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Electric vehicles could be required to make noise Electric automobiles are notoriously quiet. This is not usually a selling point, but certainly a side benefit. There is legislation in the works that would require noise. Electric and hybrid cars are especially targeted. There is already after-market technology available to add the roar of a motor to hybrid vehicles. Why quiet vehicles are bad A slow automobile will not make much noise. This is especially the case with hybrids and electrics. The sound is less than a gas car would make even when over 20 miles per hour. That is because the noise is only from air resistance. Sound pollution could possibly be helped greatly with these vehicles. It is still a problem for everyone who needs the sound though. Pedestrians, cyclists and sight-impaired individuals often can’t identify which direction a hybrid or electric vehicle is coming from until they’re very close. Limited studies have shown that hybrids and electrics are twice as likely to collide with pedestrians at intersections and parking lots, where the cars are moving at very low speeds. How car manufacturers act The car noise issue is one that vehicle businesses for instance Nissan Motors are working on. In the future, the Nissan Motors Leaf will make a sound. It was called a “futuristic buzzing noise” at one point. Several companies have developed kits to put into hybrid automobiles that make noise. One of these corporations is Lotus Engineering. A Prius could be converted to sound like a race automobile with one kit. Whenever individuals decide to add noise to their hybrids, some have the possibility of making it sound like an 8- or 12-cylinder car. International criteria to create A requirement for automobile sound can be put together by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Regulation like this is being considered in the European Union. Car manufacturers have been asking if it is possible to do natural noises. Most blind-advocacy groups are against this though. The Society of Automotive Engineers is working to create what it hopes will be worldwide criteria for electric and hybrid sound to ease the transition and prevent a virtual cacophony of varying electronic noise on highways and freeways. Will you be looking to sell or purchase a used or new suv? If this describes you, check out the inventory at Gus Johnson Ford. Promoting a blog will never be any easier because of a SEOPressor free. For further details, Visit

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Electric vehicles could be required to make noise