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Be Suspicious Of Formerly Wrecked Cars One must be ever vigilant while shopping for used cars. Apart from being sold a lemon, one must watch out for previously damaged vehicles, which can be dangerous. Number of previously damaged cars on the road is unknown When buying a used car, you have to be cautious because you know nothing about the previous owners. Car manufacturers only certify them to a certain mileage too. Even though most used automobiles are good, a lot of risk is involved in getting them. You have to worry about a lot of things in the used car, such as whether or not it was used in a crime, what the service history looks like and where those stains come from. You even have to be concerned about paying more interest than you would with a brand new car since the interest rate for a new car loan is lower than on a used car loan. Do not forget to be worried about formerly wrecked vehicles. There are a lot of formerly wrecked cars out there, and it is unknown how many of them are fixed up and re-sold, according to USA Today. About 12 percent of the 6 million reported car wrecks are totaled, and those could be re-sold too. Seeing the Carfax will not always save you Today explained that Carfax and AutoCheck are good helps with regards to figuring out if there are any severe problems, but they are not always perfect and accurate. Occasionally, a salvage title can be given to you without a crooked salesman ever mentioning it. In the last 10 years, Carfax has had to buy 70 cars from people because of its guarantee. It promises that if an individual pays for a report and the car ends up being salvaged and resold without being listed on the Carfax report, it will purchase the car, according to USA Today. What to do In 2009, Congress passed a law creating the National Motor Automobile Title Info System, which has information about cars from Brooklyn to San Diego, and all points in between. The NMVTIS is a database that dealers, insurance corporations and numerous federal, state and local agencies report car info to. NVMTIS information, though, has to be bought through an automobile history vendor, such as Carfax, according to its site. The NVMTIS does not get all its data reported though, which means a lot of data is incomplete. When trying to find a used car, always watch for signs of ill-fitting paneling and non-uniform paint. These are great signs that body work has been done. Your best bet is just to get an inspection done by a qualified mechanic, according to Today, and you should be secure.


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Be Suspicious Of Formerly Wrecked Cars  
Be Suspicious Of Formerly Wrecked Cars