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May 5, 2019

Here are some tips on how to find what you love.

HOW TO FIND WHAT YOU LOVE I can tell you for an experience that this is something very frustrating. You might think and feel that there is nothing you like. I am also going to tell you that this is an illusion perhaps driven by past failures, frustrations, and stress. One of the biggest misconceptions is that what you love equals being good or excellent at doing something. You might not necessarily like or have a passion for your job even if you are excellent at it. You might have become very good at your profession because you have developed skills through repetition. Finding what you love to do doesn’t have to be an obsession.


Perhaps the reason you don’t find what you are passionate about is just that you have not been paying attention and you have been distracted about your everyday worries and responsibilities. Whatever the reasons, here are some suggestions about how to find what you love and what you are passionate about:

Think about what you often do and which you consider unimportant. Sometimes things that we find trivial and easy to do are things we enjoy doing. A good indication of what you love to do is when you don’t feel the time passing, and you can just continue without getting bored or annoyed.

Pay attention to what it is easy to do. As I have already mentioned before, sometimes we become good at doing something because we have developed skills through repetition and not because we like doing it. However, sometimes you might find that you love doing things for which you have a natural talent.

Pay attention to good memories. Try to remember what you loved doing when you were younger. You might discover that your interests haven’t changed, and you just forgot about your past desires. You might have to engage in old activities to rediscover your interests.

Explore and hang out with people that are doing the activity you are exploring. You can discover your interests by exploring and trying different activities. However, finding what you love to do doesn’t have to be an obsession. For example, quitting your current job, even though you need a source of income and just because you are not passionate about it, would not be responsible. Although, you liking your job is crucial. You also don’t have to jump from job to job trying to find your interests. You must give it time. You can love and be passionate about many things, but it doesn’t mean it has to be your profession. Sometimes our hobbies an interest can develop into money-making professions. For example, I have a friend who loves baking, and she is very good at it. She has now turned this hobby into a profitable side business.

Remember other people’s activities you wish you could have engaged in as well. You might find an old interest in other people’s interests, hobbies or activities. You can just try to remember times when you thought you wish you would have liked doing the same 2/3

thing. These are just a few suggestions that I hope you find useful in how to find what you love. As I mentioned above, not all that you like to do you could necessarily turn into money-making professions. However, if you could increase your income out of your own interests, spend more quality time with your family and reduce stress, would you at least consider exploring this possibility? If the answer is YES! Click here to find out. Sincerely, Suzie C.


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Here are some tips on how to find what you love.


Here are some tips on how to find what you love.