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The Good Old Bike Flashback During the early 1970?s, I was looking for JD parts for an old 24? Harley Davidson basket case I had purchased cheap at an AMC meet in Schenectady, Ny. In the middle of the hunt, I learned about Bill’s Custom Cycles in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. A phone call confirmed Bill’s shop had some of the parts I’d been searching for, so I took Mom’s ride, grabbed my buddy Ricky Politi, and off we left for Pennsylvania in quest of a biker’s gold! Located in a nondescript cinder block establishing not far off the highway, I was uncertain of what to anticipate from Bill’s. As soon as I went in, the angels began to sing, and light flashed and focused in one spot from God. I was definitely in the right place. I saw display cases packed with classic reconditioned motors, NOS Harley parts in those amazing orange and black cases, a niche of antique riding hats , and a long, L-shaped counter with shelves filled with stuff behind it. Dispersed over the large area were recovered Barleys of each and every style known: Panheads, 45?s, Knuckleheads, a ServiCar, a few Indians. Where ever you look and it was there. Bill , the property owner, specialized in purchasing Harley dealers which had gone belly up. Bill’s place was loaded with NOS parts from all eras. Bill also focused on buying out a lot of other things and would buy out anything old that he liked; his catalogue increased to huge proportions! In the late 90?s, he asked himself, what good was all this items if you couldn’t see it, feel it, touch it, enjoy it, and easily share it with other folks? Hence, he began focus on what would come to be the beginning of his growing museum, known as Bill’s Old Bike Barn. Bill used a complete barn he invested in and reassembled the interior of the building to house the exhibits, and it looks wonderful as a backdrop where they’d present his items. Bill stacked the place with a large cross section of motorcycles and bike collectibles. Bill discovered that the gallery was great for people that are into motorbikes and automobiles, but Bill needed to present something for everyone to ensure the museum generally is a destination for not just bike and car enthusiasts but for families as well. Bill bought two more buildings, now amassing 45,000 sq/ft. and filled these with tons of other relics to appeal even the most picky antique enthusiasts. Bill set up a massive collection of pieces in a number of shops that look like a tiny town called Billville, which has everything from a 1939 World’s Fair bar, to an office pf the mayor, to a postal office and everything from that era! The museum is awesome, so take the family along, and intend on spending a day to take it all in. Certainly, there is something for everyone. To guarantee about your personal safety, habitually install only premium quality items for your Harleys like brakes, wires, z bars, harley grips, and a lot more. Cheap bad quality parts can put you in danger. Tons of backlinks using a wordpress plugin menu for your blog. For further details, Visit

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The Good Old Bike Flashback  
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