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August 2012

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OUR VISION: An inclusive community of faith, learning and serving for the glory of Christ


For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.” Jeremiah 29: 11 (NRSV) These words from Jeremiah are one of my favorite verses and one I’ve leaned on many times these past few years. When I first heard the calling to ordained ministry I did what many do, I tried to ignore the urging and volunteered for even more activities in the church. After several years the calling was even stronger when I approached my family about this possibility and the changes that could occur. There was fear and worry, yet the support and love I received was overwhelming. While I had heard this verse many times, it was at a youth event that these words were read and they brought such comfort. Surely I know the plans I have for you...How amazing to think that God had these plans for me all along and even more amazing that God was patient in my accepting these plans.

Plans for your welfare and not for harm…There were so many times during seminary when these words brought comfort. Comfort when there weren’t enough hours in the day for studying, commuting, working and being present for my family. Comfort when tuition and bills came due long before funds was available. Comfort and strength when I just didn’t think I could go on. To give you a future with hope… This future seemed so far away during the darkest hours. This future at times seemed unimaginable. Hope seemed barely visible. Today this verse carries new meaning for me as I reflect on the plans God had and has for me. Anything I thought might harm me actually made me stronger and able to turn to others asking for help. The glimmer of hope that was always there now shines bright and leads the way to endless opportunity.

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T h e V a l l ey S p i r i t

UMW Summer is a time for family fun, vacations and of course great times with friends and c h u r c h c o m m u n i t y . United Methodist Women are always ready for entertaining! A big thank you to the hostesses of this year's Progressive Dinner, held on July 21st. Ellen Sargent, Hallie McCray and Paula Miller put on a delicious array of goodies for the guests delight. No UMW meeting will be held in August. The regular UMW monthly meeting/program will resume on Monday, September 24th to be held at the home of Doris Nixon. It will begin at 6:00 p.m. All church women are invited. Watch for more info in September's newsletter. Have a great summer and god bless all of our RUMC family!

August 2012

Turkey Dinner For more than three decades, RUMC and the people of Ramona have gathered each November to help our friends and neighbors celebrate Thanksgiving as a community. We’ve given away thousands of free and reduced-priced meals at the Ramona Senior Center enjoyed by people of all ages. This year’s Turkey Dinner is Sunday, November 4. Please join us in this exciting annual tradition! Dinner ticket prices range from $5 for children in advance to $8 for adults on Turkey Dinner day, but hundreds will be distributed free to needy families and individuals. The more you give, the more people we will feed. The more people we feed, the more volunteers we need to raise money, prepare the meal, serve it, and clean up. Sponsors and supporters serve our community by subsidizing tickets and donating supplies and services.

Pastor ’s Article Continued from Page 1... I invite you to think about the plans God has for you and for Ramona United Methodist Church. Those plans are as strong today as they were many years ago when the founders met to discuss the need for a United Methodist church in Ramona. Our calling to minister to one another is led by the example of Jesus Christ. God has amazing plans which include no harms we can’t endure. God gives us the strength to move forward guiding each step of the way. These plans make us stronger in our faith and our commitment to serve one another. And

when we haven’t been strong enough God carries us and brings people to help us on the journey. By the power of the Holy Spirit our future is filled with hope. Hope for where we will be led in fellowship, community, service and witness. Oh the plans God has for us here at Ramona United Methodist Church! I thank God for these plans and the opportunity to discover them in ministry with you.

Peace be with you, Pastor Val

August 2012

T h e V a l l ey S p i r i t

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Meaning In Participation Very cool things go on at RUMC, and with your help they can get even cooler. I’ve been going to Finance Committee meetings every month for two-and-a-half years now, and after July’s meeting, where we talked about things like insurance and depreciation and community involvement and phone bills, I had a bit of an epiphany. Several of my jobs in Washington, DC required me to create agendas and brief participants and brainstorm about policy and run meetings. We did fun things there, too, like write legislation, develop regulation, create strategic plans, and promote our policy ideas. But rarely was the feedback and the reward and the meaning as powerful as it is at RUMC. In Washington, the nation and the world watched what we did because of the potential to make little changes in lots of people’s lives. In Ramona, people should watch RUMC because of our potential to make big changes in a few people’s lives.

Sometimes the reaction when you tell people that you’re doing this or that mild-sounding committee work for your church is a minor eye-roll—a nudge of sympathy for dealing with the nitty-gritty seemingly endless tasks that must be completed to make an organization work. But the reality is much happier. The more appropriate reaction, if only people knew how rewarding the work could be, would be curiosity about how more people could find meaning and joy participation. If you’re curious about how you might participate, come to a meeting. Finance meets the third Monday of every month at 6:00 p.m. Read 1 Corinthians 12 and think about the meaning you can bring to the body of the church. Your community is eager to find meaning in your experience, your ideas, and your participation—participate, and you’ll find meaning too. Paul Wilkinson Treasurer

Church Picnic Saturday, August 18th — 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the home of Ed and Jill Bacorn — 106 Main Street to celebrate Pastor Val and all of our staff Fun, Food & Swimming Bring a side, salad or desert to share and your swimsuit for swimming or sunning and plan on an afternoon of fun and relaxation in the shade of a pine tree or patio. We encourage carpooling as parking is limited! LPLC & UMM will be providing the meat for the barbeque!

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T h e V a l l ey S p i r i t

August 2012


August Birthdays: 3

Rachel James


Jason Purtle


Tony Greenwell


Bernard Young Mabel Wescott


Mark Miller


Mary Lou Gray Donna Bakarich


Alicia Baker Lila Jenkins


Riley Braxtan


Pastor Val Weise


Dorothy Allen


Danny Nixon


Cindi Zeigler


Darren Hardesty, Jr.

August Anniversaries 8

Matt and Jennifer Sager


Curt & Karen Johnson

What a wonderful summer we are having are Little People*s Learning Center. The children are learning, playing and praying! Yes, the children pray daily before each snack/meal, at daily bible circle and sometimes when we have celebrations and concerns. Won’t you join us in praying for our preschool, children and families? While we play we learn, and August brings us to Iran and Scotland in our quest to know about our world. We’ll study deserts and castles, continue to enjoy water play and fun & fitness. The school-age children will visit Dos Picos Park and Brand X. We continue to enjoy sharing time together at our Summer Picnics on Wednesday, August 8th. Won’t you join us around 5:00 pm, eat at 5:30 and visit until the sun goes down? We are sprucing things up in the education building: check out the new shade cover and sand, walls are being painted and carpets cleaned. I'm still looking for help with window washing and repainting the picnic table. Please volunteer and I'll supply the paint! The school year begins August 27th and very few openings are left. Contact Jill at (760) 789-3435 if you have any changes or know of anyone wanting to enroll.

OPEN DOOR DINNER The Open Door dinner hosted by RUMC will be held on August 20th, at Collier Park, 7th & F Street at 6:00 pm. If you are interested in planning, cooking, serving, eating or cleaning up, please call Mary Lou Gray for further info. We hope to see you there!

August 2012

T h e V a l l ey S p i r i t

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August 2012 Sunday


Women’s Breakfast @ McDonald’s 6:30 am Every Tuesday

Men’s Breakfast @ Ramona Café 6:00 am Every Thursday

5 Communion Sunday


12 Choir 8:00 am Worship 9:45 am






1 Friendship Circle 10:00 am





8 LPLC & RUMC Church Picnic 5:00—7:00 pm Leadership 6:30

9 Choir 6:30 pm



13 Trustees 6:30 pm


15 Golden Share Foods Order Due



18 Annual Church Picnic 4:00—7:00 pm

19 Worship 9:45 am

20 Finance 6:00 pm Ad Council 7:00 pm Open Door Dinner Collier Park 6:00 pm



23 Worship Committee 5:30 pm Choir 6:30 pm


25 Golden Share Foods Dist. 9:00 am— 9:30 am

26 Choir 8:00 am Worship 9:45 am




30 Choir 6:30 pm


Office Hours: TuesdayThursday 9 am—1 pm

This Month’s Volunteers Liturgist: Aug. 5 Aug. 12 Aug. 19 Aug. 26 Greeters: Aug. 5 Aug. 12 Aug. 19 Aug. 26

Robin LeBrun Terry Carlson Mary Lou Gray Karen Johnson Donna Shepler Mary Williams/Dolores Sasway Dorothy Allen Terry & Sue Carlson

Flowers: Aug. 5 Aug. 12 Aug. 19 Aug. 26

Bernie & Adelaide Young Dan & Doris Nixon Ruth Smith Bob & Phyllis Elsner

Coffee Fellowship: UMM

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T h e V a l l ey S p i r i t

August 2012

Mamma Mia Review I hope you are enjoying the incredibly hot weather, reminds me of being back in the Midwest! UGH! I wanted to get everyone the schedule for our Mamma Mia Review. Please, make it a point to attend so we can tackle everything we need to in order to get it together. I have a good rehearsal model developed, so if we all get on the same page we should get this thing sparking! July:

Performances: Show 1:

Friday, September 21st 7:00 pm Call time is 5:30 pm

Show 2:

Saturday, September 22nd 7:00 pm Call time is 12:30 pm

Thursday 19th 6:30pm Thursday 26th 6:30pm


Thursday 9th 6:30pm Thursday 23rd 6:30pm Thursday 30th 6:30pm

September: Thursday 6th 6:30pm Thursday 13th 6:30pm

Jason Purtle Music Director

Thursday 20th 6:30pm

Scrip Purchases To all who purchased scrip from January through June -To those who have ordered the scrip, sold it, and processed the orders -Ramona UMC received over $1,420 because of your efforts. And to those of you who don’t use the scrip program, it really is simple to do: just stop by the gazebo (or the church during office hours during the week) and we’ll explain the way it works.

Remember, buying scrip means you’ll pay no more for the purchases you normally make and our church will be better able to meet our mission commitments financially. And you get a chocolate as a bonus!

August 2012

T h e V a l l ey S p i r i t WWW.GOLDENSHAREFOODS.COM

#1 Basic - $30:

SHARE August 2012 Menu Order Deadline: 08/15/2012

2.5 lbs. Split Chicken Breasts

1 lb. Ground Beef 80/20% lean

1 lb. Ground Chicken

 

2 lbs. London Broil 1 lb. Italian Sausage

1 Bag Russet Potatoes

1 Bag Cello Carrots

1 Pkg. Cello Leaf Lettuce

2 ea. Bell Peppers

5 ea. Peaches

5 ea. Nectarines

5 ea. Plums

1 doz. Farm Fresh Eggs

3 Lbs. Bag Red Potatoes

1 Pkg. Cello Leaf Lettuce

1 Bag Baby Peeled Carrots

1 ea. Eggplant

2 ea. Large Tomatoes

1 ea. cup Mushrooms

1 ea. Sleeved Celery

2 lb Bag Red Seedless Grapes

5 ea. Kiwi Fruit

2 ea. Lemons

#3 Breakfast - $22: 

1 doz. Farm Fresh Eggs

1/8oz Shredded Cheddar Cheese

1 lb. Ham Steak

1 lb. Hickory Smoked Bacon

1 lbs. Breakfast Sausage

1 lb. Package Chorizo

1 pkg. Simplot Hash Browns (20 ea. Sleeve)

#4 Lunch Box - $25: 

12 oz. ‘Heart Smart’ Deli Turkey

12 oz. ‘Heart Smart’ Deli Ham

1 lb. All Meat Hot Dogs

1 can Chunk Lite Tuna

1 pkg. Sliced American Cheese

1 lb. Salmon; 1 lb. Tilapia;

#5 Steak Box - $20.00

1 ea. Bag Baby Peeled Carrots

6 pak Applesauce

5 ea Plums

1/10 Pak Juice Boxes

1.5 lbs. SWAI; 1lb. Pollack

Choice Items*

3 lbs. USDA Choice Flat Iron Steaks 6—8 oz. Steaks

 Beef or Chicken Taquitos- $7 15 lbs Quality meat $36

#6 Mega Meat—$36*

#7 Seafood - $20:

    

2.5 lbs. Split Chicken Breasts 2.5 lbs. Pork Spare Ribs 2 lbs. Beef Chuck Roast 5 lbs. Chicken Drummys 3 lbs. Beef Hamburger Patties

Join us for our Warehouse sale on Tuesday, July 24 and August 28th from 9am to 12pm at the SHARE Warehouse! For more information visit us online or call: 619-590-1692 or 866-570-5099

 Chicken Breasts B/S - $7.50  Shrimp 41/50 EZ Peel - $12

 4/16 oz. T-Bone Select Steaks $25


*Choice Items must be purchased with a Package.

Golden SHARE Foods is located at: 1280 N. Johnson Ave., Suite 101, El Cajon, CA 92020 Please note: Menu items are subject to change due to availability, we apologize for any inconvenience. Some Host Sites may have a $1 to $3 fuel surcharge. No Refunds

#2 Veggie - $20: 

Page 7

SHARE “Will-Call” is: 08/24/12 *August Distribution is: 08/25/2012

619-590-1692 Use this area for mailing in your order: Circle the package that you want and fill out your contact information below. Payment must be included.




Host Site Location:

*Mail with check or money order only


Ramona United Methodist Church 3394 Chapel Lane Ramona, CA 92065-3640

Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors


We’re on the WEB! & Rev.

Val Weise, Pastor

OFFICE: 760-789-7106 HOME: 858-248-9828 EMAIL: pastorval

Opportunities to Participate in the Life of RUMC Sign up on the


Open Door

bulletin board in

drivers needed

Dinner at

the church

to help with

Collier Park

Jason Purtle, Music Director Kevin Cavanaugh, Accompanist

narthex to serve

Golden Share


Rev. Myron Wingfield, District Superintendent

and participate!


August 20th at



6:00 pm


Next date is

All are welcome!

flowers on

August 21st


Barbara Green, Admin. Asst.

Ministers: The People of the Church Little People’s Learning Center Jill Bacorn, Director 760-789-3435



Articles for next month’s Valley Spirit are due by September 17th

August 2012  

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