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Managing Director, Ramboll India and Ramboll Engineering Centre


n spring 2014 Ramboll had the opportunity to bid for one of the most iconic and demanding projects in Finland – the Helsinki Central Library. To prepare the bid, Ramboll called on experts from its various business units, including Ramboll Engineering Centre (REC) in India, which contributed steel structure calculations and 3D modelling for the beams and trusses of this nearly zero-energy building. Collaborating with REC engineers in India gave Ramboll the edge it

needed to win the project, as the partnership ensured not only a lower price but also high quality output. The Helsinki Library is now a reality and part of a growing outsourcing trend that benefits both company and client. The Manchester Smart Motorways project in the UK and the Lisbjerg Power Plant in Aarhus, Denmark, offer other concrete examples of the benefits of outsourcing, for the field of global engineering and its clients. According to a report published by Information Services Group (ISG), a leading technology advisory company, the engineering market is in the midst of a dramatic transition, with outsourcing in the industry having grown substantially in recent years. The market research company Technavio expects engineering outsourcing to grow a further 27% by 2019 – both because costs need to be cut and because Europe has a shortage of experienced engineers. Analyses show that India’s large

pool of technical and professional talent, combined with its good infrastructure and flexibly priced, state-of-the-art technologies, is the reason the country has become the preferred outsourcing destination for European and American firms. However, outsourcing is hardly a no-brainer. To tap Indian expertise and use it on global projects, Ramboll had to create a multicultural work environment. For this purpose, employees in Europe and India underwent training so they could better understand each other’s business cultures and backgrounds. According to Asmita Jondhale from Ramboll India, a senior designer who had a chance to work on the Helsinki Central Library, regular communication and dialogue with her counterparts ensured the best results for the project – and was the key to improving quality and profitability for the client.

Helsinki Central Library.


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