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Secondary School Curriculum and opposed streaming in high schools.

March 24th, 1985:

Canadian Ramgarhia Society purchased the property on 6908 McPherson Avenue in Burnaby and held first Shabad Kirtan Diwan on the premises.

March 27th, 1985:

Executive Committee of Canadian Ramgarhia Society passed a resolution to hold religious functions on weekly basis after the building is altered to meet the needs for Sikh Gurdwara. The building on 6908 McPherson Avenue went through major renovations in 1990 and again in 1993-94 to get the best use for religious functions and necessary for Gurdwara Sahib up keeping.

August 15th, 1994

Canadian Ramgarhia Society 1992 - 94 raised $47,690 for 10.35% share of the amount contributed by member societies. This amount was more than sufficient to grant 5 delegate’s representation amongst 15 member societies set out under the (FRCSS) constitution. Five Rivers Community Services Society (FRCSS) was established to run the Riverside Funeral Home on 7410 Hopcott Road in Delta BC. Dharam Singh Bansal the founding president of FRCSS was the big support for Canadian Ramgarhia Society.

November 27th, 1994:

The Election of the Canadian Ramgarhia Society was held under the Court Order of Justice J Brenner issued on Friday, the 7th day of October 1994. The court order gave 1992-93 listed member the right to renew the membership seven days prior to the date of November 1994 election and the right to vote in the General Meeting.

November 27th, 1994:

Canadian Ramgarhia Society increased the term of the Executive Committee to two years.

May 17th, 1998:

The election of May 17th, 1998 ended up in courts. The Chairman declared the result with 292 votes cast out of 851 listed members and registered it in Victoria. The committee elected on May 26th, 1996 refused to accept the result citing 2/3rd clause of the Constitution, considered it illegal and sought legal help and remained in office till March 21st, 1999 the Society held election with the procedure set out By Justice Boyle in the court order.

April 29th, 2001:

The Election for 2001-02 Directors of Canadian Ramgarhia Society was held under the Court Order issued on Wednesday January 3rd, 2001 by Madam Justice Kirkpatrick.

May 11th, 2003:

The Election for the Directors of the society took place because there was an earlier 40th anniversary (1972-2012)




canadian ramgarhia society

Canadian Ramgarhia Society 40th Anniversary Book  
Canadian Ramgarhia Society 40th Anniversary Book  

Canadian Ramgarhia Society 40th Anniversary Book