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dare to support Children with high abilities! We invite you to Be the Founder of the First gifted education Center in romania

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from IRSCA’s team ”Gifted Education respects and promotes the divine human nature and not the human being for consumption. We promote the creative human being, able to develop her potential. “

Florian Colceag, President ”The Gifted Education Center is the chance for this European nation to direct the young talent and intelligence to her development needs. The center costs too much NOT to build it. “

Monica Gheorghiu, Project manager “The Gifted Romanian child needs an environment to nourish. The whole world is his house, but Romania has to be his home. What do we have to offer to make him feel like this? “

Ramona Păduraru, International Programs Director

“Gifted children come into this world with the seed of a strong tree but they don’t get enough water to raise to what might one be, to fulfil one’s potential”

Paul Ardeleanu, Ambassador of the Center “Parents have a critical role in the discovery and development of talents and multiple intelligences of the children. Involving everyone NOW begins by assuming this role

Anca Podoleanu, Leader in the Board of Parents ”We proposed the Law 17/2007 for gifted children and lead a successful lobbying campaign in the Parliament. NOW it is our turn to act. “

Anca Ghinea, Strategic Partners & Development Manager Children have opened their mind’s eyes to a limitless dimension of the human being. The Brain Regain to the Center will make the Romanian intellectual flow become complete

Dragoş Preda, International Director

Who Are we? IRSCA Gifted Education – The Institute for Advanced Studies and Research in Gifted Education - is a nonprofit organization founded in 2004 in Romania with the mission to discover and develop the potential of children with high ability with an education of excellence.

vision To offer an enriched learning environment to nurture the skills and high abilities of the children grow and develop to their full potential, from a kindergarten to a post-PhD level.

We are an International Organization • UNESCO Partner • Member of ECHA - European Council for Children with high skills • Member of WCGTC - The World Council for Gifted and Talented Children • Member of TheAsia Pacific Federation of the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children.

Initiatives • Initiator of the National Gifted Education Program • Initiator of the Law 17/2007 on the education of gifted, capable of high performance children • Initiator and founding member of EDUGATE – the Romanian Consortium for the Education of Gifted and Talented Children • Developer of programs to support and discover young talents • Organizer of the RO-GATE in May 2005, the first national conference for an Education of Excellence • Initiator and supporter of the project of the Gifted Education Center - the first non-profit center for children with high ability in Romania with the mission to discover and develop the talents and multiple intelligences.

Who are

gifted children? How can I get

involved? We invite you to make a donation. Significant Donors are invited to be Founders of the Center • You can buy art donated by international artists in the benefit of the Center • Become the Voice for the Center in your community • Be our CSR partner for an education program with international visibility • Pay It Forward! Get involved creatively in our campaign to gather around a generation of professionals who want to generously give back to the generations to come. The campaign allows you to flexibly get involved as you have always wanted to. Come join us! Learn more:

• According to recent research published, 5-10% of the world’s population are gifted and talented. Some of them distinguish themselves with very large personal capacity (only 2% of the world’s population) • According to Romanian psychologists, in Romania, the percentage for Gifted approaches 4% of the population (vs. 2% worldwide) • Gifted who are not integrated into an initial education system, and then an economic and political management, migrate to countries which offer more opportunities for personal development

Why a Gifted Education Center?

• Because gifted children have special educational needs and are a vulnerable social group • Most of the gifted kids do not grow to reach social or professional success (50% of them according to international research) • As a society, we need to provide equal development opportunities for all children • It is guaranteed “the right to a differentiated education, to formal, non-formal and informal, educational programs as a whole, and appropriate development to the segment of the population represented by young gifted, capable of high performance, characterized by particular needs” (Article 3 / Law 17/2007 )

The Mission of the Gifted Education Center • To support gifted and talented children for a harmonious development in a rich learning environment that nurtures their natural skills and abilities to be authentically happy • To attract the most talented teachers • To apply the best curriculum and the most innovative teaching technologies, internationally validated

Awards and prizes 1.Prize for Excellence in Education (2007) for initiating and supporting gifted children and founding the EDUGATE consortium, distinction offered by the National Salon of Psychology 2. Distinction “Person of the Year for a European Romania” (2007) for Florian Colceag (President IRSCA Gifted Education) 3. April 2009, Oskar from CAPITAL magazine for the launch of the development project in Romania for the first Gifted Education Center, a non-profit, independent center, dedicated to gifted children

Partners and afilliation international audit involved:


Ongoing Projects in 2010

• Youth Projects • Schools for an Education of Excellence for teachers • Programs for children in Orphanages • Summer Camps for Children • Introduction courses in Gifted Education •Development of Curriculum & National Education Laws • Conferences & Fundraising • Research in Gifted Education

ACADEMIC PARTNERS • WCGTC-World Council for Gifted and Talented Children • Asia - Pacific Federation of World Council for Gifted & Talented Children • ECHA - The European Council for High Ability • NAGTY - National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth, UK • NAGC - National Association for Gifted Children, USA • College of William and Marry, USA • London Center for Gifted and Talented, UK • NEAG Center for Gifted and Talented, USA • The University of New England, Armidale, New South Wales, Australia

Build with us the first

Gifted Education Center!

IRSCA Gifted Education, a not-profit charity | | | phone:+ 40729029484

Brochure Gifted Education Center  
Brochure Gifted Education Center  

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