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Creative Small Business Advertising: Car Wraps The biggest obstacle for a small business is brand recognition. A large, established corporation can afford the oversized billboards and attention-grabbing gimmicks that pull in a lot of business, but smaller businesses cannot afford those things. Smaller businesses and new start-ups have to get creative when it comes to finding advertising opportunities that they can afford. One of the more creative and most affordable campaign options is car wrapping. wrapped means you go to a professional service to turn your vehicle into a moving billboard. An actual billboard over a popular highway may be out of your budget at this point, but you can still get that level of exposure in your local community. Once a vehicle is properly branded, exposure for the business is gained every time that vehicle hits the road. Consumers who see these branded vehicles on a regular basis will naturally think of those logos and catchy phone numbers when they need a service or product. The downfall to stationary billboards is their limited exposure, due to being located in one spot only. Vehicles turned into billboards can be just as interesting in design and just as eye-catching, but they have the benefit of moving around for greater exposure. The most obvious way to use car wraps to benefit your business would be to wrap all vehicles used for business purposes. You have probably noticed company logos and professional designs on cars while you were out on the road, right? Your eye is turned by these signs, even if you have seen them a million times. If you happen to need services or products offered by a company and their moving billboard was in front of you at a stop light, there is a good chance you would give them a call. A good example of this is the Geek Squad car you have no doubt seen out on the road. Best Buy is a large corporation with a substantial advertising budget, but they still make use of car wrapping to ensure branding in local communities. Wherever the Geek Squad cars venture, there are consumers recognizing them and thinking about calling them when needed. Best Buy would not waste marketing dollars on car wraps if they were not pulling in some profit. This type of marketing can be used even if a company doesn’t have company vehicles on the road. It is perfectly acceptable to have vehicles used for personal pleasure wrapped for professional promotion. If you are wrapping a personal vehicle you actually have an advantage because you can get more creative and really make your design stand out. Even if you have business vehicles to be wrapped, you may choose to wrap a personal vehicle in a splashier, more fun design. Many of the traditional forms of advertising for small businesses have become outdated and useless. A good example is the downfall of the local newspaper, since most people now turn to the internet when they want the news. Advertising through the internet is catching on around the world, so companies have to get creative with their local offline promotions. Car wraps are an affordable option that will never go out of style!


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Creative Small Business Advertising: Car Wraps  
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