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Sept. 7, 2010

“RACE TO THE TOP” Leaves Yonkers Students at the Bottom RAMONDELLI RAILS AGAINST IMBALANCE IN STATE SCHOOL FUNDING Mike Ramondelli, today responded to the inequitable distribution of “Race to the Top” education funding, aimed to help develop educational programs. “After learning the details of New York's ‘Race to The Top’ funding allocation, it is disturbing to find that Yonkers, the 4th largest city in the State, is nowhere near the top”, Ramondelli remarked during a morning appearance outside Yonkers PS 16 on North Broadway. Ramondelli was a fifth grade teacher at School 16 in the late eighties before he entered the business world. “Once again, education dollars are being distributed based on a vague, political formula, instead of on the actual needs of students and schools”. “New York City will receive $326.6 million - nearly 50% of the total funds available - while Yonkers school children will once again have to fight for the scraps Sheldon Silver and the New York City delegation leave behind. Yonkers taxpayers continue to be short-changed while their children are deprived of vital educational programs - even the basic safety of crossing guards on their way to school”, Ramondelli stated. “As your NYS Assemblyman, one of my top priorities will be securing Yonkers’ fair share of state school aid. For too long, we have paid hand over fist in taxes and received precious little in return. It is not enough for our elected representatives to accept inadequate one-shot funding for Yonkers, year-in and year-out. They offer us Band aids as a temporary fix, when we need a real cure and real leaders who will fight for equitable school funding”. Ramondelli asserted. “We must stand up to entrenched leaders like Sheldon Silver and reform Albany's outdated and inequitable education funding policies which deny aid to Yonkers’ school children and relief to Yonkers’ taxpayers”. Ramondelli concluded.

The people of Yonkers need an advocate for Yonkers in Albany, not an apologist for Albany in Yonkers.

Race to the Top  
Race to the Top  

Yonkers students are not receiving their fair share of state education funding due to inadequate representation in Albany.