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making it in america

Kendrys Morales was born on June 20, 1983 in Fomento, Cuba.

As a boy, he relocated to the capital Havana where he grew up and began to play baseball.

While playing baseball for Los Industriales in Havana, Morales was thought to be one of the best rookies in Cuban baseball history

but his Cuban career came to an abrupt end when he was suspended from play for allegedly attempting to contact an agent to leave Cuba.

While he denies ever contacting an agent, ultimately Morales chose to leave the country

and after 11 failed defection Morales finally reached the

n attempts, e Florida coast.

Morales left Florida to establish residency in the Dominican Republic where he was scouted and signed by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

He worked his way quickly through the minor leagues until

he made his major le May 23, 2006 versu

eague debut on us the Texas Rangers.

Morales played well over the next few years and played his first full season in 2009.

His success was unexpectedly halted after fracturing his leg jumping on home plate celebrating a grand slam in 2010.

He would miss the rest of the season and all of the next.

Morales would return in March of 2012. In December of that year, he was traded to the Seattle Mariners

where he plays today.

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Making it in America