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Ramboll’s 3D computer game helps construction workers anticipate and avoid accidents on building sites.

onsite construction teams and sharing information about progress in real time, the article concludes.


Creating more safety with 3D Digitalisation involves more than better budgets and fewer mistakes. It also creates better safety. Ramboll’s interactive 3D computer game helps construction workers anticipate and avoid accidents onsite. When construction of a super hospital in Gødstrup, Denmark, was in its initial phase, employees performed a range of safety tasks and procedures in a 3D simulation before gaining access to the site. This reduced the accident rate to only half the industry average. The use of 3D laser scanning can eliminate risks throughout a project – from its design to installation – thus increasing human safety, e.g. on an offshore platform. The technology enables ‘as built’ assets to be generated digitally, which safeguards against geometrical errors and ensures new designs are precisely tailored to fit existing layouts.

A new Danish report, ’IT in Practice’, by Ramboll and the Danish IT Society shows that if no further digital initiatives are taken, one in 10 businesses will lose 25% of their revenue. On average, 13% of revenue is at risk across all industries. Digitalisation is changing the market extremely rapidly, which makes it necessary, now more than ever, to continuously assess the market and the strengths and weaknesses of one’s company, the report concludes.

“Collaboration and integration are crucial if new technologies are to be used across the industry. It is not enough that Ramboll generates 5D models and uses smart applications. We have to carry the technology all the way from the consultants in the design phase to the contractors and the construction workers on the actual building site,” Troels Hoff explains. With good collaboration and smart technology, consultants can build models that are easy for contractors to expand. Construction workers can carry the models with them on tablets and ensure that the reality matches the model. “Imagining construction’s digital future”, an article recently published by the management consulting company McKinsey, also explains that so-called crew-mobility solutions will have a catalytic effect on productivity. Central-planning teams have long had difficulty connecting with

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