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CONSULTANCY SERVICES WITHIN POWER TRANSMISSION A reliable supply of electricity is a precondition to ensuring industrial competitiveness and to upholding modern society. In the future, the production of electricity will be based on investments in renewable energy. The worldwide recognition of the need to focus on our environment, and the emerging shift in consumer preferences and awareness, requires national as well as regional infrastructural development to meet future demands. The ongoing market transition towards renewable energy will require intelligent solutions, implemented at all levels from production all the way to the consumer. The Ramboll approach We have many years of experience within all sectors of industry, power generation, power distribution and transmission, infrastructure, towers, civil works etc. We understand our clients’ needs and are able to supply solutions beyond the scope of high voltage equipment. Utilizing these competencies, Ramboll can offer consulting services related to wind power, urban development, transport & infrastructure, grid connection, power generating plants or refurbishment/greenfield power transmission projects. Within power transmission, our competent team can provide consulting services that are independent of suppliers. In a close collaboration with our clients, we design and procure all components with the aim to achieve the optimal technical design at the lowest possible cost. We carry out Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and Social Impact Assessments (SIA) for international, regional and local clients, financial institutions, private companies and public authorities.

Offshore substations Based on more than 25 years of experience in the offshore sector we provide solutions covering all aspects of substation design: • Structural design • 3D modelling • Electrical design & simulation • SCADA and control systems • Communication and site supervision Onshore substations We can deliver turnkey projects working as the Owner’s Engineer. Our comprehensive experience as engineering consultants for operators enables us to deliver tailor made solutions comprising: • Civil works and • Steel structures • Electrical design • SCADA and control systems

What is power transmission? Power transmission is by definition to create the infrastructure needed for transporting electrical energy from the point of production to the consumer. At Ramboll we believe that power transmission is more than that. We know that behind any project lies complex technical solutions, interface management between contracts or even environmental impact assessments. For Ramboll, power transmission is in fact supporting our clients by providing first class consultancy in all fields related to the full project scope.

Overhead lines Overhead transmission lines are vital for the ability to meet the demands for flexible energy grid and the quality of power supply. Our experience covers structural as well as electrical design: • Route planning • Geotechnical investigations • Tower & foundation design • Lifetime extension HV cables HV cables are considered to be one of the safest and most reliable means of transferring electricity. We have competences for both onshore and offshore cable projects including: • Mapping of seabed surface • Detecting magnetic objects • Cable tracking • Dimensioning of cables Electrical system studies System studies enable the client to understand current and future problems within the electrical system. We offer calculations, studies and analyses such as: • Electrical simulations • Voltage quality measurements and analyses • Adaptive power system modelling • Evaluation of existing errors

CONTACT John Ammentorp Service Line Manager Power transmission Phone +45 5161 6380 UK Nick Randles Dept. Director UK Power transmission Phone +44 (0) 7425 632 347 Sweden Stefan Jansson Head of dept. Sweden Power transmission Phone +46 (70) 3534865

Ramboll's services Ramboll typically provides support and consultancy services ranging from EPC level (Owner’s Engineer) to selected engineering tasks. Our clients include utility companies, transmission system owners and the power generation sector. We have expert competencies within infrastructure & transport, urban development, wind energy sector, power generation, power distribution and transmission etc. Outline design/feasibility

Basic design

• Mapping of client requirements • Circuit configuration • Grid code conditions • EIA assessment • Stakeholder analysis • Project plan

• Earthing system • Single line diagram • Relay coordination • Stability analysis • Load flow • Trace

Detailed design

• Technical specifications • Tendering process • Contract negotiations

Post construction

Test & commissioning

• System optimisation • Analysis of performance • Lesson learned • Considerations/adaption of new technologies • Handover to client

• Factory acceptance tests • Site acceptance test • Training and support • System optimisation • Complete system tests (cold test) • Energizing subsystems (hot test) • Handover from supplier

Manufacturing & construction

Why choose Ramboll for your project? At Ramboll we uphold a professional project execution through all phases in the project. At Ramboll we offer a proactive interface handling based on knowledge and experience from multiple engineering capabilities. At Ramboll we address the challenges of utilizing continuously evolving technology, At Ramboll we do our best to minimize any impact on local communities or sensitive nature districts.

• Interface handling • Cable list • Follow up on supplier design

Selected project references • Flaskegården 132/10 kV substation, Denmark Relocation of Flaskegården substation • Statnett SF 420/132/66 kV substations, Norway Four greenfield 420 kV substations, detailed design, tech. spec. • Great Oslo Transmission corridor, Norway Renewal and strengthening the network grid • Studstrup power station – unit 3, Denmark Lifetime extension and refurbishment of transmission line • Westermost Rough Offshore Substation, UK Conceptual and detail design. • 130/70 KV Transmission line – Södra Benet, Sweden Upgrading power lines and substations at Gotland • Power Factory simulations – Esbjerg Power Station, Denmark Updated short circuit calculations in various operating scenarios

At Ramboll we respect the environmental and social impact when choosing the tower design or planning a new route. At Ramboll we believe that the geotechnical and geophysical services are the foundation of any subsurface project.

Ramboll's geographical power transmission project experience

Power transmission in Ramboll Number of specialists: 125 Annual turnover: €30 million Years of experience: 50

Power Transmission Capability Statement  
Power Transmission Capability Statement