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Ways To Achieving Great Pastels Art Pastels art may be defined as a drawing medium of dry paste which comprises of ground pigments bound by oil and chalk. The binder is manufactured in crayon form. The drawings are not similar to the ordinary paints as they are not mixed on a palette but by overlaying on paper. High degree of talent is required on the artist’s part so as to come up with suitable pastel products. To prevent smudging, the paintings are required to be fixed. The success of this fixative can be realized by using resins that dissolve in spirits. The reasoning is that when the resin is applied, the spirit evaporates leaving the pigment in place. The application should not just be done by merely painting but by an atomizer. The ventilation of the area of application should also be adequately recommendable. A watercolor brush, which ought to be necessarily soft is suitable for blending colors and ensuring that excess dust is brushed away. If literally blown away, the dust may end up in the lungs posing serious health issues. A putty rubber shaped into point with the fingers is used for lifting of the drawings. The surface of applying the drawing should be such that it allows the color application to be done more heavily. More textured pastel board should be used rather than the paper in order to be successful. Water color or cartridge may also be used for the painting. A drawing paper is ideal to avoid extra expenses during preparatory studies. The colors used for the painting are numerous and should be selected on the basis of the subject. The number of colors used should be very suitable and actually kept at a minimum. Use of so much of color may distort the image interfering with the communication the artist is intending to convey. People perceive colors differently; the message different colors convey are also varied. The hue of painting should be recognized clearly. The drawing should also be kept very clean to avoid smear of other colors. Dark colors should also be kept clean. There are safety issues that should be adhered to by the artists when working with such paintings at all levels. These concerns include but are not limited to the following: the artists should get used to wearing disposable gloves. The pigment is capable of getting absorbed through the skin, and this may be dangerous for the health of the artists. The gloves are also easy to clean. Where the pastels are done on an almost regular basis, air filters should be used in the working area. It is also advisable to apply the fixatives outside where there is proper ventilation. The life of the artist is very crucial and so these measures should be well taken. Pastels art is actually an interesting area with a lot of opportunities. Many developing talents can make their dreams realities by investing in these drawings. While at this important activity,


the artist must be cautious not to endanger their health while offering impeccable products. People who love pastels art can visit to view the gallery. You can see a variety of paintings when you click on the links at today. For further details, Visit

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Ways To Achieving Great Pastels Art  
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