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“Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. When people can’t do something themselves, they’re gonna tell you that you can’t do it. You want something, go get it . Period.” -Will Smith (The pursuit of Happines Film)

General Ramon Antonio Villa C. Mexican + 52 (667) 7677467 Skype: Ramonv.Cervantes Mail: Ramón

Applying to: MCVP TM Because I am pretty sure that people are the heart of AIESEC and if you have a good Talent Management may have all the results that you want. This is my next role on my CP. “Its not form me, It is for the children”

Run Forrest, Run.!! -Jenny (Forrest Gump Film)

My AIESEC experience

LCVP TM 2012 I first time that I felt the water falling on my head. An amazing experience being in charge of the Culishis Development process RESULTS •2 succesfull recruitments •I restructured the area. • TLPquality (TLP per X) increased a 200% •Growth on TLP and TMP experiences •All TM flow runned

Lcp aiesec cu 2013 Last but not Least, My current role that I love as a CRAZY. This is the best experience that I ever had. RESULTS • More than 100% of growth on 1st semester. •Membership stability & focus on results •Finance Sustainability •External positioning with strategic partnerships

Od nst July to december 2012 I don’t feel proud of my results on this team buy a learned a lot on this position, here I was in charge of TM of Mexican Expansions and Coach of two developing LCs. RESULTS •I Designed a Talent Selection process for Expansion •I helped on the selection process of the LCP of MeridaVictor Zapata

"I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse.“ -Vito Corleone (The GodFather Film)

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Motivation, Leadership & Management 1) Why are you applying for MCVP 2014/2015 of AIESEC in Mexico? As a good TMer I believe in a career planning: I think each step we take has to have a defined purpose that leads us to a final goal. In my case, I’ve had my career plan clearly structured since that September of 2010 I joined AIESEC in the TM area, assigned in a coordination called Talent Tracking. From that day I set some goals and to get to them I drew a path I have successfully achieved with the support of God and the people around me through it. The next step is becoming MCVP Talent Management, and not just because of the personal satisfaction or for achieving some goal, but because I believe that through Talent Management we can make AIESEC in Mexico grow and make it competitive in the world, and in order to do so I’ve been preparing myself and I’ve had it in my mind since that September of 2010.

3) What makes me good at..? a) AIESEC Conference creation Through my AIESEC career I’ve been Agenda Manager in several local conferences, including: •5 Educational Campings •4 SMIs, 4 Assesment Centers •1 TLP Agenda • 1 LDS Also, in January of 2013 I was nationally certified to run OPSs and did it twice in my local entity.

c) Living with other people As a traditional Sinaloense I come from a ranch, which means I’m used to be surrounded by tons of people, either from your family or not, in the same house and coexist with them in a pacific and empathic way despite of the different ideas, likes, dislikes, personalities, etc.

4. What have been your biggest failure and your biggest achievement as An AIESECer? My biggest mistake was trying to do everything at the same time during my second semester of 2012, when I was LCVP TM in AIESEC Culiacan. Besides that important local role, I decided to take a national one as NST OD without considering my times and at the end I failed to both my leaders and my team. This is a mistake I regret until this day, as one of the things I hate the most is to fail in the things I’m determined to accomplish. My biggest achievement, which represents something huge for me personally, was restructuring the Talent Management local area in AIESEC Culiacan during my VP TM term. By this I mean that during 2012 we finally achieved to make a membership focus mentality transition of the local entity to focus on membership’s development tracking, having an AIESEC Culiacan with results-oriented members, working to make exchanges from their respective areas, and following diligently a specific JD. In other words, I managed to accomplish in 1 year the efforts that others put during the last 4 ones without results.

Do, or do not. There is no "try". - Yoda (from The Empire Strikes Back)

"Oh yes, the past can hurt. But you can either run from it, or learn from it." - Rafiki, from The Lion King

Strategic thinking. 1) What things has AIESEC Mexico done best and worst in the last years?

Best: I think that unifying efforts as ONE AIESEC Mexico is one of the best things the national entity has done in the last years and that has brought us results. Also, trying to expand ourselves in all the ways we’ve done it, like in number of local entities, SUs, products, has been a strong point as well. In addition, I think the clustering of LCs with the programme focus strategy is one of the things that has raised the operative level of AIESEC in Mexico and achieved tangible results.

"I see dead people.“ The sixth Sense

4) For each AIESEC Programs in the Experiential Leadership Development phases, please list one concrete strategy to grow, consolidate or mature each of them in AIESEC in Mexico.

Global Community Development Programme. “Relevant Community” We must start creating projects in collaboration with local institutions to impact in relevant community problems. Also, the sales must be focused on structured NGO projects to increase the impact these NGOs have in their local realities. In addition, we should direct our out-going exchanges to relevant projects in other countries with similarities to our national reality, so that we can replicate them in Mexico. For this to happen we would start making a local committee internal EP recruitment and creating parallel strategies to generate a higher number of people experiencing more than 1 programme at the same time (or as an oldie like me would say, X+LR).

“May the FORCE be with YOU” -Star Wars

“So it's not gonna be easy. It's going to be really hard; we're gonna have to work at this everyday, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, everyday. You and me... everyday.� - The notebook

Specific questions 1) Describe at least 3 strategies you want to implement in order for Talent Management to better support and increase Exchange growth and quality?

“Say Hello to my little friend� -Scare Face

“SERIOUSLY, do you feel EXCELLENT?” This campaign would be a Membership’s Satisfaction Measurement (like NPS but with variations). The idea comes from the focus we’ve put into measuring our EP, trainee and partner satisfaction to know if they are promoters or detractors of our products and programs, treating them as clients. The point is that our members are our clients as well and they should be treated like that. If we are concerned of having a high number of detractors in our exchange programmes, we should also worry about the detractors we have in our membership programmes, which are more and they could affect us more as an organization if there is people that was part of it and now talks in a bad way about us. So, if we have a high number of promoter members we would be more likely to have a bigger external acceptance and we would be generating a bigger amount of exchanges.

“My precious”. The lord of the Rings

2) How would you evolve talent planning and selection process? When we talk about talent planning we think in the basic thing which is planning the number of members an LC needs based on The structure per area to achieve the goals set. We must start taking this to a higher level which allows us to create operational sustainability and ensuring talent capacity. Talent Management should be more of a statistics, analysis and strategies area, because for me everything is the numbers but we haven’t taken the time to base our actions in cold data to create talent management’s planning and strategies. To achieve this, and in order to include the other functional areas in my strategy of a more effective talent planning, my proposal is based in 4 pillars:

Number of Exchanges: If we want an Exchange growth we should grow from the base. By this I mean increasing the number of members in the functional areas and making bigger structures. Each LC must have in mind how many members and leaders they need to accomplish 1 exchange and plan based on that to seek the number is smaller each time to create a balance between Team Programme Experiences and Exchange Programme Experiences.

Finance: Something just a few people have in mind is that is not just about having a lot of members, but that a big amount of members implies a higher financial charging. It’s important to make an analysis per LC of how much it is spending per TMP and TLP in supports, rewards & recognitions, etc. Everyone must have in mind that if we enlarge the membership base, we must increase the financial investment as well. So this will help the local entities to have a proper planning in membership’s investments, integration events and LCs motivation.

Universities We should plan correctly where our target talent is located, doing this through solid basis and focus operations on recruiting from specific universities that offer the careers we need. Base our recruitment on student’s profiles, competencies developed at university and their programs.

On-goingPlanning: The talent planning must be performed during the whole year, instead of just twice a year on recruitment seasons. We must evaluate and analyze the LCs operations constantly and re-planning the talent needs of each functional area.

Altogether, we need to make Talent Selection focused on these guidelines and a strategic selection. But above all, we have to start selecting those people that are going to be fully committed with AIESEC and are willing to invest their time, instead of the smarty one that has tons of other responsibilities and doesn’t get fully involved with the organization. We really have to start selecting people with ATTITUDE, and create guidelines that help us detect the correct attitude to easily target those people that are going to be the leaders of the LCs and not just random members. We must create more creative selection models, like the ones used by global enterprises like Google, Facebook, etc., where they have panel interviews, competitions, and some other things that challenge the applicants to join AIESEC and make it easier for us to detect the ones with the best attitude, that represent our values and fulfill our competences.

"Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.“ - Forrest Gump

3) What has been done this last year that you would keep from the area? Pool of trainers: Personally like a lot the hard work that has been put for increasing the number of national trainers. During my AIESEC XP I’ve lived and enjoyed being trainer in different occasions and I believe it’s something we definitely must continue offering to our members.

Recruitment Coaching: Recruitment is definitely one of the main tasks of Talent Management and it must not be neglected. There are 5 processes involved and we must make sure everything gets done the way they have to be done in each local committee to ensure talent capacity and successfully reach the planning set at national level.

“I’ll Back” The Terminator

4) What are the three KPIs you would prefer to be used for your evaluation?

“Aquí está una de las tareas de la juventud: empujar, dirigir con el ejemplo la producción del hombre de mañana. Y en esta producción, en esta dirección, está comprendida la producción de sí mismos“

-Ernesto “Che” Guevara.


Application Ramon Villa MCVP TM @MX  

I share with you my application to MCVP TM in order to let you know about my vision and strategies.

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