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The greatest adventure, in kids birthday entertainment Pirate Magic is so much more than an awesome Pirate Party, it is seven different types of entertainment in one complete and awesome package! You will be getting a: DJ, Magician, Tattooist, Storyteller, Opera Singer, Dance Party and a Theater Production Show all in one! It also includes Gender specific goodie bags for every child (Princess or Pirate) as well as Unlimited Temporary Tattoos!

Quotes from children at various events "He was a nice pirate mommy!" "This is the greatest party ever!" "Did you see what I did?" "I have the power!!" "Please don't leave!" "Will you come back next year?" "You're the greatest pirate ever!"

1. Bringing children super happiness, awesome adventure and endless smiles for Twenty years and counting. My name is Marc Schack and I am 37 years old. I have been entertaining and making children happy for 20 years. I started performing in 1992 at a place called "Once Upon A Birthday" (Johnny Depp aka Jack Sparrow was still in 21 Jump Street at the time). At Once Upon a Birthday I would dress up as a pirate and perform magic and tell stories to children of all ages. After three years the company moved away and I stayed, thus Pirate Magic was born!

2. Most important I value you and your family! I will treat you with the upmost courtesy and respect!! No child will ever be asked to leave my show!

If you are looking for top quality entertainment for kids of all ages, than I am the entertainer for you.I promise that your children will be happy and entertained or you don't pay! 3. Perfect for Grand Openings, Birthdays, Soccer Games, Carnivals, Fundraisers and Other Venues where kids Are Present!

Also Included is really cool music (See Below) as well as little giveaways (May Vary) like eye patches, play gold, stickers and lollipops!! No clowns or face painters can provide more fun then Tottally Awsome Tattoos, Guaranteed!

4. Theatrical Story-Telling

Can adapt stories to special Jewish Holidays including Hanukkah (Magic Dreidels for all the kids) and so on, it doesn’t need to be a birthday to enjoy Pirate Magic! My stories also contain good moral lessons for the kids, like always saying please and thank you as well as different ways to do Mitzvahs.

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The greatest adventure, in cbirthday entertainment, is here. Loaded with fun activities like Tattoos, Theatrical Storytelling, Magic Treasur...

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