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TRUE NORTH BEAT 2 giancarlo “gio” Ferrer Misa, Parents: Stephen “Tep” Misa and Hazel Ferrer-Misa Sport: cycling, tennis, swimming, soccer, basketball age he started: He got his irst bike at the a—e o– . 6io was ab(e to bike without training wheels when he was 6.

prize. He is very gracious even in defeat. Winning is just icing on the cake. For him, it’s not all about the winning, it’s about having fun, giving it his all and inishing. What values has he developed through sports? HM: Discipline, sportsmanship, perseverance and the "can-do" attitude are what he has developed in sports. He has this "never-give-up" attitude which is quite admirable.

How did gio get into sports? Hazel Misa (HM): 1t an ear(y a—e, 6io wou(d see his dad bike every weekend with his cycling teammates. They (Tep and his teammates) would ride through 1ntipo(o, teresa and even a(( the way to la—una and back. 1s –or )e, 8 started trainin— –or triath(on in and this encouraged Gio to try out the sport as well. recent(y, he has been joinin— events in cyc(in— that cover his age group. He has been hoping to join a duathlon one of these days, since he inds training for swimming too tiring.

How much time does he spend training? HM: For Gio, I would take him to rides with me to train with my coach. This would span weekly rides for at least three to four weeks before the actual race. We tried having him train with a mag trainer but his bike is still not big enough to it the regular bike trainers available, but we’re working on this. How does the family integrate sports in your daily lives? HM: Since my husband and I are both into triathlon, training or working out is already part of our lifestyle. It gets busier when there is an actual race that we are preparing for, but we try to maintain a schedule so that it will not intervene with commitments with community, unless of course the race itself falls on a day when there is a sectoral assembly or district gathering. There are schedules that are kept sacred, which are set dates allotted for service in the Community. How do you deal with disappointment when he does not win? HM: Gio has always had a very positive attitude. He is elated and proud when he or his team wins, but he is also well-mannered if he does not bag the


Raphael Luis “Ralf” R. Manuel, Maria gianina “Nina” R. Manuel, kirsten Marie “kimi” R. Manuel, Parents: li)ue( 2on— :anue( rina lorena rina reyes-:anue( Sport he engaged in : Triathlon relay, basketball age they started: ra(– - , ki)i - , ;ina How did they get into sports? Who inluenced them? Bong Manuel (BM): It all started with their swimming lessons. They were introduced to one novice co)petition. ”e were surprised that ki)i and ;ina won. Seeing their potential, their coach encouraged them to train formally. The three then joined a triath(on re(ay. 8t was on(y (ast year when ;ina and Kimi concentrated on swimming after they became part o– the San 2eda Swi))in— “arsity. ra(–, a–ter trying swimming and running, is now enjoying the dynamics of basketball. How do you support them especially during competitions? BM: When they have an event, we take a leave from work to bring them to the venue, prepare the things they need, malaking bearing yung presensya ng magulang when they compete. We have a reward system - a monetary reward - para mas tangible. If they win there is a corresponding amount, iba pa yung reward if they improve on their personal time, so that they will compete with themselves. The reward system serves as a jumping board for them to excel. We also see this as an opportunity to teach them to manage their own money. With what they earn, they have the option on how to spend it. We also teach them to set aside money and invest it.

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How do you support him especially during competitions? HM: 2ein— present durin— his co)petitions or events is very i)portant. 1t their a—e, they anchor on their parents for support and guidance. Weeks before the race, we ensure that he is prepared in terms of training, i.e. getting enough saddle time and being able to ride the expected distance. His dad would train him for the transition in triathlon. We also pray with them and encourage him to inish.

True North - July 2014  

Set Apart for His Purpose

True North - July 2014  

Set Apart for His Purpose