorized entry to college buildings is forcefully evicted. Y_____ N______. Students may be expelled from FCC for possession of dangerous objects. Y_____ N______. When in a hurry, motorists may park in reserved parking areas. Y_____ N_____ Students can cheat and/or plagiarize as long as they are not caught. Y_____ N_____. Any student who disrupts college activities may be expelled. Y____ N______. Anyone who attempts to gamble pays a $1,000 fine. Y_____ N______. Motorists have the right of way over pedestrians. Y_____ N______ Bike riding is permitted on campus grounds. Y______ N______. Carrying a skateboard on campus is prohibited. Y_____ N_____ Cars can be parked in a temporary visitor area. Y_____N_____

Ram page

ANSWERS: 1. Y 2. N 3. N. 10/15 5. N 6. N 7. Y 8. N 9. N 10. N 11. N 12. Y 13. N 14. N 15. N

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the board at the time, but all witnesses attribute the start of the incident to Moultre’s board. After stopping Moultre, the Officer felt he was holding it in a threatening fashion. Attempts to confiscate the board were met with resistance, which escalated into a bigger conflict that ended with Moultre and his brother being arrested. The incident brought a renewed focus on some of the FCC’s policies. Students as well as staff have become aware of other FCC policies. Before this event, many FCC students were ignorant of some rules on campus, like the bicycle policy . Some students argue that some rules are outdated or plain outrageous and that they stifle students’ rights and abilities to express themselves. “I think it’s pretty ridiculous that in a learning institution, they are trying to suppress the exchange of ideas by restricting your right to free speech,” said Rigo Garcia member of the Sustainable Actions club. H e

added, “It almost seems as whoever is in charge of the

policies on campus is trying to pacify students by limiting the amount of information they receive.” History Instructer and Sustainable Actions club advisor Paul Gilmore stated, “I think there is a kind of mentality amongst some people, that the students here are children. They are not; they are adults.” As if to drive this point home, Fresno State University’s policies are much more lax. Students wishing to hold an event simply have to check in with the College Activities office to confirm that they won’t be interfering with a previously scheduled activity. The only time the college could delay the event is if they feel it would present a safety hazard. Even then, the policy is a referral to the risk assessment office, where organizers work with school officials to allow for the event, while insuring that appropriate security and safety precautions are being taken. Paul Gilmore also said, “What I would like to see is a campus that is open when and if the atmosphere does change.”

October 21, 2009

HALLOWEEN EVENTS The Hunchback of Notre Dame, presented by California Arts Academy When: Friday, Oct. 23, 2009 @ 7:30 pm Where: California Arts Academy – Blackstone Theater 4750 North Blackstone Ave. Fresno, Ca. Cost: $5.00 - $10.00 More info: 222-6539 Halloween On Van Ness Appetizers and Champagne 5:30 – 7:00 pm Silent Auction: 5:30 – 6:45 pm Concert: 7:00 pm When: Saturday, Oct. 24 @ 5:30 pm Where: First Congregational Church of Fresno 2131 N, Van Ness Blvd. ,Fresno Cost: $25.00 for adults and $15.00 for students More info: 559 -227-8489 / www. Ani-Jam Halloween Festival 2009 -Halloween Dance - Jammers Zombie Survival Challenge – Best Anime / Halloween Costume Contest – Ani -Jam Raffle – When: Sunday, Oct. 25 @ 12noon – 10 pm Where: Fresno County Peace Officer’s Assoc. Clubhouse and Park 7633 N. Weber Ave. Fresno, Ca. Cost: Free More info: text 559-801-7903 / Haunted Fresno When: Now – Oct. 31 Weekends 7 pm – Midnight, Weekdays 7 pm – 11pm Where: 665 Fulton, Fresno. Cost: $5 - $25 Combos: $20-$25 More info: 559-498-0960 / info@ Hobb’s Grove Zylo’s Woods, Hobb’s Body Shop and the Hayride into Shadow’s Keep When: Now – Oct. 31 Where: 14265 E. Goodfellow Sanger Cost: Hayride $10 / House: $12.50 / Forest $12.50 Purple Decay Discount Combo: $27.50 / Black Mortal Discount Combo: $31.50 (additional discounts for groups and children) More info: 559-875-8150 / / Fright Night Scream Park When: Now – Oct. 31 Where: 801 Santa Ana Ave. Clovis Cost: $5 - $9, Triple Combo $20, Super Combo $25 More info: 288-DARK / info@ Haunted Wolfe Manor (Boasted as the only reality show in t he world broadcasted live weekly from an ACTUAL HAUNTED MANSION.) When: Appointment only Cost: $20 per person or check out live broadcasts at www.ustream. tv/channel/haunted-wolfe-manorlive


October 21, 2009

Smoke free campus is quite widespread among all age groups -- 23.9 percent of 18–24 years, 23.5 percent of 25–44 years, 21 percent of 45–64 years, and 10.2 percent of those 65 years or older. Like Griffin, Edwards and Miller, a majority of smokers start when they are in their teenage years. According to CDC reports, each day, 3,000 children smoke their first cigarette; at least 3 million adolescents are smokers; tobacco use primarily begins in early adolescence, typically by age 16, and almost all first use of cigarettes occurs before high school graduation. 20 percent of American teens smoke. More than 90 percent of adult smokers started when they were teens and roughly six million teens in the United States today smoke despite the knowledge that it is addictive and leads to disease, according to the Center for Disease Control. As early as 1964, the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and welfare identified smoking as a major cause of death and debilitating illnesses. Cigarette smoking is blamed for an estimated death of 434,000 annually in the United States. One in every five deaths is smoke related. Many claim that as many as 10 million people have died from smoking related conditions, including emphysema, heart


have volunteers to help enforce the rule,” she said. “It is hard because of limited number of police.” The question on everyone’s mind is: Why don't smokers understand that cigarettes damage their health and dramatically increase risk for heart disease, stroke, cancer, high blood pressure, and almost every other health concern? Smoking is also expensive and addicting. Also, why should non smokers endure these deadly toxins? “I would like to see a smoke free campus, but I respect people who smoke,” said Sergey Saluschev. “It [Smoking] should be banned [at FCC].” President Azari said banning smoking would require a campus wide vote. Smokers who want to quit find it is nearly impossible. Leah Edwards who has smoked for 24 years said, “When I don’t smoke, I get a really bad headache, and I am not a very nice person to be around.” She has tried to quit three separate times, but failed each time. Almost 34% of the 46 million smokers identified in 1998 said they attempted to quit smoking each year. However, less that 10% of those 34% actually succeed, according to CDC. Experts agree that the stakes are too high and that the best way to curb the dangers of smoking is by stopping smoking altogether. Fresno City College’s Psychological Services has a 14-day countdown to smoking cessation.

disease, and other respiratory diseases. Many of these cigarette related deaths are associated to second hand smoking, also known as the environmental tobacco smoke. The American Lung Association estimates that secondhand smoke causes almost 50,000 deaths in the U.S. Nonsmokers exposed to secondhand smoke have increased risk for serious health problems, including lung cancer and heart disease. “It [secondhand smoke] is a big problem [at FCC]. It’s a fact that secondhand smoke is dangerous. It is worse than regular smoke,” said Sergey Saluscev, president of Associated Student Government at FCC. “There are people who are very sensitive to smoke, and people [on FCC campus] do not follow the 20 foot policy.” Presently, FCC has a policy on smoking, including a ban on smoking inside any campus buildings; a prohibition of the sale of tobacco products on campus and a 20 foot rule, which forbids any smoking within 20 foot of the entrance of any campus building. Saluschev said the distance rule is a good one but not easy to enforce. Cynthia Azari, president of FCC agrees that there is need for a certain distance from buildings. “It’s very difficult to enforce [the 20 foot smoking rule]; not enough police; it would be nice to

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Students contribute to the unsanitary conditions on campus continued from page one rooms still so vile and unsanitary, no matter what time of the day one goes into one? Some students don’t care about the mess they leave behind, while others are disgusted. “It’s disgusting to even walk around in some of them. There’s all this dirt mixed with water and it smells,” said student Kristina Purcell. “It’s obvious that it’s the student’s messes.” There is no doubt that the students have a lot to do with the bathrooms being so filthy. “We cannot keep up with the way the students leave the restrooms on all shifts,” said President Azari. The custodians do pick up trash, refill dispensers, and wipe things down. However, they cannot possibly keep up with the amount of traffic that carelessly goes into the restrooms at all times during the day. Students are throwing things around, splashing water everywhere, not flushing and even leaving graffiti. “The dispensers are also being pulled off the walls, broken into and the paper stock taken, we have even had students urinate on new rolls of toilet tissue that had just been stocked,” President Azari noted. “Sometimes we will have the rolls of toilet tissue just rolled off the dispenser and placed in the toilet or bunched up in the corner in a pile for no apparent reason.” The conditions of the restrooms obviously show the culture of Fresno City College. Most bathrooms are decorated with paragraphs of philosophical sayings, hearts with initials in them, or just blurbs written from one dumper to the next. It’s amazing how much damage one student can do while sitting on a campus toilet for five minutes. In reality, the custodians say they do the best they can. But when students are degrading themselves enough to urinate on a full roll of new toilet paper, there’s obviously a bigger issue at hand than they can deal with. “We as students need to take responsibility for the conditions of the campus restrooms, “

says Sergey Saluchev, FCC’s Associated Student Body President. At around 7 AM, the restrooms are generally stocked, clean, and typically don’t have hair in the sink or dirty water on the floors— not yet anyway. According to Juan Bravo, this is probably because they have just been thoroughly cleaned by the night time custodians. “On the graveyard shift of 10:30 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., we have nine Custodians that deep clean their restrooms. We have a lead custodian on each shift and they make their rounds on campus checking on the custodians and their buildings, which include all the restrooms on campus,” he said. The same restrooms around, say, lunchtime, look as if their world was turned upside down. The bottom line and basic reality is exactly what ASG President suggested: Students need to take responsibility. Trash is meant to go in the trash cans, not on the floor. Tampon wrappers and applicators can easily be thrown in the stall’s drop box, not on top of it, or, worse, attempted to be flushed down the toilet. Students need not write their boyfriend or girlfriend’s name surrounded by a heart on the stalls, or the name of their “posse”. And lastly, flushing the toilet before exiting the stall is not only polite, it’s a personally hygienic thing to do. On the bright side, students shouldn’t lose hope of being able to do their business in clean conditions—there are some good alternatives. The bathrooms in the library have plenty of stalls that are generally well kept. Restrooms near the Auto and Technology buildings are actually very nice; they have up to date dispensers, clean tiles, and nothing has been ripped off the walls yet. There are many bathrooms at FCC that aren’t always as bad as mentioned above, and sometimes students can hit it right after cleaning. FCC students and staff should explore different buildings to find a restroom that suits their standards. Happy hunting.

4 Rampage


October 21, 2009

Ask Dr. Azari

FCC President answers your questions by Brittany Nielsen

Rampage Reporter

Q: Is there a class-

room available on FCC that could be used for the FCC/FUSD Adult Transition Program? Currently students are using Heaton Elementary for classes.


: “I would suggest submitting a Facilities Request to the Administrative Services office, but, with our current enrollment, vacant classrooms are not readily available.”


: Smoking on campus is a big issue that we are addressing this issue. Besides talking to ASG to campaign about making FCC smoke free, what is your opinion on smoking on campus? Do you see is as a big issue

: “The Building Services department began purchasing new chemicals that are considered ‘green products’ and continues to look for other ways to ad-

vance the green movement. We have changed our dust mops to electrical static magnetic fiber sheets. These new dust mopping sheets, eliminates the need to wash dust mops and pour chemicals into the drains. We utilize microfiber cloth rags to wipe down chalkboards and whiteboards which eliminate the spreading of chalk and dust particles to fly around and clog up air conditioning and heating vents. We have been using graffiti removal wipes to remove graffiti and eliminate the smell of chemicals in the restrooms. As for recycling, we have recycle tubs in every division office and in individual instructor offices as requested. We recycle cardboard, paper, and green waste from the Grounds Department debris. We have several recycling containers inside of buildings and

outside entrances of certain high traffic buildings. We have one of our custodians that picks-up recyclables from offices and telephone requests on a daily basis. He works on recycling pick-up for approximately 20 to 25 hours per week. Another student retrieves cardboard from the cafeteria and other locations around campus and takes it to the cardboard baler we have at T-500 yard. Then another Utility Worker takes the baled cardboard to the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) every other week. Those two other employees work on recycling for another 1 to 2 hours per day. Then there are the individuals that come onto campus to sort through the trash receptacles removing the recyclables before it goes to the landfill.”

their friends on one or more occasions (35 percent once or twice; 18 percent several times). “Stress is the body’s reaction to a change that requires a physical, mental or emotional adjustment or response. [It] can come from any situation or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, nervous, or anxious,” wrote Angela Morrow, RN on In other words, the world is stressful. Whether it’s the pressure of deadlines for assignments or the satisfaction of acing the finals, stress is everywhere, and it can be both good and bad sources. Attending school and working can cause problems as schedules clash and priorities conflict. There are two types of stress, mental and physical. All

other types of stress, such as emotional stress, financial stress fit into those two categories. Whatever you are dealing with has the potential to stress you out. Most people see stress as a bad thing and handle it poorly, causing a chain of problems. Jason (not his real name), a Fresno City College student, said he has been dealing with tremendous stress since his friend passed away. He does not know what to do and instead finds he cannot think of anything else. Experts say that this type of stress can be used in a good way such as bringing people together. It’s important to find someone who has faced the same problems and understands how you feel. According to BBC America, a little stress can be good

because it gives people the energy to succeed. Too much stress, on the other hand, can be detrimental to student health. Some students who have deadlines for their classes wait until the last minute because stress gives them that boost to finish on time. And stress protects the body against infections by boosting the immune system. It can lead to many things that can sometimes help or harm depending on the level of stress. The Psychological Services office at FCC is open to all students and staff and provides confidential assistance to all in need. Counselor Muha said it is important to just remember stress comes and goes and to just remember to relax and enjoy life.

that students face? Should students be concerned for their health with the risks of secondhand smoke?

A:“Smoking is haz-

ardous to the health of the smoker as well as the people in the near vicinity who are exposed to second hand smoking. As a non-smoker I try to avoid people smoking, and I would encourage others to do the same.”


: Is there anything that Fresno City is doing to help with the continuous “green movement”? Does campus have a reliable recycling program that is accessible on all areas of campus?


Submit your questions to rampage-business@

Stressed Out? It’s okay, so are the rest of us. by Calvin Moore Rampage Reporter

Is stress overwhelming your life? Are you finding you’re struggling with everyday things? Maybe you and your significant other are fighting and you feel bad and don’t know what to do. Do you find you are always getting in a fight with your friends? Are you stressed out from work, school, and your other obligations? You are not alone. Stress is everywhere and affects people on many levels. The Psychological Services at Fresno City College is here to help students as well as meet their needs. Sharon Muha, a counselor at the Psychological Services at FCC said, “No one is perfect” and people should not expect too much from themselves. She suggested that instead, people should focus on ways of getting rid of the stress. “Relieving stress takes time, and during stressful periods, you can do something that you enjoy, such as hobbies, meditation, exercise and talking to a friend or family member or visualizing the situation and how you can make it less stressful on you,” said Muha. She recommended taking time off to relieve stress as well as visiting the school website for more information on the subject. She encourages students to come to the Psychological Services office if they have any concerns. According to a May 2009 study by MTVU, six in 10 students nationwide reported they felt so stressed out they were unable do their work on one or more occasions (41percent once or twice; 19 percent several times). The same study revealed that 53 percent of students reported having felt so stressed they didn’t want to be with


Senate Notes by Mark Smith Rampage Reporter On Wednesday, October 14, the Academic Senate met for its biweekly meeting. Here are a few of the important issues discussed: * Some staff concerns with blackboard issues on Internet Explorer and Firefox were raised and discussed. * Skateboarding on campus was defended in open forum, as a result of the police altercation with a student. The suggestion raised was to allow skateboarding on campus to avoid these situations in the future. * A motto for the college is being developed. A few were brought to the table, but the idea of letting students assist in developing one will be discussed at future Senate meetings. * ASG is also discussing options in campus-wide selection of soft drinks, namely exclusivity with Coca-Cola to various options. * Title 5 has been changed again. Now, the rule is a student can retake the class until they reach either three Fs or four Ws. A combination of the two can take place and a student will still be able to retake a class. For example, if a student were to fail the same class twice, then get three Ws in that same class, they would still be able to retake it. It’s when the student gets their third F or fourth W that they are no longer eligible to retake the class. However, students can also petition to retake the class if they do have three Fs or four Ws, providing they can prove they are deserving of another chance. * On Wednesday, October 21, a panel discussion on Sikhism will take place from 10-12 in the student lounge. It will have a variety of distinguished speakers and discuss the subjects of culture and religion.

Submit a winning question for Dr. Azari, FCC president , from Oct. 21- 30 and win tickets to MMA Strikeforce challengers. Winners will be notified on Nov. 2. Bring typed questions to the Rampage office in Room SC-211 (above the bookstore) or e-mail questions to

Strikeforce Challengers Savemart Center Nov 6, 8 PM


October 21, 2009

Rampage 5

FCC TO SHOWCASE LATINO WRITERS & ARTISTS by Luis Hernandez Rampage Reporter They are known to be the people who mow your lawn, the women who fix your bed and clean your house, the migrant worker who tends to the crops. This is the image that has long been portrayed of the Latino people; it is a stereotype that clouds the eyes of the public and distorts what the Latino culture represents. They are artists, writers, musicians, intellects who have made the dreams of their forefathers become a reality. The Latino Artists and Writers Workshop coming to Fresno City College on Nov. 4 - 6 portrays a society driven by

the misfortune of their ancestors to become something more. The works of the writers and artists tell their stories in voices heard by the world, of their struggles and those of their friends and families. During this three-day event, FCC will be the host for many well known artists and writers who are representative of the rich Latino culture such as Gary Soto, Mike Medrano, Kenneth Chacon, Gregory Ramirez and Renato Martinez. Teresa Tarazi, coordinator of this event, said she had the full support of the FCC faculty and the help of her left and right hands Sallie Saiz and Jess Cannen. She encourages everyone to indulge themselves in a heritage that is still strong and growing. On opening day, President Azari will welcome the audience in the grassy area between the Music and Humanities Buildings, followed by poetry readings by Mike Medrano, Kenneth Chacon, Gregory Ramirez and Renato Martinez. In the evening, participants will be treated to a catered reception accompanied with a marimba band in the Art Space Gallery. Poetry and nonfiction readings by Gary Soto(author of many collections of poetry such as New and Selected Poems), Alex Ezpinoza (best known for

graphics courtesy of

Artists Malaquias Montoya (above) and Alex Espinoza (left) are some of the featured artists. his novel, The Still Water Saints), along with Mike Medrano and Teresa Tarazi in the West Wing of the Library will wrap up the night. The second day welcomes new and familiar faces as Michael Roberts, Dean of the Humanities division who kicks off the day by introducing Sallie Saiz(part-time professor at FCC) and Teresa Tarazi to partake in a nonfiction reading and workshop.

As they wrap up their sessions, artists Abelino Bautista and Lylia Carr will take the stage. The evening session begins with a reception at the Art Space Gallery at 6pm At 7pm, the Art Space Gallery introduces the many works of Malaquias Montoya(father of Chicano art) and Maceo Montoya. Their work is an art of protest, depicting the resistance and strength

of injustice and the necessity to unite behind a struggle. The show also includes fiction and nonfiction readings with 2009 award winning author Daniel Chacon along with authors Kenneth Chacon and Sallie Saiz. The third and final day centers around spoken word poetry by Tim Hernandez and Marisol Baca. Hernandez, originally from the San Joaquin Valley, is a writer and performer. He is very dedicated to helping his community and provides workshops for youths and aspiring artists/writers. He has won various awards including the 2006 American Book Award for Skin Tax, his collection of poems and the 2006 Zora Neal Award for his good deeds in the community. Storytelling by Linda Ramos, part time teacher at FCC, will follow Hernandez’ and Baca’s performance in the Library Conference Room. At 10am, Loretta Ramos will host a storytelling workshop for her audience to enjoy. Later in the staff dining hall will be Folklore music and an encore performance by Tim Hernandez and Marisol Baca. Tarazi invites the entire community to participate in the many activities being held at FCC. She said her hope is that participants leave with a greater appreciation of the Latino culture and a better understanding of the impact of Latino Artists and Writers in mainstream society. The event is open to the public free of charge.

Litter-aly Overflowing With Trash by Mark Smith Rampage Reporter

Each day, as I walk from one class to another, I am struck by the careless littering that is characterizing Fresno City College. The shrubs and grounds are often blanketed by soda cans, crumpled cigarette packets, used styrofoam cups and plates, fluttering newspaper pages, napkins, and other garbage, some right next to empty garbage cans. As I walk, I notice the cool spray of the fountain contradicts such messy surroundings. I find myself asking why: who is responsible? What can we do about this? But even as I ponder possible solutions, another student throws a food container on the ground and walks away.

Photos by Jeremiah Henry

6 Rampage

Students return to classes, hope to further education by Victor Rizo Rampage Reporter Why is it that more and more people of ages 25 and up are returning to school? This group called, nontraditional students make up 43 percent of the student body at FCC, and other colleges and universities all over the U.S. There are many reasons why they are returning to school. They are returning to sharpen their skills and start a career. One other reason they are returning is due to technology, jobs are being automated, eliminated or altered. So those who want to keep up with the pace need to return to school to improve their skills or learn something completely new. The more education the person has the more diverse their job opportunities will be. Many are returning because education has become more accessible and more convenient. The economy is another factor why there returning to school, more people are realizing that without a college education very little can be accomplished. People with college degrees make a lot more income. Usually these students worry when starting school again, because they think that they won’t be willing to learn, but they just have to get back in track. There is a lot of help available at FCC for all students. “You got to ask for the help, this is your education not mine” Says Mrs. Glenn a counselor at FCC. Mrs., Glenn has a lot of experience with nontraditional students, she use to work with the Re-entry program when it was still available. “You got to have a balanced life”, Mrs. Glenn tells the students. This is true because most nontraditional students have Families and jobs. They have to find time to spend with the family, go to work and get their home work done, so balance plays a big role in these students. One program Mrs. Glenn would like to see at FCC is Childcare, but she doesn’t know if FCC is even considering in starting one. One thing that really stands out about this group of students is there success rates. Nontraditional students seem to do quite a bit better than the younger students. These students do better because they are more focused, mature, they know they need to move forward and for those who have families, and they want to set a good example. Instructors like to have this group of students in their classes, because nontraditional students participate more in class, also they would question their instructors which is something younger students don’t really do. I remember when I went to college the instructors were like gods, you

couldn’t question them”. FCC does its best to help out these students by offering tutoring in the tutorial center and there are a lot of classes available at night for those who have families and work during the day. There are short-term programs to so they can get started on a new career really quick. There are also scholarships available especially for nontraditional students. The website is (http://www.collegescholarships. org/scholarships/non-traditional. htm). This scholarship is worth up to $2,500. Millions of Americans are going back to school to gain new skills, start a career, and have a better life.


October 21, 2009

Going green is infectious

continued from page one

fessor Paul Gilmore of the history department. Although the club had a minor role in changing FCC’s cafeteria to a more earth-friendly business, the Gilmore said he is hoping the club can take it to the next level by making FCC a zerowaste facility. One of Sustainable Action club’s goals is to develop a composting program for the food waste from the cafeteria. The club also will work to get Pacific Café in on the act and begin using

biodegradable products. As for Handy, another of her goals is to have a cleaner, litter-free campus. “When I walk around, I see all this [litter], and I think if we can eliminate [Styrofoam] containers, maybe we can eliminate garbage,” she said. Something she can easily agree on is how infectious going green is. Handy said, “It gets you to start thinking.”

cups, because of the polyethylene lining. Solo Company representative Evie Lambert said that using post-consumer and biodegradable products is a “great way [for businesses] to start,” and to “show you’re going green.” Most eco-forward products have additional structuring made from plant products, such sugarcane. This makes the products very compostable. Solo even makes a plate that can decompose in 180 days. “Biodegradable [products] can be too expensive,” explains Lambert, “compostable is the next best thing.” However, Handy and Taher have not been the sole force behind the green movement in Fresno City College’s cafeteria. The campus’s own Sustainable Action club has been an avid promoter of an eco-friendly campus. “We work for making a greener and freer campus,” stated club advisor, Pro- FCC Taher offers many fresh choices.

Photo by Jeremiah Henry

7 News Take “Note” of FCC’s Booming Music Dept. Rampage

October 21, 2009

by Jeremiah Henry Rampage Reporter There are boundless opportunities for Fresno City College’s students to become involved in and support their college campus. The music department at FCC is an area that is often overshadowed by areas that are more regularly in the spotlight. Students who have not experienced an evening with FCC’s concert band, multiple jazz bands or various choirs, however, do not know what they are missing. Additionally, students who are

interested in pursuing study on a musical instrument can find a variety of opportunities in the music department. The fall concert season offers a variety of performances, and each student will have an opportunity to experience all of the different performance groups that are present at FCC; there is definitely something for everyone in the coming months. Julie Dana, director of the choral department and affectionately referred to by her students as “Mrs. D”, invites every student to join the choral groups and accompanying musicians for a Multicultural Concert on Nov.

10, 2009. This concert will feature soloists, music from around the world, and dance. “I think it is important to learn about world culture through their music. We learn music from various parts of the world and perform it using the original languages and try to honor the way it would be performed in the country it represents,” said Ms. Dana. “We have music from South Africa, Australia, Spain, The Philippines, Samoa, Jamaica, Mexico, Columbia and Russia—Just to name a few.” Tickets for this event are only $5.00 for students, $8 for general admission. For students

Students have the opportunity to pursue thier musical ambitions.

who are interested in jazz music, both instrumental and choral, Mike Dana, chair of the music department and head of the jazz program, encourages students to check out the Jazz Ensemble and Singers program on Oct. 29, 2009. Finally, to come full circle and get a good taste of the general departments from the music program, students should also consider the Concert Band’s fall concert on Dec. 9, 2009. Entrance fees for both of these events are likewise only $5.00 for students. For half the price of a movie, students can enjoy an evening of great music and fun, the perfect idea for someone who is looking to

Phto by Jereiah Henry

spice up a date beyond the typical dinner and movie night. Also, with the college’s budgeting issues limiting funding of important programs, students should be aware that attending special events and performances not only yields personal enrichment, but supports an important aspect of our college campus. A full list of upcoming performances can be found in the Music-Speech building on the several bulletin boards that line its halls. All performances are held in FCC’s performance hall and begin at 7:30PM. Especially considering the talented staff in the music department, students who are interested in learning how to play a musical instrument-but have little to no formal training have a place as well. The music fundamentals class, seen in the catalog as Music 3, is designed for the general student who wishes to learn how to read music. There are also several beginning music classes for guitar, piano, and voice. Diligent students may someday find themselves on the performance side of music in addition to the listening side. For those who are interested in pursuing music as a major, there are currently five options: Instrumental music (band / orchestra), guitar, piano, voice and the newly offered commercial music major. Along with the more traditional music majors, the commercial music major focuses on recording, computer music production, and the business side of music. For more information regarding performances, classes, or other opportunities, contact Mike Dana at

Get To Know Your Royalty Candidates running for King & Queen

Tony Capetillo

Kayla Clement

Age: 19 Major: Kinesiology Favorite Quote: “life is too short; always have fun.” Why are you running? I am running for homecoming queen because if you see me, I am always in a sporting, active mood. I have been playing sports since 1st grade. I have been through 3 knee surgeries’ for the past 3 years, and each one made me stronger. Now I believe that I am ready for another challenge and this would be a great opportunity. I want to show that life will throw you challenges but stick through them you will be come a strong person. Personal Statement: I want to represent the athlete’s to show we have school spirit, enthusiasms and loyalty, and that we are not only athletes we are an important part of school. Favorite Social networking site: Church

Age: Undetermined Major: Networking/Computers Favorite Quote: “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.” –Sir Winston Churchill Why are you running? Initially, to encourage participation from a larger number of students, but now I will think it will be great experience. Personal Statement: It is my goal to become FCC’s first bald-headed Homecoming King! Social Networking Site: Facebook,

Ivon Gutierrez Andres

Age: 19 Major: Music Favorite Quote: “Stay in school.” Why are you running? I’ve never tired to become King, and I always wanted to try it. It’s something different. Personal Statement: Running for King is something I haven’t done; sounds challenging. Social Networking Site: Myspace, as well as cell phone, texting, clubs, and friends


Arianna Chave

Age: 22 Major: Animal Science Favorite Quote: “Tu educasion es tu erencia “Teodoro cha`ver Why are you running? New experiences. The Interaction with other cultures & the possibility of having new friends. Personal Statement: I am thankful for the opportunity that I have this year & I hope to be involved with the school’s student body. Social Networking site: I am part of the Rumba club. Every 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month at Fresno City College Practice gym.

Vanessa Marie Cabrera

Age: 20 Major: Medical Assisting Favorite Quote: Love like you’ve never been hurt Why are you running? I feel this would be a great experience even if I’m not a winner. Personal Statement: Vote for Pedro! You mean me! Favorite Networking site: Myspace & Facebook

8 Rampage


“The Game” plays Fresno by David Malagon Rampage Reporter

The Game performs at the Paul Paul Theater

October 21, 2009

Photo by David Malagon

West coast rapper “The Game” performed in front of a sold out crowd at the Paul Paul Theater at the Big Fresno Fair on Oct. 10. Many fans packed in for the most anticipated rap performance of the fall season. People from all over California came to Fresno to experience “The Game” live, and it was going to be a night that they wouldn’t forget. Local hip hop radio station B-95 was live and direct hosting the event and keeping everything in order until The Games performance. Prior to the Game’s arrival, local recording artists Grafik and Diego Redd took to the stage and performed their opening numbers in front of many anxious fans. In anticipation of the Game, the crowd erupted with excitement; fans screamed wildly, chanting “We love Game.” Diego Redd used the reactions of the crowd to his advantage to get everyone on their feet and dancing while he performed. In a matter of seconds concluding Redd’s performance The Game’s disc jockey for the evening started spinning on the ones and twos, readying the fans for The Games long awaited performance in months. With a devious look on his face and sporting multiple gold chains and a Dodgers fitted cap and a black famous brand t-shirt, the Game had finally made his

way to the stage. The crowd went insane and wild. When he lifted the microphone to his mouth, it was as if he possessed magical abilities to hypnotize all in attendance and keep them fixated on him. The Game opened up the show with his classic street banger, “Westside Story” from his debut album “The Documentary”. The crowd immediately started to sing along as The Game and his entourage made their way back and forth across the stage to acknowledge and shake hands with fans. The Game delivered a very energetic show and interacted with the crowd in a way that I have never seen before, After performing his second hit single “Hate It or Love It”, The Game shouted “Where my ladies at”? The screams and participation from the crowd put a smile on The Games’ face; he even went as far as to invite his female fans from the audience to join him on stage for his entire performance. Throughout his show, the Game took shots at rival emcees such as Jay-Z and 50 Cent along with the rest of the G-Unit camp. The Game also took shots at Jay-Z’s wife Beyonce, making it known that the feud between the two emcees was personal. The Games’ stage presence is absolutely amazing; the man really knows how to put on a show. I have never been to a concert where an artist interacted with the fans as much as The Game did. At one point, The Game pulled $500 out of

his back pocket counted it on stage and handed it to a young girl and told her to go and buy some candy. The Game is a true entertainer; during the transitions from one song to the next, The Game came up with some hilarious comedy skits that would really get the crowd going. What made it even that much more interesting and fun is that he would incorporate Fresno into everything he said. Concluding his performance The Game stayed and signed as many autographs as he could until the fair closed.

Game Discography

October 21, 2009



Rampage 9

Favorites All photos courtesy of Google images

Top 5 Costumes and Candies for the Spooky Holiday by Sydney Excinia Rampage Reporter


Michael Myers

Carver the Clown

The time has come again. The ghouls, zombies, and vampires have crept out of their caves and tombstones, ready for another creepy Halloween night. Despite the economical downturn, people are still full of the holiday spirit and ready for a night of fun, filled with candy and festive parties. There are pumpkin patches on street corners, spider webs piled on houses, and the occasional scarecrow displayed on front lawns. Fresno City College students are getting the Halloween fever, purchasing their ensembles, chatting about the costume parties, and eating tasty treats. For this Halloween season, a variety of stores stock all your favorite holiday necessities such as costumes, candy, decorations and scary figurines. Some local favorites are Spirit Halloween Stores, Party City, Target and Wal-Mart. All of these stores have reasonable store prices and also offer special discounts on some items. For all ghouls and gals looking for a hot and stylish Halloween costume, the Shaw and West Spirit location is up and selling some of their favorite and most popular costume brands. Some of the cute and chic costumes for women are found in their four most famous brands: Leg Avenue, Sexy Spirit Long, Dream Girl, and Secret Wishes. For men, some of their top costumes include movie icons, scary scarecrows, creepy clowns, and much more. Michael Quinn, assistant manager at Spirit, said that many men and women come into the store to try on a variety of costumes and purchase their overall favorite. The number one female costume this year is the “Kandy Korn Witch” (top right). The striped yellow, black, and orange tutu dress is very simple and comfortable. The Leg Avenue costume includes the hat, dress, and long stockings for a total price of $59.99. The “Forest Nymph” (middle right), an exact replica of the Disney character “Tinkerbell,” is just $49.99. Her two piece set

comes with an olive green knee length acrylic dress and a wand. You can find this Dreamgirl fairy costume in a variety of sizes for both petite and plus sizes. “Cabernet” (bottom right) is a silky red and black dress, trimmed with lace and feathers. This beautiful Secret Wishes costume includes the dress, garters, gloves, and a feather headpiece, all for only $49.99. Another Secret Wishes favorite is the “Broomstick Babe.” Her black boa dress is a more contemporary version of the classic television icon “Samantha” from the TV show Bewitched. Her $49.99 costume package includes the black boa, a trimmed dress, and black feathery hat. Last, but not least, is the original “Storybook Sweetheart” character series. These Sexy Spirit Long costumes come in a wide variety of characters such as “Alice in Wonderland” or “Little Miss Muppet.” “The Storybook Sweetheart” costumes come with only a two piece set which includes the printed ballerina dress and headpiece, all for $64.99. The 2009 Halloween costumes for women are glamorous, unique, and affordable. On the other hand, the top five male costumes are more spooky and frightening. The top five male costumes include some original as well as newer and creepier versions. In the number one spot is the “Vampire” (top left). The long velour cape and vest add a stylish feature with a dark side. The three piece set includes the shirt with an attached vest, cape, and medallion for $39.99. In second place is the killer from the box office hit movie, Halloween. The “Michael Myers” costume (middle left) consists of dirty blue overalls, a white mask, and a plastic knife. His outfit may be simple, but it has a killer image. In third place is “Count Dracula.” This $39.99 outfit is very similar to the “Vampire.” The one significant difference is the colors of their capes. “Count Dracula” includes a dark black cape, shirt, and vest. In fourth place is the “Scarecrow,” which comes with

a cloth sack mask, shirt, belt, and gloves. Julie Vang, a Spirit costumer, said she was terrified of her boyfriend when he walked out of the dressing room. “Out of all five costumes, I would have to say that the scarecrow was the complete scariest,” Vang said. “His mask with no eyes or mouth makes you tingle while chills run down your spine.” The “Scarecrow” is one of the top five Halloween favorites because his image is very similar to the horror movie Strangers. In last place is “Carver the Clown” (bottom left). This creepy costume comes with the polka dot colored pant suit, shirt, mask, and ruffles. Carver has an evil appearance; his razor sharp teeth and sinful eyes look as if he just popped out of Stephen King IT movie. The total price for psychedelic clown is a surprising $49.99. You can find these female and males costumes, and many more, at the Shaw and West Spirit location. Now let’s talk about everyone’s favorite part of Halloween … candy!!! For those of you who have an extra sweet tooth during the holiday season, you can purchase some of the top five candies found at your local stores such as Target, Walgreens, Wal-Mart and the new CVS stores. The top five delicious, creamy, and tasteful candies of the 2009 Halloween season are: 1) Hersheys, 2) Reeses, 3) Snickers, 4) M&M’s, 5) Candy Corn (Autumn Mix). All these chocolate delights are found in various flavors such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. You can also find them in variety packs for less than $3.00 each. For this entire month, all Fresno Target locations are having sales on Halloween candy. You can purchase all trick-or-treat candy for $2.49-2.99 each or indulge yourself on the two for $5 deal. Halloween is only a week away. If you are planning on celebrating, head over to any Halloween Spirit location or Target stores and join in on the tradition. You will be able to find a last minute costume and grab some delicious candy for the night!

Kandy Korn Witch

Forest Nymph



10 Rampage

October 21, 2009

Butler gives outstanding performance in “Law Abiding Citizen” Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx star in F. Gary Gray’s new thriller by Laura Solis Rampage Reporter

Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx star in Law Abiding Citizen

Photo courtesy of Google images

“We got him!” a policeman says as they approach the old building. As they make their way inside, what they find surprises them. They missed the criminal, but they certainly didn’t miss the crime. What seems to have once been a man is lying on a bed with a mirror directly on top of him, which would give the man laying on the table a perfect view of the scene. The body had no limbs and no head, and you can imagine what other things he didn’t have. The police finally recognize the body when they see its head on the table. One of the detectives grabs his phone and dials a number, “We found Darby, Nick ... He’s looked better.” This film features Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx, two great actors who have been in some major motion pictures such as 300, Phantom of the Opera, Any Given Sunday and Collateral. Throughout the movie, you are left with unanswered questions that play a big role at the end of the movie. Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler) is a brilliant thinker whose wife and daughter were raped and murdered in his Philadelphia house one afternoon. As the murderers leave the house, one of them proceeds to say, “You can’t fight fate,” which gets burned into Clyde’s memory forever. After the criminals get caught, they receive a sentence

that Clyde didn’t think justified the crime they committed, so he decides to take matters into his own hands. Clyde tries to teach the prosecutor a lesson by giving the murderers his own punishment, then the chase is on. Ten years pass and one of the murderers is now free after serving his 5-year sentence in jail, and Clyde has had plenty of time to plan his revenge. When one of the murderers dies a mysterious painful dead, the action continues with a plot twist that causes the prosecution for the murderers to shift gears. The murders committed in this movie are those of a brilliant mind. They are well planned and certainly unexpected. If you liked any of the SAW films, this is your movie. The action and plot all tie together to make one good action film that will keep you guessing and certainly create a knot in your throat. The bad guys are hated, the victims are pitied, and the good guys become heroes. The actors live their roles and become their characters in such a matter that the audience lives it as well. I had not heard of this movie when I went to go watch it, but I was sure glad I went to see it. It is definitely a movie I would recommend to anyone who loves a good action movie. I give this movie a B- because the movie does lack more thrilling action scenes. There is good scenes in the movie but the movie as a whole is a little confusing. The scenes are so intriguing that is becomes easy to forget what is going on.

Final Grade B-

“Let the Wild Rumpus Start!” by Ramiro Gudino Rampage Reporter

Where the Wild Things Are takes a classic nine-sentence children’s story and translates it into a fantastic muppet soap opera. When the original was written by Maurice Sendak, it was among the first children’s book that dealt with the “unhappy” emotions of childhood. It opens with Max racing around causing “mischief of one kind or another” while wearing his iconic wolf costume. His mother eventually sends him to his room without dinner. Trapped there, Max imagines a jungle and ocean engulfing his room, eventually taking him to an island where “the wild things are.” They declare him their king after he tames them and starts the rumpus. Afterwards a vindictive Max sends them to bed without supper. Being lonely, the boy returns home where he finds a meal waiting for him…“and it was still hot.” Aside from some comical exaggerations and fantastic sets, there isn’t really much here for children despite the material be-

ing drawn from a children’s book. Instead of a light story about a child’s imagination, the movie has the feel of an adult trying to apply depth and importance to a child’s game of make believe. Each monster is a clear

she leaves him to hangout with her friends. That relationship is echoed between Carol and KW, the shaggy monster with long duck feet. Carol spends most of the movie upset that KW is growing distant from

others, yet always trying to match them in any and all activities. The monsters have complex relationships and “deep” emotions, leaving the viewer with the feeling that there’s always a more relevant story here that is

Max confronts with his emotions, but nothing really changed... except for the arm. allusion to some of the conflicting emotions of Max’s personality until he is no longer his own unique character, but rather just another facet of his own personality; his own conscience trying to keep his emotions in check. Carol, a horned, scaly bear monster, has high hopes and a short temper. His tantrums echo scenes where a frustrated Max trashes his teen sister’s room after

the main group, while KW tries to reconcile her old group of friends with her new friends. Judith, a shaggy creature cross between a rhino and a lion, is extremely self-centered and critical; traits complement Ira, a big-nosed beast who craves any attention, good or bad. Alexander, a bipedal goat, is the smallest of the monsters and constantly left behind by the

briefly explained. Tensions run high amongst the volatile monsters, with plenty of threats to eat each other and a comment by KW that Max “is the first king we didn’t eat.” 12-year-old actor Max Record’s portrayal of the nine year old main character Max is believable, from his childish seriousness when it comes to building a snow fort stocked with snowballs to the

innocent way he defends a friend who just moments ago was trying to eat him. For being 10-foot tall puppets stuffed with actors and CGI limited to enhancing facial expressions and Olympic worthy jumps, the monsters have well done performances, bridge the gap between grown-up emotions and childish reactions. A whimsical indie soundtrack works consistently in the background to reinforce the fact that you are not in an absurd adult world, you are in a serious kids’ kingdom. Unfortunately the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and these great parts did not mesh well to create an excellent whole. The story didn’t really seem to say anything or do anything. Things happen and subplots advance but there is no actual story told. It’s almost like a vignette of the monsters’ lives told from the perspective of the child king that got away. z

Final Grade C+

October 21, 2009


Rampage Editorial



Lets Dare to dream FCC Our standards and actions don’t portray us well. But, we can rise above apathy.

Photo by Jeremiah Henry

by Kyle Calvert Rampage Reporter A recent study regarding the level of intelligence of cities in America put Fresno in dead last. No joke. The rest of the country just looks that much better compared to us, and every day I walk through Fresno City College – the oldest campus in our city – I can start to see why. You can see it every day even while just walking around, and it’s not just about smoking or breaking the rules; something is gravely wrong with the campus in general. The first part of the problem is the students. Hardly any of them appear to have an interest in learning. Some people come to school just to fill the time, or see their friends. A large percentage of the student populace doesn’t seem to even care about

the school, its rules, or their own academic futures. Students continue to leave their trash all over campus and pollute the school with noise, and smoking and skateboarding violations brought campus rules under fire. The physical state of the school shows it as well. The campus is blanketed in trash, the bathrooms are generally horrendous, and I have yet to find one really clean surface outdoors. The Old Administration Building has been in a general state of decay for decades and is only recently being fixed – albeit slowly. It’s set to open as part of FCC’s centennial celebration, but with the school as decrepit and dirty as it is, I don’t believe we have much reason to celebrate. The standards are also part of the issue. Despite that the budget is falling (likely due to unimpressive academic performance) we continue to cut from areas that

need it, like counseling, tutoring, and vital student services. Our academic expectations are low, and they seem to get lower every year. What is worse is that since the administration cuts from counseling and student services, it becomes harder and harder for troubled students to make any progress. The way the problem is handled currently, it seems like the administration might prefer that struggling students simply drop out – and unfortunately, more students drop out than the ones that are able to turn their situation around. Our budget to improve our school and fix our problems has always been poor, and I believe it’s because we send a negative image. Our actions and standards don’t portray us very well. What people do not see about Fresno City College is that we have the potential

to do great things. The biggest problems are apathy and a lack of self-esteem. As students, we can do so much, but we do not try because we believe we will fail. But we can improve our campus and our standards; we can rise above apathy. All of the problems our campus has can be overcome if we make an honest attempt to do so. I believe we are all individually capable of doing better. We are better than the image we put out there. Shouldn’t we do more to show it? This is our school, our home away from home. It bonds each and every one of us to something greater than we have on our own, and it represents all of us just as much as we represent it. It should be a clean place, one worthy of respect and admiration, where students can dare to dream of better things. It should be.

12 Rampage


October 21, 2009

Campus Voices

What is your opinion of smoking on campus? Should smoking be banned on campus?

“Not everybody smokes, and it’s uncomfortable. It seems like I’m allergic to it, and I get all stuffy. So when someone’s smoking near me, I have to get up and find a new spot to sit. I’d like it to be banned.”

Sandy Cisneros

“It doesn’t really bother me all that much. As long as someone’s not sitting there blowing smoke in my face, but other than that it’s kind of ‘do what you want.’ As long as you’re not smoking in a hallway or a building, out here in the open air where there’s plenty of circulation, I’m fine with it. It’s not hurting anyone now any more than it has over the years.”

“We shouldn’t ban it. There’s already regulations for it. If people really care about stopping people breaking the rules, then they’ll enforce those regulations more. And look at the parking lot. People drove here, pumping the same pollutants into the air that they’re complaining about!”

Nick Wilkinson

“I would prefer that we didn’t have smoking on campus.”

Drew Woodley

Jordan Willey

“If I was a non smoker it would bother me more. But I go away from people when I want to smoke too. I do like that there’s smoking on campus, but if there were designated smoking areas I wouldn’t mind that.”

Jennifer Valkier

“I don’t like [smoking] because when I see a hot girl smoking it turns me off.”

Joe Ellis Campus Voices by Mark Smith Photos by Jeremiah Henry


October 21, 2009

D FCC need to be changed? Y



o the rules concerning smoking at

es: Rules are too lax by Mark Smith

Rampage Reporter The sole reason smoking on campus has come under fire is the inability of certain smokers to listen to the rules. Regarding buildings, there are signs posted all over campus that read “No smoking within 20 feet”. However, even with the explicit instruction, many smokers feel the need to smoke near buildings, doors, in covered areas, generally with total disregard for those around them. What I mean is this: if these smokers paid attention to the rules, we wouldn’t be having this debate. We wouldn’t be listening to complaints, as they would hold no ground. But when people choose to disobey rules, it becomes a problem for students and staff, who then have the freedom to openly criticize all smokers. They can even go so far as suggesting banning smoking on campus entirely, which I believe to be an infringement on student freedoms. But as they stand, the rules are too lax. It is unfair of certain FCC staff and students to demand a ban on all smoking, as we have already seen the effects of such restricting rules in other areas. For example, recently a student was riding a skateboard on campus and was stopped by campus police. Upon refusing to relinquish his skateboard, a major altercation took place, with nothing gained but a growing contempt of police by students and a general anger in the police force at noncompliance with the same student base. It is the nature of allencompassing bans that they will eventually be broken or disregarded, usually with no consequence but in rare situations, extreme consequence. But just as it is unfair to say smoking should be entirely banned, it’s also unfair

of smokers to think they are guilt-free and should be left alone. Just as it is an infringement of student rights to ban their smokes, it is an infringement of non-smoker rights to have smoke blown in their direction, smelling or breathing it as they walk from place to place, and facing the unpleasant view of cigarette butts littered all over campus. Thus, we as mature adults must reach a compromise. So what is the compromise? I propose that Fresno City introduce designated smoking areas. The best choices of location for these areas would be up to administrators, but I can see the patio behind the café, near the fountains, and the area next to the cafeteria as being possible spots. This idea has already been proven successful on other college campuses, including Fresno State. It is a settlement that all sides can agree with, as smokers would be free to enjoy their cigarettes and the rest of FCC’s student base could wait near classes and walk about campus without the hassle of smelling or breathing second-hand smoke. Another benefit is smokers wouldn’t be forced to leave campus in between classes. I can understand the need to have a cigarette during the ten-minute break of a four hour class. If smoking was banned on campus grounds, that ten minutes wouldn’t leave any time to do anything other than barely get off campus and then rush back. If we create these designated smoking areas, surely it won’t stop all smokers from smoking wherever they please. The idea behind this change is not to create the perfect campus where nobody breaks any rules. The idea is to create an environment on campus that, if respected by smokers, would allow the freedom to smoke but not cause harm or distress to others. And certainly, we can all agree with that.

Sann Va, a second semester student, enjoys a cigaratte on his way to class.


A sign reinforces the 20 foot rule.

Photos by Jeremiah Henry

The rules we have now are fine, We don’t need to reform them. What we need to reform is the attitude possessed by those who continue to break the rules. by Kyle Calvert Rampage Reporter

The rules concerning cigarettes at Fresno City College are fairly straightforward. Smoking is not allowed indoors, and the sale of tobacco products on campus is banned. In addition, no person may smoke within 20 feet of a building’s doors. This is a good rule, and I don’t believe it needs any change. However, many people argue that the rules aren’t strict enough. There are plenty of smokers that disobey the rules – you can see them every day. Some days go by when I can’t sit through my classes without overhearing someone stating their opinion that the campus should just ban smoking. When asked what they think of the current rules, these people tend to point out that the rules are ignored. Some people sit outside rooms waiting for their classes to begin with a lit cigarette in hand. It seems that every day you can find someone outside the bookstore just a few feet from the entrances, smoking. In the patio area of the campus café, most of the tables have rusted metal cans containing cigarette butts – including the tables closest to the entrance, less than five steps from the door. I have never seen someone cited for smoking. Never. I’ve never even heard of it. Nobody I know has heard of it. And you know what? That is not the rule at fault. Perhaps the rule is considered to be so minor that nobody even thinks to report that it’s being broken. Or maybe it’s a problem in the rule’s enforcement; let’s say someone calls the campus police, but by the time they arrive the smoker has finished and moved on. After enough of those instances, the police may not even go out on such calls.

But people blame the rules as if the rules live and breathe and walk around giving everyone the finger. I smoke two cigarettes daily on average, and I do what I can to observe and obey the rules. I make sure I’m outside of that 20-foot radius – which is a good thing, because on some days, people smell my breath and wonder whether I’ve been smoking or if I just eat charcoal. A number of people I’ve met smoke as well, and they’ve had no problem with the campus’ smoking rules. It’s not inconvenient to have to walk an extra ten steps to be outside that line, and I recognize that. The rules we have now are absolutely fine. We don’t need to reform them. What does need reform is the attitude possessed by those who continue to break the rules. My classmates seem to think that if cigarette smoking was further ostracized, then the problem would disappear, or violators would at least be punished for it… and unfortunately that’s not being realistic. We have strict rules on campus that are completely ignored every day. We could be arguing about skateboarding, cigarette smoking, bicycle riding, or theft on campus, and the problem would still be the same. The problem is not the rules, it’s the fact that people continue to break them. People break rules because they don’t think they can get away with it – they know they can. FCC could be smoke-free tomorrow, and I could sit on a grassy hill and light a cigarette, and no one would say anything of it. Maybe they’d shake their head in disapproval. What they wouldn’t do is call the campus police. Don’t be one of those people. If you see someone breaking the rules, report them. We wouldn’t be debating this if the situation was being handled properly. It’s not just on the shoulders of smokers – it is up to each of us to do things right.

14 Rampage


October 21, 2009

October 21, 2009

Women’s Soccer Dominates 9-0 by Hector Ruelas Rampage Reporter

           On a cloudy day at the Ratcliff stadium, the Fresno City College women’s soccer team scored big against the College of The Sequoias. Barely in through the game on Oct. 14, # 22 Jesslyn Fagundes scored and then surprised everyone with another score within 15 minutes into the first half. Things were looking good for the Lady Rams. The COS team was struggling to mount a resistance in the first half as No. 20 Ashlynn Marino gave a fierce play with amazing agility and swift kicks. With eight minutes left in the first half, No.2 Amanda Almaguer scored a goal, ending the first half of the game leading 5-0 At halftime, the Lady Rams were up 5-0. “We won last time with 10-0, and we try not to think too much about the score or who we were playing were just trying to get better every game,” said Coach Oliver Germond. Starting the second half with a dominating lead, Sabrina Arietta No. 9 scored a goal. With 43 minutes still left into the game, the FCC team led 6-0. With already a few goals under her belt,

Jesslyn Fagundes scored yet again, and at 7-0, the Lady Rams were not looking to slow down any time soon. The COS women’s soccer team spirit seemed to have dwindled during the second half of the game but they still keeping their guard up throughout the game. With only 13 minutes still left in the game, Jennifer Menefee No. 21 scored the last goal of the game. The result was a resounding 9-0. The Lady Rams had a similar lopsided victory in Lemoore against West Hills a week before, winning the game with by 10-0, leading to questions about how long FCC’s women’s soccer team can keep the winning streak going. “I think we are starting to play better as a team; we are starting to get better at that, at first we were a little rocky, but we’re getting better,” No. 22 Jesslyn Fagundes said.“I liked our effort; it was good; it is hard when you go up early by 5-0 by halftime; you can easily have let downs,” Coach Oliver Germond said. “I thought our effort overall was good, and we talked about it before the game, about trying to execute everything, and we did a great job in doing that.”

Jeslyn Fugundes scored three times before the half.

Photo by Hector Rulas

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FCC All-Stars

Photo by Jeremiah Henry

Left to right: Fernando Lucatero, Joe Cisneros, Austin Garza, Daniel Osmer, Justin Walker, Galen Williams, and Chris Urquizo

by Ray Juarez Rampage Reporter Fresno City College will have five All-stars and two alternates representing the college at this year’s All Star Duel on Saturday, Oct. 24 in Monterey at 5 p.m. The All –Stars are Galen Williams, Daniel Osmer, Fernando Lucatero, Joe Cisneros, and Austin Garza. Alternates: Justin Walker and Chris Urquizo. Coach Paul Keysaw spoke proudly of the five All-stars and two alternates representing Fresno City College, “We are proud of all our guys.” Wresting at 125, Galen

Williams. “He’s a third year guy, and this is his first year making the starting team. He’s had a great year so far, he’s only lost one match,” said Coach Paul Keysaw. Wresting at 133 is Daniel Osmer, “A transfer from Modesto College. He has also had a great year so far; I’m looking forward to watching him compete,” said Coach Paul Keysaw. Wresting at 165 is Fernando Lucatero. “Fernando has

been outstanding. I believe he’s only had one loss,” said Keysaw. Wresting at 174 is Joe Cisneros: “Joe has been getting better since the first day of practice. I’m really proud of him making it to the all-star team,” said Keysaw. Wresting at 285 is Austin Garza. “Austin has been the man all year long. He’s a sophomore, and only returning All-American,” said Keysaw.

Sat. Oct. 24 - “All Star Dual” - Monterey - 5 p.m. Tues. Oct. 27 - “Cuesta Dual” - Fresno - 7 p.m. Wed. Nov. 4 - “West Hills Dual” - Fresno - 7 p.m. Sun. Nov. 8 - “Menlo Open” - Menlo - All Day Sat. Nov. 14 - “San Francisco State Tournament” - SF - 7 p.m. Sat. Dec. 5 - “Northern Regional” - Skyline - All Day Fri., Sat. Dec. 11 & 12 - “State Championships” - Chabot - All Day

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Sports Hitting the mat with “Smoking Joe” Cisneros 16 Rampage

October 21, 2009

by Ray Juarez Rampage Reporter

lot, and I’m very happy with my success,” he said. A few years ago, Cisnero Before beginning his wres- walked away from the mat to take tling career at Fresno City College, care of some personal issues. ReJoe Cisneros was putting together cently, he returned to wrestling and a very impressive resume. During has enjoyed being part of the FCC his high school years, Cisneros was wrestling team. “I’ve been out of a state champion, three time state competition for two years now,” placer, three time All American, said Cisneros. “It’s kind of hard getand third in the nation. ting back into my groove, because “The love before coming here the for the sport came last time I wrestled was at a young age for “Being a champion at the state tournament in me. My dad was high school. It feels good a big wrestling means a lot, but at the to be back…. still a little fan,” he said. “I end of the day, it’s just rusty, but now that I’m came home one back. I have to get back day with a flyer a title. When it’s all into shape and gain all from school and the skills I know I have.” I’ve been wres- over and done with, Joe says untling ever since.” like other wrestlers, he He said his fa- my hand is raised, doesn’t warm up as hard ther knew a lot and I walk away the before a match. “I like to about the sport save my energy for my and introduced winner. I’m ready match. I meditate, get him to it. “It was loose, and relax. I visuthe little con- for who ever is next. alize all the possibilities nection we had. and then I get all pumped Wrestling ourna- I always want to be up,” he said. ments were our better than the next Cisneros also said thing, just seeing that along with success him happy that I come disappointments. guy.” was wrestling,” “The disappointments - Joe Cisneros that I’ve overcome is Cisneros said. He said he loved what has made me betwrestling in high ter. I don’t remember the school. “Even though I always had guy’s I beat, but I remember who to cut weight all the way up to my I lose to... When it’s all over and junior and senior year and a had a done with, my hand is raised, and few injuries’ that got in the way, I walk away the winner. I’m ready I was still able to accomplished a for who ever is next. I always want to be better than the next guy.”

Pictured above, Joe Cisneros is one of five All-stars chosen to compete in the upcoming All-Star Dual.

Photo by Hector Rulas

FCC Football team routs West Hills by Jeremiah Henry Rampage Reporter

Fans of Fresno City College Rams and West Hills College Falcons football teams could not have asked for a better afternoon of football. The perfect weather brought out a modest-sized crowd, who struggled to find a spot in the shade at the 1:00 p.m. kick-off, with the Rams on the receiving end. Less than three minutes into the first quarter, the Falcons put 6 on the board with a 28 yard touchdown pass, preceded by an 11 play, 94 yard drive, and followed by an extra point. The Rams attempted to answer this score on their next drive, but only inches away from the end-zone, a turn-over gave the Falcons a momentary upper hand. Held at bay by a strong Rams defense, however, the Falcons were 4 and out, and had to punt back to the house’s territory. One pass later, the Rams brought one home as Quarterback Emmanuel Lewis connected with freshman wide-receiver Isiah Barton, who was alone in the end-zone. This led to a tie score at the 5 and a half minute mark of the first quarter. Coming close to extending their lead at 3 and a half minutes left, the Rams shot just wide of the field goal post, ending the quarter tied. Half way through the second quarter, the Falcons defensive back, Jeff Jones, nearly intercepted

a pass at the Rams’ 10 yard line, but he was unable to hold on as he hit the turf. Despite a missed opportunity for a turnover, a tough West Hills defense kept the Rams at bay for most of that quarter. Yet the Rams would have the final word of the first half as Lewis was able to find a gap and run one home for the house from 31 yards out. The Falcons experienced another solid Rams defensive on their final drive for the half, giving the Rams another chance to put more numbers on the board. However, as the clock wound down, the Rams took a knee, leading to a 14-7 halftime score. To begin the second half, West Hills found a kick-off return at their own 30 yard line. However, they found themselves 4 and out at the hands of a relentless Rams defensive line and were Rams territory, where the Rams accepted a fair catch. Feeling confident in their lead, the Rams attempted a pass on a fourth down and 10 yard stretch at their own 40 yard line. With intense pressure from a West Hills blitz, however, Lewis was forced out of the pocket, and unable to see an open receiver in the end-zone, he was forced to throw the ball away, giving the Falcons a chance at the Rams’ own 40. The Falcons were unable to capitalize on this opportunity, however, and were unable to get within field goal range.

After a fair catch at their own 20 yard line, the Rams drove it deep into Falcon territory 12 minutes into the third quarter, where Lewis connected with Isiah Barton once again, this time at the Falcon’s 1 yard line. Following was a first and goal score for the Rams where, freshman running back, Josh Tobar, carried the ball across the goal line. The third quarter ended 21-7. Soon after the start of the final quarter, the Falcons closed the gap with a touchdown less than two minutes in. The following extra point set the Rams with only a modest seven point lead. However, the Rams answered straight back with a 30 yard pass to sophomore wide receiver, Arkeem French, who carried the ball another 30 yards to cross the goal line, barely breaking a tackle from Falcons defensive back, sophomore Darren Hairston. The Rams would next attempt to fake an extra point into a two-point conversion, but the Falcons were quick to respond with a denial. West Hills’ sophomore Tate, Humphrey, met significant pressure from the Rams defensive line, which sacked him, causing a fumble and leading to yet another Rams touchdown. With four minutes left in the game, sophomore running back Antoin Dewalt ran another touchdown past the Falcons defense, leading to an end-game score of 41-14.

Photo by Jeremiah Henry

Emmanuel Lewis connects with Isiah Barton while under pressure by Josh Heard, leading to the Rams’ first touchdown of the day.

Next Game: FCC vs Sierra College Sat. Oct. 31 @ 1:00 p.m.

Rampage Fall 2009 Issue 4  

Rampage Fall 2009 Issue 4