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Oslo city council wants walking to be an attractive and safe option for all people.

than pedestrian flows. So the city invited Ramboll Norway to design a walking strategy before the end of 2016. To complete the assignment, Ramboll will line up experts from Transport, Planning and Urban Design (PUD) and Management Consulting, taking a multi-faceted approach to achieving the three main objectives: More people should walk for a longer period of the year. Walking should be an attractive – and safe – option for everyone. And walking should be incorporated into all urban planning. For example, pedestrians should have their own footpaths separate from cyclists, because the two groups move at very different paces, and Oslo has also seen a significant rise in the number of cyclists. Norway’s National Transport Plan 2014-23 aims to ensure that traffic does not increase in major cities, and that traffic should only grow as regards public transport, cycling and walking. Because Oslo’s public transport system gets overloaded

during rush hour, a main purpose of the new walking strategy is to encourage people to walk the shorter stretches instead of taking a city bus a few stops. “We especially see potential in walking to work and school – and in people’s home districts,” says Frida Andersson, expert in urban mobility at Ramboll Norway.

 Car-free inner cities should be part of any policy plan. Caroline Shaw Physician, University of Otago Wellington


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