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UK MOT Check The MOT Test is performed annually on all vehicles over a specific age in the United Kingdom. The check is used as a guideline to assess the safety of vehicles used on roads in the UK. The assessment can be performed at any registered MOT Station. Test Stations can be found in all metropolitan areas. The Vehicle Assessment is performed on all vehicles in the UK. The check will assess all classes of vehicles including small cars, saloon cars, estate cars, vans, Lorries, trucks and other classes. The different classes of automobiles will have their core systems checked during the check. The price of the assessment can vary but there is a national maximum that a registered garage is permitted to charge. If a vehicle fails a test the owner will be should be offered the result from the failed test. The owner can then make a decision on how they are going to complete repairs on the car before any re-assessment is booked. If they decide on taking the car to another garage they might find that there are additional charges for the re-check. Many different systems on the vehicles are going to be inspected and tested throughout the check. The checklist for the test is lengthy and additional assessments are added every single year. Some systems checked during the check include the exhaust, tyres, suspension system, windscreen, lights, and structural integrity. Most of these systems will require professional skill to repair if necessary. The most common failed item on the vehicle check is the humble lights. Yes, the greatest proportion of MOT check fails is due to a bust light. Lights are an essential safety system and are thoroughly tested during the MOT. Without having operational lights it would be dangerous to drive in certain lighting including the evening and early morning. Many people could easily avoid this failure by completing a quick visual inspection of the vehicle before taking a vehicle for the test. The cost of a light bulb will be small in comparison the potential cost of a re-assessment. Have you just brought a car and heard about the annual vehicle check. Check out some great resources I have found, visit My first MOT Check and Pass your MOT Check for more details. Get your a google wordpress plugin right away. For further details, Visit

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UK MOT Check