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Reducing downtime is one of the most critical factors on all facilities. If production must be closed down due to long waits for tools and spare parts for machinery, it can be very costly in both man-hours and lost production. This can be solved by implementing KIT-systems for all relevant machinery on a facility.      Specialised KIT-systems As a unique service to the market, Ramboll Oil & Gas has developed specialised systems for providing spare parts and tools for all rotating machinery whenever it is needed on an offshore facility. Our service is offered 24/7.   Our specialised systems are called KIT-systems. The KIT-systems are developed in-house and are fully integrated into our maintenance systems. In close cooperation with our client, we carefully plan and discuss the needs for a KIT-system for the relevant machinery on a facility.      

What is a KIT-system A KIT-system is a package with carefully chosen spare parts and tools needed to provide maintenance or replace parts of a specific machine. The content of the package is specified individually from client to client and machine to machine. The KIT-system also includes a detailed, illustrated manual for the content of the KIT so the maintenance or replacement is easy and fast.    White Book service We produce detailed White Books for all relevant machinery. The White Book gives comprehensive and well-arranged information about the maintenance of the machine. The White Book is the root of the KIT system. It makes the task of finding the correct spares for maintenance effortless.   Our service  We take care of all ordering, packing and deliveries of KITs to stock. The pre-packed units ensure optimised logistics and are secured for storage and transportation needs.  

Another important feature of our specialised KIT-systems is that we constantly update the system according to changes or modifications on production facilities.   Three types of KITs We have three types of KITs and these are specified individually for our clients’ facilities.   PM KIT: Our Periodical Maintenance KIT is a specified package for periodical maintenance through a machine's lifetime. This type of KIT usually contains consumable spares and other spares necessary for the periodical maintenance.   Security KIT: Our Security KIT is the critical package that holds all the spare parts needed when corrective maintenance is necessary. The KIT usually contains major critical components and all other necessary spares for replacement and repair.   Tool KIT: Our Tool KIT consists of all the needed special tools to provide periodical or corrective maintenance of a machine. The KITs vary from heavy duty lifting



For more than 15 years, we have been supplying Maersk Oil Denmark - and in recent years also Maersk Oil Qatar with our general service for major rotating equipment, which includes: • preparation maintenance procedures • identification of spare parts • keeping inventory of spare parts • ongoing inspections of equipment certifications    

"The KIT-system is a very important part of our maintenance strategy as it ensures minimum downtime of the production facilities. The provider of the overhaul service must be fast, flexible and accountable in order to meet unscheduled breakdowns."   Ivan Holm Head of Mechanical Maintenance Maersk Oil   

equipment to sensitive adjustment and measuring tools etc. Setting up the system When we set up the KIT-system we plan the service agreement in close coordination with our client. There are a number of issues to consider:   • Identification of necessary parts of the KIT-system • Planning and structuring of the KIT-system • Purchasing of spare parts, packing and sealing • Inspection, inventory and resupply of parts used • Expedition of orders to suppliers to stock up the KIT-system, have the components sealed and made them available again as soon as possible • Updating drawings, content, stock numbers and tools of the KITsystem during modification of facilities. Main advantages There are several critical advantages of having a KITsystem that all contribute to minimising downtime on a facility:    

• All necessary components are available when needed • The specifications of the KITsystem speed up the time for finding out what is needed • The logistics of sending and receiving the KITs run smoothly thanks to the prepacked units • Storing and transport conditions are carefully planned to ensure that the KITs are in place when needed and sealed for protection • Our clients' maintenance procedures and the KIT-system can be fully integrated.   

provides highly specialised engineering consultancy services to the worldwide oil and gas industry. We have worked in the industry since the 1970s, and employ close to 1,000 dedicated oil and gas specialists. Contact For more information abour our services, please contact: Henrik Lynge Department Director, Maintenance 

About Ramboll Ramboll is a leading engineering, design and consultancy company founded in Denmark in 1945. Today, we employ some 10.000 experts with a strong presence in Northern Europe, Russia, India and the Middle East. With more than 200 offices in 19 countries, we emphasise local experience combined with a global knowledge base. We constantly strive to achieve rigorous solutions that make a genuine difference to our clients, the end-users and society. The business unit Ramboll Oil & Gas

The KIT-systems are packed in solid boxes to ensure safe transportation from stock to facility and correct preservation of different kinds of spares.

Kit-systems to reduce downtime on facilities  
Kit-systems to reduce downtime on facilities