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Ramona Santos Ojeda Financial Advisor at a Prestigious Financial Firm

A Loving Mother Ramona Santos Ojeda is a loving and dedicated mother of three wonderful children. Ramona Santos Ojeda is the biological mother of one child, and the stepmother of two children. Her biological child is two years old this year, and Ramona Santos Ojeda could not be happier to have him and her other two children in her life. While she is a busy professional, Ramona Santos Ojeda works hard to be the best mother she can be.

Financial Advisor and Principal For the last ten years of her life, Ramona Santos Ojeda has been dedicated to her work as a financial advisor and principal. Ramona Santos Ojeda is considered to be one of the most successful financial principals in America. For Ramona Santos Ojeda though, success means something special. She says that, for her, being a successful financial advisor and principal means that she has to put her clients first and foremost in ensuring that they get the best service possible.

Half Marathon Runner Ramona Santos Ojeda enjoys an active lifestyle, as she believes that being healthy is important to living a happy life. Ramona Santos Ojeda enjoys running on a regular basis. She also enjoys pushing herself in order to improve her run times. One way that Ramona Santos Ojeda does this is by participating in half marathons. She has run in a variety of half marathons such as the Disney Princess Half Marathon in 2012, and the Half Sauer Half Kraut Half.

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Ramona Santos Ojeda

Address: 224 Barclay Pavilion West Cherry Hill NJ USA 08034

Phone Number: +1 856-429-3773


Ramona Santos Ojeda  

Ramona Santos Ojeda was once a member of the Hash House Harrier’s Running Group. Ramona Santos Ojeda says that the running group is comprise...