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Who are your Biblical heroes? 7ands down, the 2(essed “ir—in. 7er co)p(ete and unhesitatin— sub)ission to 6od's wi((, as memorialized in the Magnificat and other biblical passages, is what I think "cemented" my faith. To this day, I endeavor to do the same. To this day, I continue to be devoted to Mary.

You project a fearsome character (at least in the media). But do you have any fear?

Definitely, I fear the wrath of God and the pains of hell.

What books are you reading right now?

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How do you relax? 2y doin— so)ethin— (ike this, answerin— your questionnaire. Haha! I do Sudoku a lot, watch Food ;etwork with )y dau—hter “a(erie, and bond read chat, shop, watch plays, cook, clean house) with my children abroad whenever I can.

When was the last time you cried?

Durin— the 9udicia( and 2ar Council interview, when I was asked about my source of strength and how I deal with pressure at work. I talked about wanting to continue serving the poor by giving them better access to justice, and my faith in God. I usually well up when I think about God’s faithfulness and generosity, especially to me and my family.

I just inished "Predictably Irrational" and "The Upside of 8rrationa(ity" both by Dan 1rie(y. ’ou shou(d read the) and see yourself in them – how we make decisions and why we defy rational behavior, and how conlicting or opposing directions can actually beneit us. I have also just read “Like the 5(owin— river o– pau(o 3oe(ho, a brilliant and very insightful collection of his thoughts and relections. They express deep faith in God (he is Catholic), the inherent goodness of man and how God is in control of our destiny. I like books like these because they help me understand human behavior better – including myself – and how yielding to God’s will at all times is our greatest call and redemption. In the process, it makes me more at peace and forgiving of my own and others' limitations and failures. 2edside readin— are )ore re(i—ious in content, like novenas and spiritual books.

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If you were to write a personal psalm to the Lord, how would the first lines go?

Thank you, Lord, for all your blessings to your unworthy servant, especially those I take for granted and waste away. Take me by the hand and use )e –or ’our honor and glory. Grant me obedience and complete sub)ission to ’our wi((, so that where ’ou (ead, there 8 sha(( —o. 1(ways keep )e and everyone who) ’ou have put in )y care under ’our protection and headship, and fill us with love for each other.

Who were your idols growing up?

Mama Mary. 1n— (akas niya sa Diyos! re)e)ber the –irst miracle at Cana. He turned water into wine anyway out of his great love and respect for Mary. I wish everyone would appreciate why Mary is, indeed, the great Mediatrix, and that is why she is truly our best kakampi kay 9esus.


What would you tell your 18-year old self?

God loves you and will always be with you.


True North - July 2014  

Set Apart for His Purpose

True North - July 2014  

Set Apart for His Purpose