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Center of Entrepreneurship The School of Business Making it real - Making it happen!

Director of the Center of Entrepreneurship The desire to initiate, renew and change, along with the joys of creation and decisiveness, present our students with an enriching and empowering challenge. These students possess the initiative and are searching for a supportive and fruitful environment where their ideas can take hold and grow into real entrepreneurial projects. In recent years, the academic world has penetrated the commercial and social arenas, encouraging varied opportunities for cooperation. Our students' fresh ideas, along with wide-ranging research into models from worldwide academic facilities, have served to create an entrepreneurial incubator in the School of Business Administration environment.

commerce. Thus the students are exposed to master classes with entrepreneurs as well the real world of business, including the processes of influencing and pitching ideas, enhancing innovation, searching for investors and partners, etc. The incubator enables students to build contacts with international entrepreneurs through virtual programs.

I am proud to give you a look inside that incubator. We work hand-in-hand with the students as an academic as well as entrepreneurial team, offering them the opportunity to make their own way toward accomplishing their entrepreneurial dreams. The program includes biweekly meetings in the academic framework as well as biweekly meetings off campus, together with a mentor. Each team is committed to presenting progress reports on a weekly basis, including implementation of new ideas, meetings with content experts and interested parties, preparation of business plans, funding, and preparations for 'pitch' meetings. During the academic year, the teams meet with international leaders in

Cooperation with leading companies opens up a wide array of possibilities in the field of technological innovation, creativity and of course, networking.


On a personal note, I am proud to be a part of this program, which offers a springboard for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. I consider counseling students a calling, and I am more than willing to help each and every student choose the path that will help them make their dream come true. Good luck to all! Dr. Dafna Kariv Director of the Center of Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurial Project The School of Business Administration at the College of Management Academic Studies (COMAS) has established a center for entrepreneurship. The center offers both academic and practical activities, and serves as an academic hub to support all students and graduates with innovative ideas who dream of becoming entrepreneurs. The driving force behind this initiative is Dr. Dafna Kariv, the chair of the Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, and founder and director of the incubator as well as other entrepreneurial activities at the School of Business Administration. Dr. Kariv, a renowned expert on entrepreneurship, has published books and numerous articles of international acclaim in this field. She is a member of the Chair of Entrepreneurship at HEC, Montreal, Canada, the recipient of a fund from the European Union Commission for an international project entitled "Fostering entrepreneurship in higher education", and co-editor of an academic journal in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial communities. The School of Business Administration currently offers three tracks: • The Entrepreneurship Incubator • The Accelerator Incubator • The Mentoring Program


The Entrepreneurship Incubator Student entrepreneurs in the final stages of their Bachelor's degree can participate in the entrepreneurship incubator. The program combines knowledge, practice, professional tools and networking, while continually challenging the students.

The incubator was created to support novice student entrepreneurs by providing them with the major tools required to realize their aspiration of creating a working, successful enterprise. The program allows students to gain hands-on experience in the entrepreneurial process with close and ongoing support from mentors and academics who are real-life, experienced entrepreneurs. The program spans one full academic year, and is attracting many students, all hungry for entrepreneurship and dreaming of bringing their creative and innovative ideas to life. The program combines academic and practical 4

aspects to help students realize the full potential of their ideas: the students meet regularly with the academic staff, who use specially designed instructional methods to guide the students through the entrepreneurial process. At the same time, each group of students is provided with a mentor. The mentors are some of the finest entrepreneurs who have "made it"-well-known individuals from the business world (serial entrepreneurs, technology executives, incubator directors and so on). They are there to assist the young generation of entrepreneurs in transforming their ideas into successful enterprises. They share their knowledge and experience and work with the students on their business plan and their presentation for investors, while consulting on other such critical stages. In addition, students enjoy various other activities, including professional panels with representatives from companies such as Better Place and JDate, master classes with leading entrepreneurs such as Mr. Orni Petruschka, tours to other incubators, and online entrepreneurial exercises with Croatian peers, to name a few. The mentors, who keep in constant touch with their students, are joined by 15 additional instructors, all of whom specialize in various entrepreneurship-related fields, such as patenting and copyright law, financing, strategy, marketing and so on. Some of these instructors teach at the school, and some are experts from the private sector with experience in guiding novice entrepreneurs. They contribute their time and experience on a volunteer basis. Throughout the year, the incubator hosts four

major events for business people, investors, academicians and veteran entrepreneurs. The students get to pitch their ideas to the

crowd, which serves two purposes: practicing their presentation skills, and networking to the benefit of all parties involved.


Graduates Speak Up Amit Mizrahi: I am a third-year student studying Accounting and Law. I want to tell you about my amazing experience in the School of Business Administration’s incubator, a platform that enables students to gain experience in taking a business idea and developing it into a company, right to the exit! The incubator is supported by top-notch industry executives and serial entrepreneurs who mentor the groups and provide the business tools and connections that will help us mature as entrepreneurs. We are


currently in the process of creating a company with seed capital of $1.5 million(!), a strong directorate and extensive networking that will also make future enterprises possible. The entrepreneurial incubator is recommended to anyone who sees entrepreneurship as a way of life, as it provides the tools, experts, mentors and networking that are so critical for success. I would be happy to answer any questions at:

The Accelerator Incubator The accelerator incubator was created for Master's students in the School of Business Administration with a real passion for entrepreneurship, who already have a viable idea for an enterprise.

Networking these students with experts, and having them share their knowledge with their colleagues and peers, as well as with experts abroad-these activities are the engine that drives this intensive

The accelerator provides them with various resources such as topical experts, veteran entrepreneurs, and industry executives, as well as other tools such as marketing information, channels of advertising and distribution, investor relations, and so on.

and empowering process. The accelerator incubator is operated with leading companies such as the Microsoft Accelerator Incubator, Samsung, and JVP.

The students work as part of a team and gain real experience in bringing their ideas to life. They must work together as a team to maximize use of the available resources, with the aim of reaching the production stage within a short time. Unlike the entrepreneurial incubator, the participants of the accelerator program have greater independence. As in a "real" entrepreneurial process, the students take an active part in their projects, handling all risks and responsibilities. They develop their enterprise according to their vision of the product, market needs, and available opportunities. Unlike the entrepreneurial incubator, their projects are not accompanied by a mentor. 7

Graduates Speak Up Priel Zano: I had just returned from volunteering at an orphanage in Thailand, where I was sent as the foreign relations director of the COMAS student body, when I first heard about the incubator. It was an email that woke up the entrepreneur in me. The incubator was an invaluable experience that taught me in 1 year what I would have spent at least 5 years learning otherwise. As a student who continues to volunteer through the student body, who has always worked to improve students’ conditions at the

Arava Lefel: “Behind all things visible, there is something greater; every thing is a path, a gate or a window opening to something else.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince As a recent graduate of the incubator, my journey has only just begun. This was not simply anoth er course. There were no exams, no grades. This was a family who embraced me and gave me the tools to grow both individually and as part of my team. I met fascinating people, was exposed to new ideas, and developed amazing work capabilities on my own project. The fact that every team had a mentor-leading figures in the Israeli industry - was in itself a gift. At the closing convention, a young entrepreneur hesitantly approached my amazing mentor, Dror Pockard, and asked for a few minutes of his time. It was perhaps only then that I realized how lucky I was to have received his guidance. 8

college, as a business student who has been part of the incubator, I urge you to apply to the incubator. It will change your life by giving you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do something different-maybe even the next exit! The School of Business Administration currently offers one of the most (if not the most) prestigious programs at the college. The entrepreneurial incubator will become the reason for future enrollment!

There is no comparison between a regular business graduate and a graduate who was part of the incubator. To anyone who is still looking to find the full meaning of his or her degree, I recommend applying for the incubator. Thank you to everyone who was part of this project.

The Mentoring Program The mentoring program includes two tracks:

Student Support for Novice Entrepreneurs

Advanced Internship Program at Microsoft

Any student with a viable idea for an enterprise, who is not interested in working with a team but still wishes to receive support, can participate in an empowering process with our expert mentors. The students outline their own process, get to select their topical experts and mentors, but essentially work independently on their enterprise. They do not take part in any regular academic process, but make use of the incubator as they see fit. The incubator provides them with information, knowledge, networking, partnerships, advice and support.

Students with proven entrepreneurial talent and skills can participate in this external technological accelerator program. As interns, they will be exposed to the real world by attending advisory and managerial meetings, receiving mentor assistance, participating in startup meetings with experts, and other similar benefits.


Graduates Speak Up Elad Daskal: As a student in the School of Business Administration, I realize the importance of a good idea, the equal importance of academic tools, and that experience is crucial. The ability to network, speak in front of an audience, write a concise business plan, interest potential investors-the “entrepreneur’s toolbox”-must be as diversified as possible to minimize the risks on the entrepreneurial rollercoaster. The School of Management’s entrepreneurial incubator has provided us with just such a toolbox, through networking with top industry executives, hands-on experience in finding investors, and professional knowledge on bringing an idea to life and profit. With a safety net that does not exist in real life, and a little extra push, this “incubator” gives us the confidence and ability to move forward. Using the tools acquired in the incubator, we are already managing a small and growing startup founded during that period, and cooperating with investors and large institutions, giving us a competitive advantage over those who still think that it can’t be done. Perhaps this is the real effect of the incubator: aside from providing us with this amazing toolbox, it has made us believe that anything is possible. If you see yourself as an entrepreneur, the


incubator is an amazing platform to acquire tools and remove barriers that would otherwise require years of trial and error. And after only 10 months, you will find that yes, you can do it too.

About the enterprises – a current snapshot - 2012 Smartphone Advertising Application

Our company understands the great potential of sharing, as well as people's basic need and willingness to share, and applies it to the world of marketing. We understand that the best advertising comes from friends and family, and we have built on this insight to develop our enterprise. Research shows that 40% of the people are influenced by shared personal recommendations vs. a rate of 4% for all other regular advertising. Our application allows the user to share his or her buying experience, discounts and special sales. The application offers reports shared by other users or by the advertisers (the clients). The experience is shared using image recognition technology that is coordinated with the retailers and linked to the Facebook accounts of users and clients. This enables us to identify product virality, the criterion for success of any product or service. The resulting pool of shares, likes and comments provides valuable marketing information for advertisers. Using the PPC model, this information can serve to determine prices for future clients.

Broadcast YourSelf TV

Broadcast YourSelf TV (BYS TV) aims to improve, personalize, and socialize the sportswatching experience. There are hundreds of millions of sports fans worldwide who watch sporting events on a weekly basis. According to FIFA, about 700 million viewers worldwide watched the final match of the 2010 World Cup on small screens. In 2009, the European Champions League’s final game was the most watched annual sporting event, bringing in an average worldwide audience of 109 million viewers. Like the games themselves, watching sports is essentially a social activity in which fans come together to share the experience with their friends. In addition, many fans are active online, as evident from FC Barcelona’s 26 million Twitter and Facebook friends and followers. According to comScore, Yahoo! Sports alone pulls in nearly 4 million unique visitors. However, sports fans are constantly seeking diversity and innovation in broadcasted sports. Fans all around the world are experiencing frustration with the quality of broadcasters and commentators, mainly because their 11

sports-watching experience is often compromised, driving them to seek an improved sports-watching experience. Our innovative sports-watching and broadcasting platform enables a unique and personalized watching experience, empowering sports fans to contribute to games broadcasted in their living room, and share their game interpretation with friends and fans over a dedicated user-generated virtual space. Our solution operates in the growing smart TVs and IPTVs ecosystem, which provides flexible platforms and models for new TV watching. Focusing on European soccer, we expect our prototype product to be ready within one year of activity, to be available to the 2014 Brazil World Cup viewers, to become available for additional sports categories within 3 years, and then to become available to the viewers of the 2016 Olympics in Rio. With a business model based on Internet affiliations and a freemium software product, we expect to reach 2.5 million users within 5 years, from which we expect to generate revenues of approximately $20 million. In order to develop a working product and take the initial steps of entering the European market, we are looking to raise $1.5 million in initial funding.


Monitoring Technology for the Elderly

The Dionea Sense Group is currently developing a smart system designed to improve the lives of the elderly and handicapped. Using advanced technology and a designated application, the system enables proper care management and supervision. This smart system is in fact a platform for different products. By using telemedicine, these will create a variety of solutions to common problems that afflict the elderly population. The first product is designed to help the elderly and other patients who suffer from urinary incontinence. Today there are about 100 million elderly patients who suffer from this condition, and the problem is expected to become more common with the expected increase in life expectancy. Due to the absence of tools for proper care management, many who are afflicted do not receive proper care. We offer an innovative solution. Instead of manually checking the patient’s diaper, our product uses non-intrusive NFC technology to alert the caregiver when the patient requires changing. The caregiver’s every action will be documented by a designated application. This will ensure proper and efficient care, which in turn will reduce costs as well as possible health risks and complications sometimes caused by improper care. In addition, this type of supervision will give the patients’ families peace of mind that is unavailable today, since they will be able to rest assured that their

loved ones are being properly cared for. The product will be sold to nursing homes around the world, as well as to elderly people who are being privately treated in their own homes. The system includes multiuse items to be sold with the product and used in its initial setup. Single-use items will be sold separately, depending on the rate of diaper change. Our potential target market is approximately 10% out of a 100 million segment of diaper users, who must have their diapers replaced approximately four times a day.

Smart Personal Training Application for Gyms

We offer an application that will accompany the user throughout his or her exercise routine. By virtually mapping the gym, we can direct our customers to their relevant training devices- even when some are occupied. With our solution, users will benefit from a better, more effective and more enjoyable training experience. Users with a busy schedule can customize their training by selecting the purpose of the training and/or the time they have available to train.Currently available solutions require users to actively search for exercise-related training. Our unique solution gives the user all of the relevant information online with a connection to his or her actual gym. Getting maximum results in minimum time will result in a better training experience, increase enrollment rates, and curb dropout rates. Gyms will also enjoy significant ROI.

This may not come as a surprise to anyone, but the current trend today is to improve one's health and appearance, a trend which continues to grow. It is not surprising, therefore, that gym registration is also continually on the rise. Worldwide industry revenues have reached approximately $71 billion annually from over 130,000 gyms.And yet, there is the worrisome phenomenon of dropouts among users. Studies indicate that the rate of abandoning a gym is over 50% among new registrants. According to the users themselves, a combination of bad training experiences and busy schedules makes it impossible for them to attend regularly. 13

About the enterprises – a current snapshot - 2013 Eva Catering

Home Smart Kitchen - HSK

The initiative involves a communal kitchen in Jaffa which will operate as a vocational incubator for women.

According to a consumer behavior study by Martin Lindstrom, presented in his book "Brandwashed", the average person will spend 25,413 hours - almost 3 years - at the supermarket during his or her lifetime.

It will enable women to start working immediately, along with a “leverage program� (providing tools, skills, work experience and occupational training with the aim of complete integration into the job market). The kitchen will supply schools with 2000 hot meals daily for state-sponsored lunches, as well as meals for businesses and organizations, and in fact the entire community in the area.

PAYBOX PAYBOX is a new and unique platform for the organization of social events with a large number of participants. PAYBOX is designed to eliminate the frustration of collecting money for multi-participant events. With PAYBOX, you can send payment requests to all participants, and see whether their participation has been confirmed and whether they have already paid for the event. PAYBOX eliminates having to run after people who have not paid, and offers organization and equality in bearing the financial burden.


Our technological solution allows users to avoid the stress of shopping and to save on time spent at the supermarket or shopping online. From a user's perspective, the proposed shopping process is automatic, with minimal intervention. At any time, using the website, a smartphone or a tablet, the user can see his or her current home inventory and the most economical shopping list, created specifically for him or her. This list can be ordered automatically as well.

Students' voices


Feedback on participation in the incubator and accelerator programs

"It's the most up-to-date, practical program I have ever participated in. It involves robust theoretical and academic knowledge which serves as the structure for the program. Therefore, it is very coherent and consistent. I am so proud to have been selected to the program and wish to thank the academic staff and our mentors for providing me with this unforgettable experience."

"The vibes are creative, vital and entrepreneurial. The staff is professional, supportive and empowering. The mentors are fueled with insights based on their own entrepreneurial experiences. The professional panels are outstanding. The professional visits are inspiring. The pitch sessions are practical and most efficient. The art classes are stimulating. What more can a student ask for?"

"Networking, networking, network-

"For me, being part of the incubator program is the best thing that has ever happened to me. This is, in fact, the value that I received from my academic studies. Thanks so much to the academic staff!"

ing‌How does our academic staff manage to attract these leading figures?? I am overwhelmed! One short anecdote: the other day I got a text message from an unknown number. I read it and discovered that one of the mentors had offered me a position‌It's unbelievable!"



Our Collaborators

Advisory Board • Dr. Dafna Kariv, Chair- Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship; and DirectorBizHUB for entrepreneurs, School of Business Administration College of Management Academic Studies (COMAS) • Mr. Uri Adoni, Partner JVP • Tmer Artzi, Alumnee Press Software & Electronics R&D Manager, HP Indigo • CPA (MBA) Adi Blumenfeld, Pinchas CFO HAMASHBIR HAMASHBIR 365 Holdings Ltd • CPA (Isr), LLM Mickey Blumenthal, Managing Partner, Fahn Kanne & Co. Grant Thornton Israel • Professor Dan Elnathan, School of Business Administration College of Management Academic Studies (COMAS) • CPA Mordechai (Moti) Friedman, CEO Israel's Financial Levers (IFL) LTD • MBA Zmira Ganani, CFO IMI • CPA Ilanit Halperin, Partner, Head of Technology and Life Sciences Department, Fahn Kanne & Co. Grant Thornton Israel • Professor Oren Kaplan, Dean School of Business Administration College of Management Academic Studies (COMAS) • Mr. Nir Lempert, CEO Zap Group and Chairman of 8200 Alumni Association • Mr. Dror Pockard, CEO Pockard Ventures and Investments Ltd. • Ms. Anat Segal, CEO Xenia Venture Capital • Adv Ornit Shinar, CEO, Israel's Financial evers (IFL) LTD. • Ms. Raya Volinsky, Business Development Manager, Microsoft • Adv.(MBA) Dikla Wagner Alumnee, VP Business Development, Technology and Life Science Department, Fahn Kanne & Co. Grant Thornton Israel • Mr. Tzahi (Zack) Weisfeld, Sr. Director, Microsoft 17

Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship The Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship is geared toward two major aspects of today's job market: new enterprises and large multinational corporations. Students enjoy extensive practical knowledge, skills, experience, and networking potential, as part of their training for top managerial and entrepreneurial positions.The department currently features an accelerator incubator, sponsored by top companies, a mentoring program for student entrepreneurs, and an internship program at Microsoft for honor students.


The program is focused on entrepreneurial sharing and study processes, active student think-tank participation, blog writing and community involvement. The students themselves play a significant part in the process, and in building an understanding of the educational experience. Academic emphasis is placed on the latest academic knowledge and "real world" professional experience. The program features panels, master classes with top industry executives, and conventions with notable and inspiring individuals. The program also features cooperations with students from abroad. The educational and training process includes hands-on practice that provides applied knowledge and skills for various fields.

The School of Business Administration • The largest school of business in Israel, with 4700 students • 7 bachelor's programs offered, and 12 MBA programs • Special research MBA program, including thesis • Designated accounting program for academics • Special tracks for honor students • Academic programs combined with "real" businesses: internships, entrepreneurship and business game • Accounting students boast unprecedented success rates in the Israel Auditor's Council exams • 150 top staff members, from the academic and business worlds • Applied research that combines the educational, administrative, and research aspects of the management field, freely available to the Israeli business community • Networking with 17,700 alumni, 4000 of whom are MBA graduates, and many of whom hold top positions in the Israeli business world


College of Management Academic Studies (COMAS) • 1st Accredited Academic College and the Largest in Israel • 12,000 Enrolled Students; 40,000 Graduates; 8 Schools and Departments • Programs Focusing on the Most Sought-After Sectors in the Job Market • 1,000 Faculty Members Including Leading Figures in Industry & Academia • Faculty Engaged in Numerous International Research Studies & Programs • Graduates' Success Rates in Israeli Bar and CPA Exams Among the Highest • Integration of Practical Clinical Work in Various Fields of Study • Israel's first of its kind Comprehensive Center for Academic Accessibility • Headquarters of ISRAMUN (Israel Model United Nations) • Unique Center for Corporate Responsibility • Home to the Concord Center for Integration of International Law in Israel • Exceptional R&D Institute for Intelligent Robotic Systems • Exclusive Inter-Disciplinary Honors Programs • 'Green Campus' certified by the Israeli Government • Host of the Elite Caesarea Economic Policy Planning Forum • Initiators, Sponsors and Operators of FabLab Israel, in Collaboration with MIT

Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship The School of Business Administration The College of Management, Academic Studies 7 Rabin Blvd., Rishon LeZion 7549071 |

Center of Entrepreneurship  

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