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2 the logo


who we are

to boostU! Dear Friend, What you now hold in your hands are the Brand Guidelines for boostU. This book is a culmination of lots of hard work by a dedicated team of individuals. Together we strove to build the boostU brand so that it will always live up to our company ambition of providing important tools and resources to students. At boostU, our goal is—and always will be—to enable all high school students to realize their dreams

of college acceptance. By codifying to faciliate stewardship of our brand the guidelines pertaining to the for years to come. application and maintenance of our brand, it is our hope that the boostU Plan here. Reach anwhere, brand will continue to thrive under our watchful eyes. The responsibility of caring for the brand is a collective ever and falls upon every member of the boostU employee family, from the interns to CEOs. These guidelines exist emilio ramos, ceo


the logo




The Master Logo This mark is the visual representation and iconic culmination of boostU. It is inviting and composed, friendly yet sharp. It is strong yet not overbearing. Composed but not stuffy or overly academic.

The following rules and guidelines were carefully planned and written to allow for clear and consistent applications of our logo to maintain the integrity of our brand and our message.

As a representation of our company and brand, the logo should be treated with respect. Like any member of our corporate family, it should be supported and well treated.

The logo is comprised of two distinct parts: the wordmark and the exponent. The exponent is representative of the boostU commitment to help students

reach their full potential when applying to their dream colleges. While the woodmark should never appear without the exponent, the exponent plays a larger role in the boostU identity and can appear by itself if the proper usage guidelines are followed (see pg. 7).

Proper Usage

logo usage


One of the most important aspects of proper logo usage is whitespace. Whitespace is simply a buffer zone around each instance of the logo. By integrating this whitespace, the boostU brand can exist in all its applications without competing visually with its adjacent elements. Whitespace is especially important when the boostU logo appears alongside other company logos. Whitespace is determined by the size of the logo application and is equal to the lengths of the line portions of the exponent. These lines are called: the spacers. It is important to note that there is less whitespace on the top and bottom of a logo application than the space on the sides. This is because the horizontal whitespace is determined by the longer, top spacer while the shorter, bottom spacer determines the size of the vertical whitespace. The dotted border around the logo to the left represents the bounding box that encloses this particular logo application. The proper spacers are shown in light orange defining the area.


logo usage

Proper Usage continued Many times it is necessary to apply the boostU logo in an environment other than a white background. When this occurs, there are specific logo colorations that should be followed for consistent branding. the two-color logo is only used on a plain white background. If the background is any solid color other than white, the two-color logo should not be used. This is to ensure, clear and legible branding. At the discretion of the designer, either an all-black or all-white version of the logo may be used.


the logo should only appear on a solid color. The boostU logo should not appear on a gradient,

photograph, or any other type non-solid color background. the logo should not be set at an angle. In some applications such as merchandise or branded clothing this may be unavoidable but in all other situations, slanted applications should be avoided. the logo should never be skewed or stretched. Regardless of the application, doing this compromises the integrity of the mark and breeds brand inconsistencies. The diagram on the facing page shows examples of improper and proper boost U logo usage. The left column showcases applications that

correctly follow these guidelines. The right column shows the types of logo applications that do not follow them and should be avoided.

logo usage 5

examples of proper usages

examples of improper usages


Plan here. Reach anyw The Tagline The official tagline of boostU is: “plan here. reach anywhere�.


The tagline can appear in a lockup with the main logo. When using a logo lockup with the tagline, the vertical white-space is measured from the baseline of the tagline, not the wordmark. The decision to use a logo lockup with or without the tagline should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

logo lockup with tagline and proper whitespace

a lt e r n at e lo g o s

where. Alternate Logos In addition to the two main logo lockups, there are two additional logos that may be used in specific contexts. They are the social icon and the browser favicon. Unlike the master logo which may appear both in print and on screen, the Social Icon and Browser Favicon only appear in screen-based media. The Social Icon is used to represent the boostU Mobile Application on various platforms. The Brower Favicon is used to represent boostU in an internet address bar and where the Social Icon is too large per the logo sizing guidelines (pg. 9). These two logos should never appear in print except when they

are depicted in the context of their screen-based usages. For example, it is permisible to show the social icon in an advertisement for the boostU Mobile Application but should not be used in lieu of the master logo in said advertisement.


social icon

browser favicon

Size Restrictions

logo sizes

To ensure faithful reproduction of the logo in all media and at all sizes, there is a minimum size below which the logo should not be used.



minimum digital application

For digital uses, the minimum size of the logo is 26px tall. With proper white-space added, this height increases to 42px tall*. For printed applications, the minimum size of the logo is 5⁄16 of an inch tall* ( 3⁄16 of an inch with 2 ⁄16 of an inch of vertical whitespace.


minimum digital application

1 1/8”

For logo lockups that use the tagline, the minimum digital size is 112px tall* including whitespace. When printed, the logo should not be reproduced smaller than 1 and 1⁄8 of an inch tall*. Tf there is no logo that can be used correctly in an certain application, it is permissible to set “boostU” in any weight of the Whitney typeface.

minimum print application with tagline

8 112px

minimum digital application with tagline *these figures have been rounded slightly to avoid unwieldy fractions.

Alternate Logo Restrictions Just like with their full-sized counterparts, the usage of the two alternate boostU logos is governed by rules regarding their minimum sizes.

The Social Icon should only appear at sizes ranging from 120px–30px tall. The Browser Favicon should only appear at sizes ranging from 30px–16px tall.

browser favicon minimum screen application


a lt e r n at e lo g o s i z e s

Unlike the master logo, there are also restrictions as to the maximum size at which these logos can appear. An exception to this rule would be the types of print usage outlined in the alternate logos Section on page 11.


browser favicon maximum screen application


social icon minimum screen application



social icon maximum screen application

color palette

boostU Color Palette


Our colors were carefully selected to convey the energy and enthusiasm of our brand. Any orange cannot simply be used when creating boostU-branded materials. Our colors, when used in conjunction with our logos and typography, are what signal to our users that what they were interacting with is part of the boostU environment they know and trust.

By adhering to the color formulae listed below, you will ensure faithful reproduction of our color palette across all forms of media. for the most accurate colors, the pantone spot colors should be used. the rgb/hex values should only be used for screenbased media while the cmyk mixes should be used for print applications.

pantone 7578 c

pantone 7576 c

pantone neutral black c

rbg: 255, 107, 52 cmyk: 8, 72, 97, 0 hex: #E06A29

rbg: 225, 133, 78 cmyk: 9, 56, 77, 0 hex: #E0854E

rbg: 35, 31, 32 cmyk: 71, 66, 65, 73 hex: #232121

the boostu color palette

boostU Typography


In both our printed and digital materials, boostU employs a combination of two typefaces: vista Slab ot and whitney.


When setting text and the use of Whitney is not possible, it is acceptable to substitute it for one of the following typefaces (they are listed in the order of descending preference of use): 1. gil sans 2. myriad pro 3. helvetica 4. arial

abcdefghijklmn テアopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 vista slab ot regular 18/20pt


The majority of body text of boostU documents should be typeset in Whitney. Vista Slab OT should be used more sparingly as the typeface employed for titles, section headers, large display type, or anywhere else emphasis is needed and appropriate.

ABCDEFGHIJKLMN テ前PQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmn テアopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 whitney medium 18/20pt


Sample Applications

sample applications

The following collection of images is just a small sampling of what the boostU brand looks like out in the world. The examples herein are by no means exhaustive, but every one demonstrates, sound adherence to the guidelines set forth in this book.

12 sample advertising: facebook

sample advertising: spotify

(703) 887 0173

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sample applications

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emilio ramos



boostU Brand Guidelines