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THE ARCTIC’S LEADING CONSULTANCY BUILDINGS As one of Europe’s top buildings designers with decades of experience in the global market, we create inspirational, sustainable and award-winning buildings that allow people and nature to flourish. We design more than 10 million square meters of buildings every year, and are a preferred partner of the world’s leading architects and developers. Technology and design is our passion, and we have an unwavering focus on excellence in everything we do. We hold the industry’s top certifications within sustainable design and are leaders in Building Information Modeling. Read more at:

TRANSPORT Mobility fuels economic and social development and with 50% of the world’s population now living in urban areas, efficient and reliable transport systems are essential. To meet this need, Ramboll has been working on some of the world’s largest, most innovative infrastructure projects and is the leading consultancy in the Nordic market. We create value for transport authorities, contractors and local authorities by providing multidisciplinary technical excellence and minimising resource usage. Read more at:

ENVIRONMENT & HEALTH As a globally recognised environmental and health consultancy, we have earned a reputation for technical and scientific excellence, innovation and client service. Advances in science and technology and evolving regulatory, legal and social pressures create increasingly complex challenges for our clients. We evolve to keep pace with these changes – by adding new services, contributing to scientific advances or expanding geographically. Read more at: environment-and-health

WATER Working with municipalities, utilities and industrial clients, Ramboll draws on proven multidisciplinary expertise to manage the most challenging water resources, wastewater, and storm water issues. We integrate treatment process selection and engineering, operational services, and regulatory management and planning to deliver innovative solutions that benefit both industry and society. Read more at:

3 We define the Arctic according to the Arctic Council definition of Arctic administrative areas: AMAP Arctic Circle

CANADA/ALASKA (Anchorage with support from Seattle, Portland and Toronto)

Source: Arctic Council Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP)

RUSSIA (served by Moscow and St. Petersburg)



Fluctuating oil and mineral commodity prices affect economic activity in the Arctic. However, Arctic communities remain focused on the best approaches for sustainable development. Working with clients on societybuilding, infrastructure, buildings, energy, water, waste, mining, and oil & gas initiatives, Ramboll brings together Arctic experts in engineering, scientific and management services with proven experience in delivering environmentally and socially responsible solutions.

FINLAND (Oulu, Rovaniemi, Raahe, Ylivieska, Kajaani) NORWAY Norway (Bodø, Setermoen, Tromsø, Alta, Longyearbyen)

ICELAND (Project based partnerships)

SWEDEN (Luleå, Kiruna, Boden, Umeå)

ENERGY Security of power supplies, climate change, energy efficiency and resource scarcity are top priorities for a sustainable society. Ramboll is at the forefront of addressing these issues as the global market leader in offshore wind, waste-toenergy and district heating consulting and the leader in Scandinavia for large-scale thermal power consulting. We also have a specialist competence in designing power transmission masts and offshore wind met masts. Read more at:

OIL & GAS Success in today’s fast-paced and competitive oil and gas market depends on advanced technical solutions that combine economic efficiency with stringent health, safety and environmental (HSE) requirements during the entire asset life cycle. Based on four decades of engineering consultancy, Ramboll has gained valuable insights on how to develop, prolong and optimise offshore and onshore production. Our combined insights and service offerings support leading energy companies and operators in maximising a sustainable recovery of oil and gas. Read more at:

PLANNING & URBAN DESIGN Ramboll’s holistic approach to urban development encompasses strategy, planning and world class technical design services and is based on an integrated multidisciplinary skills base.

MANAGEMENT CONSULTING With unprecedented levels of competition in the global economy, Ramboll’s 550 management experts focus on empowering private-sector customers with expertise and effective management tools.

We have an extensive track record working with a number of the world’s largest cities to create liveable, sustainable and implementable urban development solutions that are fully adapted to the local context. Read more at:

National, regional and local authorities are responsible for issues that affect us all – from health care, education and day care to strategic planning of infrastructure and climate initiatives. Ramboll also acts as a trusted partner to public administrations, creating the insights needed to make informed strategic decisions that promote sustainable societies. Read more at: management-consulting


PAN-ARCTIC EXPERTISE Revenue in 2014 41.5 million EUR Number of employees 450 Ramboll engineers and technical and social scientists work permanently in the Arctic. Geographical spread We have 17 offices across the Arctic region and extensive Arctic expertise in our main offices such as Moscow, Copenhagen, and Seattle

ARCTIC ROUNTABLES By hosting annual roundtable expert discussions, Ramboll is helping to set the agenda on the key issues and drivers of sustainable Arctic development. (Image top)

BARENTS FREEWAY FEASIBILITY STUDY, NORWAY, SWEDEN, FINLAND, RUSSIA The EUR 1.4 million ‘Barents Freeway’ project will pave the way for cohesive and optimised future development of the transport network across the Barents region. Ramboll is part of the consultancy group led by Pöyry that has been appointed on the initiative. (Image bottom)

With a 30 year proven track record operating in the Arctic, Ramboll is the region’s leading consultancy with unparalleled knowledge of the area’s sensitive natural environment, societal considerations, and special working conditions. Our considerable capacity across the Arctic also places us in a strong position to deliver international pan-arctic projects. Ramboll offers clients impartial advice and an integrated multidisciplinary service that brings together engineering, design, scientific and management consulting expertise. This enables us to provide qualified guidance and support at every stage of the value chain – from strategy development to the execution phase. We have a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing communities across the Arctic region. Ramboll has unique experience in successfully collaborating with authorities at a local and regional level and we have forged strong links with bodies representing indigenous people in the Arctic region as well as Non-Governmental Organisations. The acquisition of American environmental consultancy Environ has expanded Ramboll’s skills base to include specialists located in Canada and US with a proven track record of environmental consultancy from Alaska and the Canadian Arctic. These experts have extensive experience supporting the oil & gas and mining industries as well as a broad project portfolio from the Russian Arctic.




NORTH ATLANTIC ENERGY NETWORK PROJECT Ramboll investigated how small isolated energy systems can be connected to a low-capacity, electrical network grid and onwards to the European market. The project examined the possibility of using undersea electric cables to connect communities in Iceland, Greenland, Norway, the Faroe Islands and Shetland by distributing potential electricity supplies derived from hydro and geothermal power. (Image right)

Client focus We act as a strategic partner to cater for the specific needs of two main client groups: international companies that are new to the Arctic and seeking to establish themselves in the region, and clients with operating experience in the Arctic that are looking to expand.

Meeting Arctic challenges Ramboll helps clients address challenges in three main areas: Climate – We develop solutions for the transport, buildings, industry, mining and energy sectors that are resilient to Arctic’s extreme climatic conditions. Environment – Ramboll helps minimise human interference with the Arctic’s sensitive natural environment by leveraging world class competences in environmental impact assessments, air and water quality, meteorology, water and waste management, and oil spill response and planning. Society – To navigate stringent legal requirements and ensure the rights and customs of indigenous people are protected, Ramboll’s extensive Arctic network enables effective stakeholder management and authority handling.



NEW HABOUR PROJECT, NUUK Currently providing a logistic challenge for Greenlandic growth, Nuuk Habour will undergo an extensive expansion to target container ships, but will also accommodate cruise ships, trawlers and offshore projects. A container port will be built with a quay length of 320 meters and connected hinterland area of 40,000 m2, which will reduce pressure on the existing harbour. Ramboll is also the consultant for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in connection with the expansion of Nuuk Habour and has assisted the government in assessing the socio-economic impact of investing in the new habour.




HOW WE WORK LOCAL PARTNER GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE AQUACULTURE, NORWAY SalMar Settefisk AS plans to build a new hatchery at Troms Stamfisk Station in Senja. Ramboll is contracted to manage the project up to and including selection of suppliers/ contracts, with a view to also overseeing the construction management. Image: Thomas Bjørkan (Image top) KIRUNA, SWEDEN Parts of Kiruna are at risk of sinking into the iron ore mine that the town is built around. Work has therefore begun to move more than 30% of the town two miles to the East. Ramboll is preparing the new land for construction and ensuring that the old industrial land fulfills the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s directions. Image: Henning Larsen Architects. (Image bottom)

Specialists in the Arctic Drawing on our longstanding presence in the Arctic, we build a bridge between projects, society, and regulators. We appoint Arctic-based project managers that understand the local market and are specifically trained in effective project handling in an Arctic context. Our project managers are also adept at overseeing cross-border projects and drawing on competencies from across the Ramboll Group to provide clients with the very best specialist expertise.

Minimising project risks Our “Front Loading” project management tool is particularly valuable in the Arctic since it enables us to assess political, environmental, process and technical risk at the very earliest stages of a project.




HARPA CONCERT AND CONFERENCE CENTRE, ICELAND The spectacular shape of Reykjavik’s unique new attraction was made possible using one of the world’s largest 3D models to develop the architectural and engineering designs – saving time and money. Harpa won the prestigious Mies van der Rohe architectural award in 2013. Image: Nic Lehoux. (Image below)

KINROSS GOLD, KUBAKA AND KUPOL MINES, MAGADAN AND CHUKOTKA REGIONS, RUSSIA Ramboll Environ staff supported several comprehensive corporate environmental, health, and safety audits of the Kubaka and Kupol mines. At Kupol, Ramboll Environ has also conducted multiple International Cyanide Management Code audits of mining operations as well as the 400 km transportation corridor between Kupol and the Port of Pevek on the East Siberian Sea. (Image right)


14 WORLD CLASS PROJECTS OIL SPILL RESPONSE PLANNING IN THE ARCTIC, CIRCUMPOLAR Ramboll Environ is developing net environmental benefit analysis (NEBA) tools to support oil spill contingency planning in the Arctic. We conducted laboratory studies in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas to evaluate the toxicity and biodegradation potential of chemically and physically dispersed oil in Arctic waters, the first time such studies had been carried out. We lead the development of web-based NEBA tools that integrate and simplify the array of technical information needed by spill responders to rapidly compare the relative risks and benefits of different countermeasures in order to select the approach that minimises impacts on sensitive or less resilient ecosystems and species. (Image far right)

POLARLED PIPELINE, NORWEGIAN SEA This unprecedented 481 km offshore pipeline will connect new fields in the Norwegian Sea with existing infrastructure to secure future energy supply to Europe. Drawing on extensive knowledge of subsea pipeline design and state of the art software, Ramboll specialists are delivering an optimised, innovative, and cost effective solution. (Image top)

YAMAL LNG, RUSSIA Ramboll Environ was engaged to develop the environmental, social impact assessment and related environmental, social and health and safety documentation for the US$27bn Yamal LNG project. This integrated upstream production and liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant development located on the Yamal peninsula in Russia is one of the largest projects currently being undertaken in the Arctic. (Image bottom)


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