Airport Experience News - March/April 2021

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Below: Hudson is introducing a new automated retail concept, which cohesively brings together a carefully-curated selection of leading brands.

ON THE VEND With COVID Making Passengers Leery, Vending Machines Offer Safer Way To Shop BY SHAFER ROSS Vending made a lot of sense for airports pre-pandemic, adding more options and 24/7 availability in terminals where mainline concessions were often congested or, in the late night or early morning, closed. The landscape has changed significantly since then, but vending’s value remains strong. Convenience, safety, cost and availability are key factors driving airports to pursue vending options. It didn’t take long after the Covid-19 virus started ravaging the globe for travelers and retail operators alike to realize that the touchless, seamless experience offered by vending machines is appealing to customers in a touchconscious world.


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