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Challenges to Omanisation A look at the reasons why private sector employers are reluctant to employ Omani nationals


rguably, it appears that before we can productively discuss possible remedial strategies and solutions to the Omanisation challenges, we ought to first and foremost clearly identify the reasons private sector employers are reluctant to employ Omani nationals and, secondly, gain the Government of Oman’s 6

acknowledgement of the private sector’s assessment for making changes in applied strategy, especially in light of the current statistical evidence that highlights the country’s huge potential in the labour market as a result of significant increase in Oman’s male and female population below the age of 25. When it comes to Omani employees,

their stance, which suggests they have come to see themselves as a natural privileged class inclined to accept work congruent only with their expectations, which mainly include comfortable white-collar job whether or not they are qualified for such position, an attitude that discloses a dissonance in perception between merit and reward. The industrial sector is one of the many


Trailing reprot

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