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Back to Basics: History of the Willys Jeepster If you have ever marvelled the way the Willys Jeepster came about, the history of the car company essentially goes back to 1908. John North Willys, looking out for a method to get into the automotive industry, presented an offer to the Standard Wheel Company to purchase their Overland Automobile Division. The rest as one says, is history. With the purchase of the Overland Division in 1908, Willys commenced the expansion of an auto brand that would continue for decades, eventually making a brand that still continues today. Willys modified the name in 1912 to become the Willys-Overland Motor Company, thru which, he would build his business. In 1940, Willys-Overland signed a contract with the US to build a vehicle that was capable of driving over all kinds of terrains. The resulting Willys Jeepster changed into a extraordinarily versatile and reliable automobile that was employed by the army during WWII. By 1945, more than 360,000 units had been produced by the automotive manufacturer. The vehicle was designed to be a very basic model so it'd be simple to repair, saving cash and time as well as getting the autos back running swiftly. The name came from the concept of being a General Purpose or Government Purpose vehicle and the initials GP when sounded out was announced as Jeep. The name Jeepster was created to add a bit more ability to the universal sounding name, while it was commonly called a Jeep by the military. The Willys Jeepster had gained a great following with army staff in the war and many of the infantrymen wanted a civilian model of the vehicle after they were discharged from the service. The cars straightforward design and sturdiness proved to be the key to its renown and many army personnel wanted to have the same basic auto in their civilian life. Willys-Overland started working on a civilian model of the popular Willys Jeepster and by 1945, the Civilian Jeep (CJ) model was introduced for the overall public. By 1946, Willys-Overland had begun working on a Willys Jeep Lorry and the new design became so popular that between 1946 and 1965, more than 300,000 units had been produced by the automaker. The new design gained a following with lots of younger folks as well as those searching for a family style truck and the vehicle took on the nickname of the”Woody“. Because of its dependability as well as its ability to carry massive items like surf boards, the Jeep Wagon or “Woody”, became the iconic symbol of the surfing lifestyle in Southern California in the 50s ‘ and 60s’. Numerous new Jeep models have been produced since then, including the Jeep Cherokee and the Jeep Patriot. The Corporation has been sold to a number of automakers, but today it is part of the Chrysler Automaker. The car still maintains its popularity as a trusty vehicle, all from the request of the military for auto that returned to basics. Walck’s 4 Wheel Drive is dedicated to the restoration and preservation Willys Jeeps. We are the nation’s leader in restoration and reproduced parts. Check out our websiteFind out more about


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Back to Basics: History of the Willys Jeepster  
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