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DISTRICT COOLING MAKES CARLSBERG CITY GREENER A centralised cooling system is easy to install and cheaper and more efficient than individual chillers – in Copenhagen as well as in warmer climates. By Michael Rothenborg


few years ago Carlsberg brewed beer here – with slogans like: “Tuborg makes life a little greener”. Today Carlsberg City has a cooling facility that makes energy consumption in this new Copenhagen neighbourhood a lot greener. Under the old brewery lie two enormous storage tanks, each holding 2 million litres of water storage capacity for energy-efficient – and economically sound – district cooling for 300,000 m2 of office buildings. “It’s a big investment but no doubt the right one, because it pays off. A district cooling system in this sustainable city district enables us to provide the cheapest and most environmentally friendly solution to tenant companies, which avoid having to install their own decentralised cooling systems,” says Jens Nyhus, CEO of the development company Carlsberg Byen. District cooling is replacing individual cooling, just as district heating has replaced individual heating in many parts of Copenhagen and other big cities. Ramboll is also helping to establish district cooling elsewhere in Denmark – at Copenhagen Markets, for example, a 67,000-m2 roofed hall, 10 metres high and the largest Northern European wholesale market for fruits, vegetables and flowers. Similar projects are underway in the USA, Australia and Russia.

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