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Environmental awareness is increasing as environmental responsibility is recognised as an essential part of sound and sustainable business conduct. Along with continued development of environmental legislation, this leads to an even greater need for incorporating environmental aspects in both onshore and offshore projects.   Ramboll possesses technical and scientific know-how within all environmental aspects of the oil and gas industry – both onshore and offshore.   We provide a multidisciplinary approach to health, safety and environment (HSE) issues. From scientific studies to offshore field work, audits and environmental impacts assessments, Ramboll has dedicated experts to assist throughout the process.   Main areas of expertise Our core environmental competences include areas such as:   • Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs) • Strategic Environmental

Assessment (SEA) • Site assessment • Authority management and public hearings • Decommissioning studies • Environmental sampling and monitoring • Marine biological and geophysical surveys • Oil spill assessment • Dispersion and fate modelling • Chemical assessment

implications are taken into account before any final decision is made. We carry out impact assessments worldwide for industrial, oil, gas, and renewable projects, such as offshore oil field developments and extensions, decommissioning of oil and gas installations, installation of oil and gas pipelines, construction of gas storage facilities and installation of offshore wind farms.    

Environmental Assessments

Interaction with authorities

Environmental assessment ensures that the environmental implications of decisions are taken into account before the decisions are made. For large projects, environmental impact assessment (EIA) or environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) are prepared.   The impact assessment is used to identify and assess environmental and social effects, compare alternatives, and design mitigation measures and environmental management plans.   At Ramboll we advise and assist our clients throughout the entire EIA/ ESIA process, hereby ensuring that all environmental and social

A key factor to success is detailed knowledge of national and local legislation and good working relations with the authorities. By working closely together with our many regional offices, we obtain detailed insight in the legislative requirements on both national and international levels.   For this reason, one of our core competences is authority management, such as consultations with governmental institutions and the public, as well as preparing and participating in public hearings.   Multidisciplinary know-how The expertise of our highly

SELECTED REFERENCES Nord Stream 2006-2012: Natural gas pipelines, Baltic Sea. EIA, authority management and public hearings, surveys, monitoring and risk assessments,     Noreco 2008: EIA for production platform Rau, North Sea.   ZADCO 2009-2010: Zakum Islands, Arabian Gulf. EIA and stability modelling of existing and future pipelines. 2008-2010: Lille Torup, Denmark. Extension of underground gas storage facility. 2007-2009: The Skanled Project - Offshore gas transmission pipeline, EIA and authorisation assistance.   ConocoPhilips 2002-2009: Ekofisk tank, North Sea. Decommissioning studies, technical consultancy, environmental assessment and supervision.

specialised staff comprise e.g. biology, chemistry, geography, geophysics, hydrodynamic modelling, mapping and GIS, risk assessments, fishery, marine cultural heritage, sampling, storage facilities, environmental legislation, public hearings and HSE management. We facilitate this by conducting environmental analyses supported by specialised software and staff educated within: • Best Available Technology (BAT) • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) • Best Environmental Practice (BEP) • Environmental cost-benefit analyses • 2D and 3D modelling • GIS tools   About Ramboll

provides highly specialised engineering consultancy services to the worldwide oil and gas industry. We have worked in the industry since the 1970s and employ close to 1,000 dedicated oil and gas specialists.   Contact information For further information, please contact:   Ramboll Hannemanns Allé 53 2300 Copenhagen S Denmark   Mikkel Benthien Kristensen Director of Environmental Department, Ramboll Oil & Gas  

Ramboll is a leading engineering, design and consultancy company founded in Denmark in 1945. Today, we employ some 10.000 experts with a strong presence in Northern Europe, Russia, India and the Middle East. With more than 200 offices in 19 countries, we emphasise local experience combined with a global knowledge base.   The business unit Ramboll Oil & Gas

LEFT: Seabed inspection by diving biologist RIGHT: Decommissioning of the Ekofisk tank. Photo courtesy: ConocoPhillips.   

Multidisciplinary environmental solutions  
Multidisciplinary environmental solutions