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May 26th, 1976:

Society received the letter from Lawyer Reiner O. Rothe that Department of National Revnue, Taxtation needs more clarification on some of the clauses, some of the documents and further amending the Society’s Constitution to conform to the department’s guidelines.

August 1st, 1976:

Once again, the constitution was amended as per Lawyer’s advice to fulfill the Department of National Revenue requirements for attaining charitable status.

August 27th, 1976:

Canadian Ramgarhia Society was registered and was granted Canadian Charitable Organization status with Registration N.o. 0472910-27.

June 23rd, 1979:

Canadian Ramgarhia Society participated with its banner in the Nagar Kirtan held inVancouver celebrating Quincentenary of Sri Guru Amar Das Ji.

May 14th, 1980

Canadian Ramgarhia Society decided in the General Meeting that society is in favor of forming an umbrella organization known as “ Federation of Sikh Societies Canada”on national level.

May 16-17-18th, 1980

Canadian Ramgarhia Society (Surindar Singh Jabal) moved a motion in the Ottawa Sikh Convention to form an umbrella organization known as “Federation of Sikh Societies of Canada” on national level. Khalsa Diwan Society Vancouver duly seconded the motion.

April 15th, 1981

Canadian Ramgarhia Society bought property 7509-7525 Meadow Avenue, Burnaby BC. Held the Religious Ceremony with Arambh Akhand Path of July 25th and Bhog Akhand Path & Kirtan on July 27th, 1981.

Nov 4th, 1983:

The Executive Committee of Canadian Ramgarhia Society passed a resolution on Nov 2nd, 1983 to support Khalsa Diwan Society in its effort to have the Birhs (Guru Granth Sahib) removed from BC Courts and wrote letter to Honourable Brian R.D. Smith, Attorney General of BC in this regard and sent a copy to Khalsa Diwan Society.

May 16th, 1984:

Canadian Ramgarhia Society presented a brief on proposed Secondary School curriculum change to the Education Ministry in the meeting held at Killarney Secondary School in Vancouver. Canadian Ramgarhia Society strongly recommended the Education Ministry to include Punjabi (heritage language) as an elective subject in 40th anniversary (1972-2012)




canadian ramgarhia society

Canadian Ramgarhia Society 40th Anniversary Book  
Canadian Ramgarhia Society 40th Anniversary Book  

Canadian Ramgarhia Society 40th Anniversary Book