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Become a member of the Kleeneze family and you can achieve exactly what you want to achieve.

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31/12/2010 13:52

Wouldn’t it be great if… “…I could pay off all my bills?”

“…I could go on holiday without skimping?”

“…I could buy extra treats next Christmas?”

“…I could build my own business?”


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31/12/2010 13:52

This year – it’s time to break free It’s time to join the shop-from-home business that’s really going places. It’s time to be part of a community that can help you achieve your goals. If you’ve got time for a coffee, let’s see how this year could be your year to break free!


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31/12/2010 13:52

With Kleeneze you can do it! Kleeneze is one of Europe’s best known and most loved shop-from-home catalogues. Every year, millions of consumers buy from our fantastic and ever growing home, health & beauty, cookery and seasonal ranges. They love how easy it is to buy from us. They love the quality and choice in our ranges. They love the personal service Kleeneze Distributors provide. We’re always looking for the right people, and we’d like you to be part of the Kleeneze success story.


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31/12/2010 13:52

Take a look at what we do… We’re famous for our home, health & beauty, cookery and seasonal ranges. From slow cookers to egg timers, from health aids to cosmetics, and from Christmas decorations to summer treats, Kleeneze has something for everyone. We’ve built our reputation since 1923 by talking to families, finding out about what they like and what they need, and developing ranges that are always in demand. Kleeneze – products that are so popular, in many cases they simply sell themselves!

Kleeneze – products that are so popular, in many cases they simply sell themselves!


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31/12/2010 13:52

This is what Kleeneze customers say “You can’t beat Kleeneze for their range of high quality products… they seem to think of everything!” Customer, Somerset

“How would I sum up Kleeneze? A big choice, value for money products, all delivered by my friendly Distributor.” Customer, Leeds


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31/12/2010 13:52

How Kleeneze works – and how you can join in A business you can be part of. Our products are sold by people like you to people like you. Our catalogues, which are updated regularly, are distributed by people like you to homes in their area. These are then collected back, along with customer orders. We pay a commission on all products sold. That’s the basic story, but where it really gets interesting is when people recruit other people – friends, family, or others – who see how Kleeneze could work for them. Building a team increases the potential to target more homes – and you can quickly drive your sales and income upwards.


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31/12/2010 13:52

Kleeneze – helping you break free The sky’s the limit. While there are already thousands of people like you working with Kleeneze, there’s still lots of potential for growth. We estimate that only 1 in every 10 homes currently receives a Kleeneze catalogue – which means there’s plenty of room for you to join us and develop your own success story!

Work with your family, your friends and in your community

Grow the business as much as you want – the sky’s the limit


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31/12/2010 13:52

Earnings to match your ambition Low – or even FREE – set up costs Be your own boss – never feel redundant again Work when you want to Earn that extra money you need now Put your talent to good use Support as you earn Work with your family, your friends and in your community Grow the business as much as you want – the sky’s the limit!

Earn that extra money you need now

Be your own boss – never feel redundant again

It is illegal for a promoter or participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings may be easily achieved. 4276 Kleeneze - A5 Brochure_v3.indd 9


31/12/2010 13:52

“Joining Kleeneze was one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

We joined Kleeneze to earn extra cash to help towards our first house and our wedding. We earned £250 in our first four weeks and the income has increased every month since! We now earn between £4,500 and £5,000 every four weeks. Distributors, Stoke

My brother introduced me to home shopping three months after he started his own home shopping business. Within six months we were earning £800 per month part-time.

As a Chartered Accountant, I know what it’s like to work hard for a good income. My home shopping business gives me an increasing income that just isn’t available in a 9-5 job. Distributor, Wolverhampton

Distributors, County Armagh

I was made redundant, and desperate to make some money to make ends meet, so we started our home shopping business. In our first four weeks we earned £400 which was an absolute life saver! Distributors, Durham


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31/12/2010 13:52

Building a business with Kleeneze It’s easy to start building a business with Kleeneze! Many people start by distributing catalogues to five friends, five relatives, five past or present colleagues, five neighbours and five people they know socially.




It really is that simple to identify your first 25 potential customers – and what’s more, our research shows that at least half your potential customers will place an order, so you could have up to £150 of sales in no time. Many Kleeneze people then start to build a team to maximise the number of homes they can target and products that they can sell.





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31/12/2010 13:52

How do I get involved? With Kleeneze Business Builder Kits you’ll benefit from a comprehensive support package and the tools to start retailing and build a team from day one, so that you can really get moving quickly. These tools include: retail organiser, support DVDs, shoulder bag, personalised website, EzeReach voice messaging service, wallet box, pen and Distributor pin badge. But you don’t have to invest anything to join Kleeneze. You can join Kleeneze for FREE with our break free kit, which includes five catalogue packs, delivery bags and 50 order forms. Break free is a good way of joining Kleeneze – but we’re sure you’ll want to become a business builder – and create a solid foundation using one of our Business Builder Kits from day one.


Why not become a business builder?

sing dation u ts! n u o f d i l so r Ki Create a usiness Builde ur B one of o

*Calculating your savings Information correct as at 08/01/2011 Business Builder = number of Income Kits + cost of Business Builder 50 (online starter price) Saving based on Business Builder Kits charged at £80.00, £156.00, £185.00, Income Kits charged at £32.00. Internet ordering saving based on a four week sales period > period charge of £7.65 and EzeReach Lite service saving based on charge of £7.60 per four week sales period.

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31/12/2010 13:52


All the Kleeneze packages explained... Catalogues (packs) Snap bags Order forms Internet services access FREE handling – orders over £75 FREE handling – orders over £150




builder 250

250 275 500

16 FREE 4 8





builder 200

200 220 400

12 FREE 4 8




Business builder 50

50 55 100

8 FREE 4 8




free 5 10 50

4 FREE 4 8



Starter manuals DSA leaflets HPRH manual Personalised website – Opportunity DVDs Retail shoulder bag Retail organiser EzeReach – voice messaging service Catalogue reorder TOTAL SAVING*







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31/12/2010 13:52

Your business – our support You’re supported by us. Kleeneze really works. Our customers love what we sell, and thousands of people just like you have joined us to achieve their dreams. But we never forget that your business is part of our business. We go the extra mile to make sure that you’re supported proactively and professionally – providing everything you need to run your Kleeneze business from home. Making sure you have a constant source of catalogues that are bursting with innovative products and updated regularly, and arranging for your product orders to be delivered directly to you…

“When I joined Kleeneze I was able to get my business up and running in no time at all. The advice I received made sure I joined with the right kit, so I wasted no time when it came to earning an income from day one. “I joined with the business builder 200.” Distributor, Manchester

With Kleeneze you’re in business for yourself, not by yourself! 14

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31/12/2010 13:52

What’s next? If you like what you’ve heard, we’d love to help you to make a start. This is what happens next to get things off the ground.





Decide which Kleeneze package is best for you.

We can do this online and make it happen now... Get in touch!

Create your action plan – ask yourself... Where will you find customers? Do you want to build a team?

Put your plan into action!


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31/12/2010 13:52

Isn’t it time to break free? “It’s given me financial freedom and a real sense of purpose in my life.”

“The customers love the products, which makes selling so easy for me and my team.”


free “I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

For more information contact:

56627580 Promoter: Kleeneze Limited, Express House, Clayton Business Park, Clayton le Moors, Accrington, BB5 5JY.

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31/12/2010 13:52

Break Free With Kleeneze  
Break Free With Kleeneze  

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