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HELLO! My names is catalin plesca and i speekaboutthe domestic life in my house bald. Waking the morning my mother prepares breakfast lunch,then l´ll organize my room ,makebed , tidy up the clothes ,sweeping away ,I help my mother to do cleaning such as washing the floor , washing dishes , for the clothes to dry.When l finhish whit my father to do elefane blue bath carriage ,to get home l´ll walk the dog and also give him a bath ,the aftermon l help set the table while my father and my sister prepare food after dinner me and my sister wash the dishes and silverware whill my parents are to rest when we finish whasing dishes my brother and i´ll take the dog for a wallk come home to rest time l go seea a movie or l´ll have with friends or the facebook alternativeto sleep in peace and quiet. FINISH




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