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Q4 Report

Letter From MCP First of all I would like to congratulate AIESEC India for achieving the milestone of 4000 experiences in 2012. We have grown across programmes in 2012 with exceptional growth in TMP TLP and iGCDP, which is commendable. It’s 2013 and we are 2 years into moving towards 2015 with 3 years left. 2013 is a very crucial year when we talk about 2015-goal achievement for AIESEC India. As an entity we came very close to achieving our 2012-iGCDP goals but fell extremely short in all other programmes. This leaves a very challenging task ahead of us in 2013. I my opinion the task is challenging and ambitious but achievable if we know our “why” and ‘how” as an organization. Fortunately for us this why and how are defined very clearly in the AIESEC Way, the 2015 “Vivamus portaIndia Development Blocs. I hope we enter 2013 being statement and the AIESEC extremely organizationally sound so that we become operationally strong across est sed est.” portfolios in the year. In my opinion both the above-mentioned things, organization knowledge and operational skill, are the potent combination of sustainable growth. It is important to understand how AIESEC Way, 2015 statements, Development Blocs and the goals are interlinked and the why and how of delivering more and more experiences comes from them. I hope 2013 we look to deliver high quality, team experiences across programmes that are aligned to the programme principles while scaling up our current LC’s and expanding into more and more places in India. The above statement is what will lead us to move towards the AIESEC 2015 statements and hence become a youth voice in India, the first choice partner for leadership and create a cross generational impact on society. I hope you enjoy reading the Q4 report and get a fair idea of what we are capable of doing in Q1 while reading report. It’s time to increase the pace of moving towards our tipping point and I hope we accomplish the same in Q1. Ramita Vig President AIESEC India 2012-2013


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Experience Delivery Operations Inferences 1. Growth/ Fall in RMR overall in Q4 and reasons for the same • We have seen a dip of 30% in overall realizations and this is primarily due to the shift of December cycle to January. • We have seen a growth in Matches across almost all programs in Quarter 4. • We saw a growth of 32 realizations and 100 Matches in OGCDP and 13 realizations along with 6 matches in OGIP. • We have seen a growth in IGIP Realizations too but the system does not reflect it due to ET forms being added to IGIP last year. • Reforms in raising and Discover India promotions have caused growth in matches in IGIP. • Close to 7 LC’s showed 100% growth in IGCDP and they rightfully shifted focus in Q4 to other programs. • OGIP has shown 100% realization rate. 2. Delivery Rate Delivery rate has been around 48% and realization rate has been very low at 25%. 3. General Inferences • •

• •


IGIP has been the leading contributor globally in Quarter 4. OGCDP and IGCDP have been 3rd highest contributors globally behind Brazil, China and Colombia. 45% of AP’s performance in IGIP came from India Delhi University, Delhi IIT, Hyderabad and Kolkata are the top contributors across programs in Quarter 4.

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Quality and NPS •

NPS surveys went out on Nov 23rd. Response rate is 35%. 61% of the results were promoters. Delhi IIT, Delhi University, Hyderabad and Chandigarh are the LC’s which are in Green for Quarter 4. Delhi IIT has shown massive improvement. Ahmadabad, Baroda, Mumbai, Jalandhar and Lucknow are in red and have seen minimal improvement in terms of detractors. LC’s in Yellow are Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Jaipur and Kolkata. Pune moved from being in Red to Yellow this quarter. Kolkata has shown improvement too. These LC’s need to focus on firefighting and need process enhancement in terms of delivery. Tracking of realizations – All the realizations from 1st November onwards were tracked to prevent any fake or pre mature realizations. All the registrations are available on the Discover India podio page for reference. ICB Update - We saw a total of 20 Match breaks, 12 Realization breaks and 14 quality cases in Quarter 4. Of the 14 cases we had 3 officially registered cases out of that we still have 2 cases pending.

International Relations Partnerships struck with Turkey, Egypt, Malaysia and Indonesia for the next Quarter. Partnership proposals sent to Sri lanka, Germany and Brazil. Continues Discover India promotions in the network to boost IGIP. CEED’ers to be sent to Brazil, Colombia, Europe and Asia Pacific to boost the coming up summer cycle. Operational Training National Program summits conducted in Mumbai for strategically picked LC. The outputs are available on Learning and Education Hub to be launched. MB track designed keeping enhancement of Sales strategies in mind for NLS. Program specific external collaboration to boost ELD experiences. • • •

Partnerships struck with Udaan (Visa Agency) to make the Visa process of our OGCDP EP’s smoother. This has lead in the realization rate improving in the program. Partnerships struck with Goonj, Child line, and Indian Cancer Society in IGCDP for Nationalized Projects. Partnership struck with Azul agency to get the Market research of various colleges across 6 cities in AIESEC India to boost our OGX Raising.

IM boosting Operations • • • •

Development of Discover India wiki and all program wiki’s for internal promotions\ Creation of Podio workspaces for commissions for better connectivity, accountability and transparency. Process optimization project along with BRIC countries to boost ELD. Development of Incredible India page to promote Opportunities in India across partner countries better.

Program Evolution to boost ELD. • • • • • 4

Initiation of TMP/TLP on exchange to enhance the experience of our EP/trainees. ET as a sub product introduced in GIP to boost performance. Project certification, Evolution of JD’s and sales training initiated in ICX programs. Associate Membership program developed to boost IGCDP. Winternships executed and LCP’s were sent on internships. lorem ipsum :: [Date]

oGCDP Inferences Growth/ Fall in RMR in Q4 and reasons for the same • • •

Increase by 17% in realization in Q4. – Raising with better expectation and IR support. Increase in 50% matches in Q4 – NST Support and Country Partnerships. Increase by 13% in raises in Q4 – Marketing Campaigns, Members/Leaders raises on system.

Delivery Rate •

49% however the Realization rate is only 38% which means we have

General Inferences • •

55% contribution in realization coming from Delhi University, Delhi IIT and Chandigarh. Increase in performance in Q4 by Kolkata, Jaipur, Ahmadabad, Mumbai and Manipal University.

% Growth

Growth driver and results due to same analysis • • • •

Africa -23 Campus Ambassador –76 raises( all LCs did not send information) Delivery and Preparation – 86 matches on system undelivered, Global Leaders Programme – 31 Leaders on Exchange Analysis and Way forward


• •

Learning Hub created for Education among LCs and process implementation. Partnership with Udaan India for VISA Leaders going on exchange.


940 740 640 470 415 296 198

Q4- Achievement’s•






Q1- Progress and Action Steps• • • • • •


Showcasing Impact through videos, case studies and Impact Report(UR) – Marketing Synergy Off Peak teams and recruitment for main peak(follow the OS) Using Summit output to raise EPs.(Youth Empowerment the way to go for addressing students Campus Ambassadors in colleges Global Villages in colleges Sending members leaders on exchange

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iGCDP Inferences Growth/ Fall in RMR in Q4 and reasons for the same • Negative growth in realization in month of December, because strong control over pre realization. • Negative growth in Matches: - Most of the LC’s showed negative growth in Q4 due to membership was over exhausted during Q3. • Failed to capitalize on AFT and top partners countries. • But there is huge pipeline for Q1 in 2013. Delivery Rate • Currently AIESEC India delivered 1260 exchanges via nationalized projects. • Total no. of Ngo’s associated with LC’s are 125. • Delivery rate client: x is 1:12 and ideal scenario should be 1:6 • Raise to delivery ratio is 2.5 General Inferences • More than 7 LC’s have showed growth of 100% in 2012. • iGCDP commission showed growth of 40% in 2012. • I would really like to appreciate AIESEC Kolkata, AIESEC Ahmedabad, AIESEC Surat, AIESEC Manipal, AIESEC Chennai, AIESEC Delhi University and AIESEC Baroda. • AIESEC India has pipeline of 367 Matches for Q1. • Most of the LC’s have focused on financial sustainability and quality through NPS feed backing. Growth driver and results due to them • • • •

National and regional Projects: - 1260 Quality: - Quality check LC having highest detractors in NPS. Project certification EWA: - TMP/TLP on exchange piloted by 7 LC’s. External collaboration: - LC’s are taking this initiative and they have learning partner. Nationally we are focusing to have project mentor for each project. Financial sustainability: - LC’s are focusing not to Analysis and Way forward

Q4- Achievement’s• • • •

Partnership with Child Line and Goonj Quality initiative through NPS data Project certification process AIESEC India achieving 2557 experience

Q1- Progress and Action Steps• • • • • •


Making LC financial sustainable. NSG. TMP/TLP for trainee Implementing NPs and programme evolution Project Mentorship partner Delivering regional projects

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iGIP Inferences 1. Growth /Fall Inference • There is an overall increase in the number of raises without being a focus • We see the right raising in four sub products – Marketing /BA/IT/Education has increased the number of matches in Q4 • Though the main concern is that the realizations in Q4 have decreased and there were 162 Matches on 31st December which should ideally realize in January & February 2. Delivery Rate • In Quarter 4 Our Delivery Rate rate has been average as we matched 261 out of 642 forms: which is 1/3rd • Our Realization rate has been very poor which can also be seen with the delay in Realization time and the decrease in Realizations in Q4. 3. General Inferences • None of the LC’s did incredible in converting Matches to Realizations • AIESEC in Delhi IIT (49), AIESEC Hyderabad (32) , AIESEC Delhi University (31) were major contributors of matches in Q4 • AIESEC in Pune was the only cluster 3 LC to show positive growth & Contribute in Matches(22) & 4. Growth Driver growth update • • • • •


“Deliver 200 “to show best 200 forms and match them. Promotion of Learning Network through Posters through Facebook pages. DI & DU delivered Mentorship and Conference & Seminar in GLE 50 People Registered on Discover India Wiki Plus we matched 30 odd forms through promotion Alumni Re-connect would be done and evaluated with 4 LC’s : DI , DU , Mumbai & Kolkata ( Find the output in the Summit) © External Visibility of IGIP across Cities Analysis and Way forward

Q4- Achievement’s• •

An Overall growth in Raises (21.4 %) and Matches (39 %). Top Local Chapters delivering Mentorship sessions.( DI & DU) “Deliver “200’’ promoting top forms plus Discover India Professional Opportunities yielding results and Right Raises due to Learning Network

Q1- Progress and Action Steps• • • • 7

Sales - Increasing your Clients by 100 % in Q1 (Channels –Current Clients + New Clients+ Alumni + External Events & Organization External Visibility by partnering with HR & Corporate Events for raising & Alumni for raising (HR Summits by Delhi University & Mumbai) Continuous Promotion of Posters and Wiki on Facebook Matching Pages and through your Mails for IR Following Minimum Quality Job Form (Min. Salary & Raising Kit in Summit Output) – Quality in lorem ipsum :: [Date]

oGIP Inferences 1. Growth/ Fall in RMR in Q4 and reasons for the same • • •

We have seen a growth of 6 matches and 13 realizations in Q4. The IT and ET sub-product have shown highest conversion LCs are slowly aligning themselves to the global supply and demand.

2. Delivery Rate • • •

We currently have a delivery rate of 22%. Raising from sub products that aren’t a focus area should stop. Poor HR has led to poor delivery

3. General Inferences • Knowledge levels of the programme are below par in most LC. Cultivating a habit of reading relevant material sent on the commission groups, newsletters and on .net is key • Poor HR has continued to be a main factor in poor delivery • Overall understanding of analytical tools like AFTs, DAAL and need to increase if LCs intend on taking an advantage of the TN demand

Analysis 2011



360 230 111 111 2531

95 31 18

4. Growth Driver and results due to analysis Analysis and Way forward Q4- Achievement’s • •

41% growth in realizations.. IT and ET have emerged as the top sub-products to work in by contributing to 35% and 37% of the matches in Q4 AIESEC Jaipur had the most matches in Q4 (6) and AIESEC Chandigarh had the most realizations in Q4 (5)

Q1- Progress and Action Steps• • • •

Flooding the market with the best quality IT EPs right NOW will help us get a head start. Understanding the ET cycles in your LC is key as this sub product is a key factor for growth in the summer LCs needs to equip themselves with knowledge and understanding of the programme, its supply and demand, sub products, countries, timelines etc. Poor HR has continued to be a main factor in poor delivery. LCs need to stick to the 3:1 ratio to be more productive .At the same time all these members need to be trained and inducted extremely well. LCs needs to start investing money into the programme. CEEDs (incoming and outgoing), EPs raising TNs for the summer cycle.

Talent Management and TMP, TLP Inferences TMP Experiences - 2363 TLP Experiences – 700 Growth in TMP Experiences – 1184% Growth in TLP Experiences – 407% General Inferences: -

Growth due to Programme OS Evolution, role assignment and recruitment. Growth from conversion of AM to TMP TLP. Tracking of TMP TLP experiences being done by only 50% of the LCs. Experiences need to effectively tracked on the basis of the TMP TLP principles.

Connecting to GIP and GCDP -

AIESEC India has seen growth in oGCDP and iGIP through building talent capacity. Talent capacity for oGIP really needs to increase with more students from the technical background and one member handling only one EP.

Q4 Function Review: -

Process optimized method for recruitment released to LCs. Announcements of MBs in Jan. Induction process and resources released. Virtual training for 12 LCs and physical summit for 5 LCs. Process and format for exit interviews released to LCs.

LEAD update: -

Virtual LEAD Challenge for TLs released. LEAD for LCPs at boot camp. LEAD Consultancy calls for LCs. Creation of LEAD resources for the microsite. LEAD for coaching visits.

Integrated XP’s update


AM to TMP TLP update:


Number of AM’s in Q4 – 1500 Conversion to TMP TLP – 300-325 Currently 9 LCs are doing AM and the feedback is really good

Growth driver analysis:


TMP TLP on exchange: To be implemented in Jan-Feb (realization cycle for iGCDP) TMP TLP in expansions: 300 TMP, 80 TLP (this number really needs to increase from Q4 to Q1) TMP TLP (re-integration of returned Eps)- was a Q3 strategy and now a Q1 and Q2 strategy. Growth in TMP TLP and GIP GCDP came from OS evolution and recruitment. lorem ipsum :: [Date]

Analysis and Way forward Q4- Achievement’s-

TMP TLP goal achievement and growth. Optimized recruitment process. Scaling up of AM with increased conversion. More consistent LEAD activities. Retention rate from recruitment – 58% as compared to 45% from Feb recruitment (as per LC trackers that have been sent) – this data is approximate and not exact as I did not receive every single tracker. Increase in number of short term TMP TLP. More LCs implementing the LEAD Programme.

Q1- Progress and Action Steps-

Focus on EXPANSIONS (specific OEs with specific TMP TLP goals assigned to them) Scaling up AM (Online) TMP TLP on exchange implementation (120 TMP TLP experiences through this) Effective implementation of programme OS. LEAD TtT in February. Certification of LEAD (March) TMP TLP goal for Q1 – 1500 TLP, 4500 TMP.

Business Development Report Q4 External Relations Analysis of Q4: Fund Raising Total: 45,00,000 currently received.

Functions Report

BoA Engagement: Board Charter created and Expectations set for current Board Members. Documentation and Reports: Event Report on Y2B and Recruitment created. Partnership Follow up: Followed up on delivery of current National Projects and Partners. No new sales for the Quarter.

Activities Planned for Q1: • • • •

Board Re-vamp. Adding new Board members and sharing Board Charter with all the members. Sales of National Recruitment and National GCDP Projects. Follow up and delivery of current partnerships Follow up on delivery of current partnerships. National Sales Focus Areas

Account Creations and Management Increasing Manpower to improve Delivery

IR Building

Target- 35


Update 12 new companies approached for NEP • 69 raises • ER Pilot Launched at LCP Bootcamp • Full time coordinators pitched to all clients • Country requirements of companies and BDM proposal sent. • CEEDers for NEP specific countries in synergy with Naga Achieved- 23 (Till 1st Jan) Money in3,50,000 •

Way forward for Q1 • • • •

ER Pilot LCs creating more accounts with the National Sales Team Raising drives for pipeline in Q2 (peak) Review system for all the coordinators Coordinators coordinating the delivery and engagement of companies

Getting the CEEDers trained and be given promotional material by the companies. • Discover India promotion Target- 20 •

lorem ipsum :: [Date]

ALUMNI RELATIONS Strategies planned for the year

Update until now

Next Quarter Actions

Driving down the relevance and Capitalization Strategies to the Local level through Alumni Relations Managers for programs growth

Identified four specific LCs that shall be taking this forward and will be focused on starting NLS

Working closely with the VP iGIP and AR managers of these LCs

Engagement Strategies

All events and forums introduced through the website to involve alumni in LC activities based on their current location

Tracking based on capitalization and motive of hosting any alumni forum

AIESEC India Alumni Website portal

Sent all the previous databases an invite to join the portal

Developing it with Cue blocks and transitioning on the basis of the Mind Map Planned

AIESEC India Sustainability fund

Sent a notification to all the previous MC alumni and prominent alumni about the same

Introducing the product list through the AAAI

National Career Day

All Outgoing members made to register and alumni and partners approached for the same

To follow up with all partners for payments and all candidates for feedback

Marketing Report Q4 •

Key Strategies o Success: § § web development Digital Agency in place and working

o Next Steps for Q1: § § § § § § §

Analysis of Q4 and Way forward in Q1 in the function: § § §


Slow follow up on NSC Output No effective follow up or tracking of ORS leads. Good online campaign support and response.

Contribution to ELD: § § §

Website Launch Email Marketing [oGIP, oGCDP, oGIP] Greater Online Engagement via Social Media Campaigns High Quality Showcasing and Content Generation Online Media Acquisition Marketing Partnership [Local + National] Initiate tracking of conversion to ELD

TMP/TLP ORS: 1809 [Conversion: Not Tracked] oGIP + oGCDP ORS: 2317 [Conversion: Not Tracked] iGIP ORS: 46 [Conversion: Not Tracked]

National Community Manager [Role and expectations of the same in Q1]: • Hiring PR Agency • Organizational Reputation Building Alliances, Speaker at Events and Application for Awards • Massive Online Presence Showcasing via video production project, campaigns content generation etc

lorem ipsum :: [Date]

Financial Report Q4 INCOME 40,00,000 30,00,000 20,00,000


30,23,722 15,73,500 5,22,250

10,00,000 -

LC Business Contribution Development


30,00,000 25,00,000 20,00,000 15,00,000 10,00,000 5,00,000 -

25,66,890 13,41,536 7,66,498 3,97,236

3,79,650 Affiliation Fees

Admin Fees



NEP payments to the LCs


iGCDP project payment to the LCs



LEAD for MC members


Partner expenses (Nokia, edge, Mahindra) money routed through AIESEC India



Accounts Quarterly Profit/Loss: -4,11,838 INR LC Receivables: 38,21,505 INR ER Receivable: 32,78,833 INR Reserves: 85,00,000 INR



‘Others’ in the expense area include payment of the following things:

Total Q3 60,00,000

National Investments Services Fees


Investment in Q4 & contribution to ELD AIESEC India leaders on exchange LEAD for AIESEC India (NSC & Boot Camp) Representation at various international summits iGCDP nationalized project money

lorem ipsum :: [Date]

Analysis of Q4 & way forward in Q1 1. Legalization a. FCRA & PAN card application submitted. b. Applied for change in structure & MoA of AIESEC India. 2. LC-MC financial management a. National accountant auditing LC & MC accounts on monthly basis. b. Monthly audits to be initiated from Q1. 3. SOP’s for legal procedures in all programmes a. Internal program specific pricing structure to be legislated at NLS. b. Standardized & legal MOUs & Contracts for all the programs to be finalized by end of Q1. 4. Finance website/tool a. Project conceptualization done. b. Creation & testing to be done by the end of Q1. 5. AIESEC India office a. Revamping & shifting of AIESEC India office to be done by 15th February. b. Expected investment to be around 15,00,000 INR.

Over-all National Association analysis

Exchange management Target vs Achieved inferences


Average Average Average Average

target target target target

across across across across

Average Average Average Average

achieved achieved achieved achieved

for for for for

LC’s LC’s LC’s LC’s

for for for for

iGCDP programme = 180 experiences iGIP programme = 70 experiences oGCDP programme = 85 experiences oGIP programme = 20 experiences

iGCDP programme = 135 experiences iGIP programme = 40 experiences oGCDP programme = 32 experiences oGIP programme = 6 experiences

lorem ipsum :: [Date]

200 180 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0

Average goals across LC's for X based programmes Average achieved across X based programmes





Average overall goal across LC’s: 330 experiences Average overall achieved across LC’s: 201 experiences

350 300

Average overall goals across X based programmes

250 200

Average overall achieved across X based programmes

150 100 50 0 Inferences • • •

AIESEC India LC’s focusing more on iGCDP than any other X based programme iGCDP has the highest target vs achieved ratio across all X based programme Target vs achieved ratio for oGCDP, iGIP & oGIP programmes highly compromised. On an average, most LC’s are not achieving even half of their goals in these programmes (even though oGCDP & iGIP are the focus programmes)

NPS ranking:


• • • •

4 5 5 5

LC’s LC’s LC’s LC’s

in in in in

green orange yellow red

• • •

Total quality complaints: 21 Official cases: 3 Complaints made by AIESEC in India against other entities: 2

lorem ipsum :: [Date]

Financial management & sustainability Fixed Deposits • •

13 AIESEC in India LC’s have FD’s The average FD amount is Rs. 2,55,834

Debt • •

2 AIESEC in India LC’s are in debt to the MC The average debt amount is Rs. 1,22,500

Pending recon • •

6 LC’s have pending recon to the MC The average pending recon amount is Rs. 1,39,472

Average profit or loss across the X based programmes iGCDP iGIP oGIP oGCDP 0





Average loss


oGIP 0

iGIP 6,616.00

iGCDP 47,629

Average profit





Inferences: • oGCDP is the highest earning programme; followed by iGIP, iGCDP and oGIP • No LC’s have made losses in the oGCDP and oGIP programmes • iGCDP is the programme with the highest amount of loss, on an average. This figure is much lower than before though and shows that LC’s managing finances around this programme much better than before. Average bank balance across LC’s (as of 31st December 2012) •


The average bank balance across LC’s is Rs. 2,11,487

lorem ipsum :: [Date]

Governance & accountability LC membership statuses LC’s with full member status

LC’s with MoP status

LC’s on alert




Inferences: •

• •

• •

Most LC’s do not meet criteria for upgradation or retention of status because they fall short of OGX criteria (no. of exchanges), F criteria (pending dues to the MC & absence of FD’s) or have not had the minimum no. of BoA meetings as stipulated in the compendium. Focus on effective financial management and sticking to budgets will ensure that LC’s meet the minimum criterion that has been laid down for finances. LC’s need to focus on the oGCDP & iGIP programme; not only in terms of delivering experiences; but also, as shown earlier, these are the highest earning programmes and will enable LC’s to become financially healthier. Most LC’s have HR, IM & Finance policies in place. The one’s which don’t should create them immediately. The ones who already have them should review them from time to time, based on current realities. Communication between the leadership bodies in LC’s and their BoA is minimal. In general, BoA management needs to improve tremendously. LC’s are advised to get in touch with the MCVP BD or look at BCP’s from other LC’s for the same. LC’s should sign some sort of contract or documentation with their BoA, which lays down the minimal level of support that they will provide. Again most LC’s are unable to secure & have combined BoA meetings. LC’s are suggested to identify supportive people on their BoA body who can act as a chairperson and muster support from the other people on the BoA.

Expansions and IG update and way forward in the same (contribution to ELD via Expansions) Update Number of OE’s, currently, across the different regions North & East region 3

Western region 2

Southern region 3


Number of current IG’s getting legislated as OE’s at NLS North & East region 4

Western region 0

Southern region 2


Number of IG’s (getting legislated at NLS) across the different regions North & East region 7


Western region 5

Southern region 3


lorem ipsum :: [Date]

Number of experiences delivered across the ELD programmes in OE’s oGCDP iGIP oGIP iGCDP TMP TLP *data for 7 OE’s

24 15 1 96 374 117

Number of experiences delivered across the ELD programmes in IG’s oGCDP iGIP oGIP iGCDP TMP TLP *data for 11 IG’s

58 2 0 54 263 52

Total number of experiences delivered across OE’s & IG’s oGCDP iGIP oGIP iGCDP TMP TLP TOTAL NO. OF EXPERIENCES DELIVERED *data for 7 OE’s & 11 IG’s

82 17 1 150 637 169 1056

Inferences: • • • • • •

In the last 6 months, the network has taken forward presence in 25 cities & universities across the country, which is brilliant! With the way things are going, we will add a minimum of 15 OE’s to the national association at JNC 2012. As of 31st December 2012, 17 of these entities (OE’s & IG’s) have contributed to more than 1000 experiences being delivered across the ELD programmes! J In OE’s, oGCDP is the highest contributing X based programme. In IG’s, it’s the 2nd highest contributing X based programme. J However; most of these Expansion entities show under-par performance in the iGIP programme which is a matter of concern and something that should be focused on. Both OE’s & IG’s need to start providing more TMP & TLP experiences as well as use this talent capacity to drive growth

Way forward: • • •


Continued focus on the oGCDP programme and increase in focus on & performance in the iGIP programme Talent capacity driving growth along with leadership development in Expansion entities via LEAD and conferences Focus on making Expansion entities operationally & organizationally sound by establishing revenue streams, establishing BoA bodies, implementation of proper OS’s, education & operational training as well as implementation of HR, IM & Finance policies. lorem ipsum :: [Date]

Over all OD vertical analysis and way forward in Q1 Education • • •

Summits for education & operational training at the MC office in December Learning & Implementation Hub to be launched at NLS! (project has been delayed due to shift in priorities of the MC) The hub is being worked on and developed further to make it a one-stop platform for all that an AIESECer might need in terms of education, operational training and/or organizational understanding etc. Hub’s design will be user-friendly and interactive in nature.

Expansions • AIESEC in India LC’s have taken up almost 20 new Expansions into different cities & universities across the length and breadth of the country in the last 6 months. • One of our visions as an association is to have a presence in every state, virtually or physically. We have already expanded or are in the process of expanding into states that we were not present in earlier such as Jharkhand, Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir, Assam, Kerala and Himachal Pradesh etc. • Meetings with Amity University to create independent or autonomous AIESEC chapters on their colleges & campuses throughout the country; partnership has been confirmed and might see us create a new class of Expansion entities. • Focus on education & operational training in Expansion entities has been delivered through the release of education packages as well as opening up NLS EB & MB tracks to Expansion members. Specific strategy for certain Expansion entities as well as increase in the national support staff for Expansions will ensure that we see a growth in terms of contribution & performance. • Incentive for LC’s which are taking up Expansions: All Expansion entities (and automatically parent LC’s) will be charged 30% less on recon for all their oGCDP & iGIP exchanges. This will start from the 1st of Feb onwards. More details on this at NLS. AIESEC in Nepal • • •

• • •

AIESEC in Nepal legislated as an Official Expansion of AIESEC International on the 20th of November 2012. J AIESEC in Nepal now has its own account on Office has been set up in Kathmandu. Infrastructure is being built upon. 10 TN’s were raised in the month of December (9 iGCDP and 1 iGIP); 3 of these TN’s were matched & realized in December itself with EP’s from Lucknow & Kolkata. This is officially AIESEC in Nepal’s first ever exchange! J All legal procedures have been finished. AIESEC in Nepal has been registered as a NGO (based on the law of the land). All documents for the same are in place. Current membership strength: 30 from 2 cities: Kathmandu and Chitwan. The focus in now on their training & education in order to make them independent in terms of operations. Way forward: Education & operational training of current membership, establishment of 2 LC’s, EP recruitment, BoA identification & establishment and MC elections cum selections.

LC capacity development • • • • 18

Customized coaching for all 3 clusters (and further to LC’s) designed and delivered in December & January Transition and Planning package sent out to LC’s to facilitate effective transition and planning Better and more effective follow up plans for LC coaching are in place & will be implemented over the next 5 months. Specific strategy for certain entities & programmes will lead to increase in contribution & performance of these LC’s over the next 5 months lorem ipsum :: [Date]

Closing Thoughts and Q1 Achievement I hope that the report gave you insight into what all has been happening in the MC office in Q4! In Q4 we additionally added one full time and one part time MC member as well with Smriti Sant becoming National Community Manager and Lohita Turlapati becoming TMP/TLP Manager. We are excited to have them in office and keen to see how the two roles contribute to us moving forward stronger as AIESEC India. We see brand reputation building and TMP/TLP scalability play a huge role in achievement of our goals and hence decided to add both roles mid way through our terms. Additionally with EB’s and MB’s being announced in December for most LC’s we hope the same converts into better experience delivery and growth in your LC’s. In Q1 we are hoping to achieve considerable growth in programmes with the focus areas and growth drivers coming into play more effectively across LC’s. At the same time with coaching visits delivered earlier than usual and keeping the NLS Agenda in mind we look to talk a lot about the WHY of our organization and hope that all the leadership bodies and each and every LC member in AIESEC India understands the same enough to be inspired by it. Wishing all of you a great Q1 where you deliver great experiences to your trainees, EP’s and members while multiplying the number of experiences you are delivering!

Yuva AIESEC India Member Committee 2012-2012 Empowering to Deliver Creating to Go Beyond


lorem ipsum :: [Date]

Quarter Report | AIESEC India | Q4  

Quarter Report

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