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Pending mechanic shortage facing nation’s drivers Whether one knows it or not, we all depend on a variety of people doing skilled trades to basically exist. Cars can’t run without technicians, especially since few people do most of their own car repair and a mechanic shortage is soon to become truth. Not enough technicians There are a ton of jobs out there that we don’t even learn about and do not realize exist. They are specialized jobs that keep the garbage service going and the power and phone lines running. Daily life would not be possible without these people. The Wall Street Journal explained that a lot of industries are struggling trying to find skilled labor though; it is in short supply. USA Today explained that a mechanic shortage is one of the big ones. Aircraft technicians are in short supply just as much as car mechanics. A PBS article dating Sept 2000 talked about the shortages, which means they have been occurring for a while. Grease monkeys sought after A lot of people who are already skilled as automotive service technicians will not be working anymore by 2020, causing a 17 percent increase in the demand for them, according to the Agency of Labor Statistics. A survey of General Motors, Ford and Chrysler mechanics at dealerships by consulting firm Carlisle and Co., found that the average age of a mechanic working at a dealership was in their early 40s, meaning the people manning the service bay in the typical Albuquerque, Salt Lake, Green Bay or Spokane dealerships aren’t getting any younger. While the DIY enthusiast may commemorate as their glorious moment of forced self-reliance has come, bear in mind that vehicles are much more complex than they used to be. In times gone by, most maintenance was doable with a few wrenches and screwdrivers. Today’s car mechanics use a laptop and troubleshooting is more essential than just spinning a spanner. Technicians needed everywhere Diesel specialists are starting to become higher in demand too since there are more diesel automobiles on the road with the higher fuel efficiency, and diesel technicians can work on heavy equipment and machines at power plants also, according to WyoTech. Those who think they would enjoy a career as a vehicle mechanic should probably be warned that the field is going to require a ton of training and ability to keep up with changing technology. A decent ability in math and science is a must. Starting salary, according to USA Today, is around $36,000 for most, though the more skilled specialists, such as those who work in service


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Pending mechanic shortage facing nation’s drivers  
Pending mechanic shortage facing nation’s drivers