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BUY ROAD BIKE RELEASES A QUICK GUIDE FOR ROAD BIKERS Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - 23 November 2011 – Buy Road Bike, a leading company in selling road bikes, released today a quick and easy guide to help beginners in biking. This short report is in e-book format and is available for free to inspire people to start biking and to help the beginner bikers in their journey towards a healthy and environment friendly lifestyle. In today’s fast paced world, the Generation Y, commonly known as Millenials (born between1980-2000), have joined the workforce and have developed characteristics that created a certain lifestyle. Being used to having structured lives and balancing activities such as office work, friends, and personal quality time, they always seek flexibility and adaptability in anything that they do. With everything that is happening around them, they still want to keep a healthy lifestyle. Some choose to jog or run a few kilometers after office, play sports such as badminton and kick boxing, while others pick up their bike and kick on the pedal. Pete Wilson, a c yc l ing vet er a n , says, “This comprehensive free report is a must read for anyone considering buying a bike this Christmas. Filled with useful tips, tricks, and pointers, it can help you in finding the best bike for your lifestyle especially if you are new to biking,” and John Taylor, a newbie rider from Melbourne, reckons “I’m so glad I read the report before I went looking for a bike, it was easier for me to choose the appropriate bike for beginners like me.” Through this short compilation, Buy Road Bike helps not just our young urban professionals, but anyone who is starting to love biking. It contains a story on how a simple hobby eventually turned into a passion, various types of bikes, and tips on choosing the perfect bike for you. It’s about time that everyone gets to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. To get a free copy of the report, please visit

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